Midrange Backup, Storage and Recovery

While not the feature of an application that generates the most complimentary reviews, the ability to ensure safe, stable storage and recoverability of data is one of the most important aspects of a hosting service. Data maintained and stored within a database system can represent literally hundreds of thousands of work hours of data input, capture and processing. The ability to recover and protect mission critical data must be a priority of a hosting service.  

DoIT provides a staff that is dedicated to the support and maintenance of storage and backup processes to ensure all data is protected and retained according to the business requirements identified by the customer. 

The elements of this service include:

Disaster recovery (DR) of the midrange hosting environment as well as access to the applications is performed according to the requirements defined by the customer through their business continuity planning and documented in the business reference model (BRM).  DoIT has implemented an Alternate Data Center (ADC) DR Recovery site located 150+ miles from the primary data center with the associated IT infrastructure necessary for establishing a recovery site for critical applications.  This gives the agencies DR options for applications deemed critical to the operations or mission of state government.

Data storage and backup ensures easy and quick access to data stored and recovery of that data in case of loss or disaster.  Tiered storage options provide for cost efficient storage of data based on customer requirements.  Data backup simply put is copying data and related software or supporting configurations to a separate storage media. Backup copies represent a "snap-shot" of what was stored when the backup was run allowing file and system recovery back to that point in time.

Archiving and vaulting is utilized for off-site storage of data backups and recovery systems. Recovery of data and systems is possible using archiving and vaulting techniques but it is not considered adequate to protect time-sensitive recovery of business operations.