Midrange Input

Most applications hosted on the midrange environment provide a method for moving data to an area for processing, display or reporting. With eleven million citizens within the borders of the State of Illinois, adding in the in-state, domestic and foreign business relationships represented within State computer systems, DoIT’s midrange environment hosts a number of important applications providing services to its agency constituents. A few of note include DES Illinois Benefits Information System (IBIS), HFS Medical Electronic Data Interchange and Child Support On-line Services, DPH Hospital Report Card and Consumer Guide to Health Care, EPA Electronic (Water) Discharge Monitor Reporting, DCEO Illinois Workforce Development System, and DHS (SNAP, Medical and Cash) Web Benefits application.

Application input is from two basic sources, manual inputs by individuals or input from other application systems. The categories of standard technologies and methods include:

Data Exchange

  • Automated and secure "business-to-business" data transfers
  • Secure "business to customer" and "business to government" application transactions
  • XML tools

Imaging and Data Capture

  • Content Manager and other non-standard but supported imaging and OCR systems
  • Log analysis tools
  • Data integration tools and methods
  • Electronic Forms 

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

  • Custom graphical user interfaces

Highly secured data exchanges and input to an application are also of importance to many hosted applications, ensuring both the privacy and validity of the data imported. Cryptography services are available to DoIT customers for use in establishing secure business-to-business and constituent data exchange and digital signage.