Network Printer Support

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    Does the business assessment and cost justification performed by DoIT Print Management and Vendor replace/satisfy traditional procurement procedures?

    No.  Assessment and cost justification ensure that models and number of devices requested are compliant with the Governor’s print reduction initiative program.  Consistent with other procurements, signature approval by Agency SPO and State of Illinois CPO are still required prior to proceeding with procurement and acquisition.             

    Are installation of electrical and telecommunications outlets included in the Enterprise Service Request (ESR)?

    No.  The Enterprise Service Request is limited to Information Technology services (device install and configuration).  Requests for installation of telecommunication outlets (for network connectivity and fax) must be submitted to DoIT via a Telecommunications Service Request (TSR).  Requests for installation of electrical outlets must be submitted to either CMS Bureau of Property Management or individual site management in accordance with lease/ownership agreements.  Typical service turnaround for electrical and/or telecommunication installations is 15-20 business days from submittal of appropriate request.   

    Will installation of printer/multi-function devices be performed at the time of delivery?

    No.  Scheduling and execution of installation activities are contingent upon site location, number of devices, Enterprise Service Request (ESR) submittal lead time, and DoIT service demand queue.  Typical service turn-around for installation is 20-24 business days from submittal of the ESR and delivery of equipment.    

    Does billing for printer/multi-function devices begin on the day of delivery?

    No.  Billing begins on the first of the month following installation of the device.  A Vendor representative will provide notification of the billing/lease start date.   

    How long/much of an interruption to my business operation (print capability) should I expect on the day of the installation for a new printer/multi-function device?

    Install time (and interruption to printing capability) varies in accordance with device model and customization of features however the average time to complete an installation is 90 minutes per device. 

    Will a designated Agency representative need to be available for the printer/multi-function device installation?

    Yes.  Assistance and feedback by an Agency representative will be critical to completing and (possibly) expediting the installation procedure.  

    Is functional (how to use) training provided to end users by DoIT at time of printer/multi-function device installation?

    No.  Functional training for End Users on device functions and features is available from the Vendor and can be scheduled tangent to the installation.  In addition, Xerox offers online “how-to” assistance and user guides at WWW.SUPPORT.XEROX.COM.    

    How does the process to request relocation of a network printer/multi-function device differ from the process to request installation?

    Requests for installation or relocation of a network printer/multi-function device utilize the same process and documents.   

    How do I print a printer/multi-function device configuration page?

    Instructions are available at the following link: “How to Print a Printer Configuration Report”.  Steps to print a configuration page are generic across most devices.  In the event your device model is not listed, you should be able to utilize instructions from another device model.

    Who should I contact if the printer/multi-function device isn’t functioning properly?

    If machine is receiving an error code and/or appears to be experiencing a mechanical issue, contact Xerox. You will need the printer serial number for reference when calling 1-800-821-2797. 

    Who should I contact if supplies are needed for the printer/multi-function device?

    Contact Xerox.  You will need the printer serial number when calling 1-800-599-2198.

    How do I determine if a particular feature (such as scanning or faxing) is available on my specific printer/multi-function device?

    The printers have been leased from Xerox and each printer was configured based on how your agency thought it would best serve your area.  Contact your Xerox sales representative or the Print Management Office for confirmation of features.

    How do I get my PC setup to print to a new printer/multi-function device?

    This is dependent on the scenario, first check the printer portal page for your agency and office location to see if the printer is listed and if so select the install link. You will also find directions helping explain installing printers as well as additional great information.

    My printer/multi-function device asks for a username and password in order to complete certain functions.  Why must I provide this?

    This is specific to Agency business requirements and policy.  Your device may include secure print which will ask for a password when trying to retrieve your documents from the device.  User authentication when performing a function as Scan to network folder or faxing are typically associated with FTI “Federal Tax Information”.  Consult your immediate supervisor or security staff for Agency specific requirements and/or policy.