Site-to-Site Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Category: Network

Site-to-Site VPN service provides Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) tunnels that connect to autonomous Local Area Networks (LANs) over the public Internet. This service is primarily used to connect state agency LANs to third-party entities.

Product Features and Descriptions



  • ​VPN connectivity that is efficient and reliable
  • Redundant, centralized VPN concentrators to facilitate IPSec VPN tunnels with remote networks through the Internet
  • "Pre-shared keys" are used for VPN authentication "pre-shared keys"

​Security and Reliability

  • ​Implemented and enforced VPN access security policies
  • Adherence to security policies through routers, firewalls, VPN appliances, etc.
  • Security administration services

Features Not Included

Third-Party Coordination

  • ​Each third-party service provided is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of the connection, between a customer agency and the customer agency's Internet Service Provider, accessing the Internet up to the remote network's end of the Site-to-Site VPN tunnel
  • The third-party will be responsible for the procurement, installation and support of any VPN equipment required at their location

Rates and Billing

Item Unit of Measure Rate
Site-To-Site VPN Per Connection

$ 96.73

Ordering and Provisioning

​Service can be procured, modified or cancelled by selecting the "Order Services" button near the top of the right pane.

DoIT Responsibilities

  • Service provisioning and implementation
  • Incident resolution
  • Routine maintenance
  • Configuration of access control services on network hardware
  • After-hours support of firewall and security services
  • Technology refreshes, maintenance, configuration, administration and support of network infrastructure
  • Proactive monitoring of the infrastructure
  • Firewall security maintenance and administration support as well as configuration and monitoring
  • Coordinate customer notification of planned maintenance and outages
  • Provide network service in an efficient and economical manner - to include using bandwidth monitoring statistics to justify enhancements
  • Maintain the integrity and security of the State Networks by shutting down ports that have been compromised or otherwise violate network security policies

Agency Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement agency governance to ensure staff compliance with DoIT incident reporting and request requirements
  • Ensure Site-to-Site VPN services are not used for personal or other matters that do not pertain to official business needs
  • Report significant changes in business operations that may influence Site-to-Site VPN services
  • Report changes in service performance in a timely manner to allow for accurate and speedy diagnostics
  • When ordering, provide detailed information on what resources are required to be accessed, including IP addresses as well as technical contacts that network services staff can work with in establishing and supporting the service

Service Levels and Metrics

Service Fulfillment/Provisioning
Staff will respond to service requests during the published business hours. DoIT targets to provision this service within 4 weeks.
Incident Response and Resolution
All incidents reported to DoIT will be captured in the DoIT service management ticketing system and addressed according to the Incident Management Guidelines.
To report an incident, click here Report Problems Form or contact the DoIT Service Desk at 217-524-3648 (Springfield) or 312-814-3648 (Chicago). 
Service Availability
This service will be available 24/7 excluding planned outages, maintenance windows and unavoidable events.