IWIN Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Provide first-level trouble shooting and technical assistance to the agency's IWIN users and satellite servers.
  • Report IWIN related repair issues to the DoIT Service Desk and serve as the initial contact for all agency related trouble calls.
  • Receive and disperse any IWIN broadcast messages to the agency's IWIN users. (When appropriate, the DoIT Service Desk sends broadcast messages to all IWIN coordinators.
  • Coordinate the installation of all software and hardware.
  • Complete and submit all service request forms accurately and thoroughly:
    1. Complete all required fields on the Wireless Service Request form.
    2. When appropriate, provide additional information using the available fields. Note: The processing time for service orders can be reduced if all fields are completed with appropriate information as this reduces the verification process. Order tracking is enhanced when you assign an internal Control Number that can be entered and later searched in our system.
    3. Send all forms to the DoIT Service Desk.
  • Insure that all agency mobile data users are aware of IWIN policies and procedures.
  • Insure that each agency user is assigned a personal IWIN user ID number, and instruct staff to use only his/her personal IWIN user ID to access the IWIN system. Maintain a master list of users and assigned ID numbers.
  • Attend all IWIN related informational conferences and meetings.
  • Assist users in accessing computer-based training modules.
  • Insure all sensitive information stored on the MDC is removed before equipment is submitted for repair and/or replacement.
  • Insure all agency devices (including satellite servers) connected to IWIN have Virus Protection software installed with the latest definition files. Virus definition files can be obtained from the manufacturer of the virus protection software.
  • Monitor LEADS certification. Maintain an updated list of user LEADS State ID numbers and expiration dates. Insure users re-certify prior to the expiration date. Notify the DoIT Service Desk if a user's certification expires.
  • Provide timely payment on all IWIN invoices. It is important that IWIN Coordinators understand the agency bill and can verify the agency is being billed correctly.
  • Notify the DoIT Service Desk when there are changes in IWIN Coordinator information. Submit a Wireless Service Request (page 1 - signed by the Chief or Sheriff) and attach the Coordinator Change Form.
  • Identify and maintain appropriate records:
    • Equipment used (laptops, modems, etc. and identifying serial numbers)
    • Operating systems and versions used
    • Current version of IWIN software running
    • IP addresses and phone numbers for laptops
    • DoIT assigned Billing AU Number (Account Number)
    • System users, assigned IWIN ID numbers, and LEADS ID numbers with expiration dates
    • IWIN website address
    • Phone number for DoIT Service Desk
    • Assigned control numbers or other internal tracking mechanism for submitted orders