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    What exactly am I doing?

    You are creating a digital ID issued by the State of Illinois.  This ID will allow you to access multiple systems within State government, and allow you to digitally sign legally binding transactions.  This will enhance the use of the Internet for citizens doing government business with the State of Illinois.

    The State of Illinois Digital Signature/PKI provides an enterprise-wide infrastructure to facilitate electronic government services. PKI utilizes public key cryptography and digital signatures, along with software to manage those certificates. Building these services into software applications provides the means to authenticate users, ensure privacy and integrity of data, and establish the audit trails needed to give electronic transactions the same or better levels of assurance that we are able to provide when we do business in paper.

    Why do I have to provide personal information?

    Because a digital ID has legal ramifications (i.e., signing capability), it is important to ensure that the person obtaining an ID is, in fact, the person they say they are.  To do this, a certain amount of personal information is necessary to properly identify the citizen obtaining the ID.

    What happens to the information I provide?

    Any information you provide during the digital ID registration process is kept strictly confidential.  Your driver’s license number and your shared secrets/answers are used to allow you to recover your password in case you ever forget it.  Personal information is never sold.

    What if I don't live in the State of Illinois?

    You can still obtain a State of Illinois digital ID if you live in another state.  Simply click on the “Accept, out-of State resident” button at the bottom of the subscriber agreement page.  The out-of-state process does take a bit longer.  Since we can't at this time validate a person’s identity with other State’s driver’s license facilities, it's necessary to fill out a paper form, have it notarized, and then mail the form to us.  We process the forms as quickly as possible and get the proper authorization codes back to the citizen, along with instructions for creating the ID.

    What if I've forgotten my password?

    If you are an Illinois resident, you can recover your password online at the State of Illinois Digital Signature Project Website.  Look for the “forgot password” link on the left hand side of the page.

    If you are not an Illinois resident, contact Customer Support; PKI Digital Certificate - Customer Support hours: Monday thru Sunday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm 217-524-3648 or 312-524-3648.

    Please respond by saying “I need help recovering a password for a digital ID”.

    Who do I call for help?

    If you are having trouble accessing a particular system (e.g., Healthcare and Family Services' MEDI site, the Illinois State Police CHIRP site, etc.), after you have successfully created your digital ID, contact the help desk for that particular State Agency at the number that is given on that application web site.

    Contact Customer Support; PKI Digital Certificate - Customer Support hours: Monday thru Sunday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm 217-524-3648 or 312-524-3648.

    Please respond by saying “I need help obtaining my digital certificate”.

    Where do I find the necessary information on my driver’s license?

    Driver’s License Information 

    Can I just request one digital ID for my company?

    The digital ID issued by the State of Illinois are issued to individual citizens, not entities.  You cannot generate an ID for a company.

    Why does the information have to match my driver’s license exactly?

    During the registration process, the information you provide is matched against the Secretary of State’s driver’s license database.  This is done to ensure that someone is not simply using your name to create a digital ID and spoof your identity.

    Why do I need to provide my weight?

    When creating the registration process, we needed to have at least one piece of information that would not be easily guessed.  Name and address are easily determined, as is hair color and eye color.  We determined that the weight would be the one piece of information that someone would not be able to guess from the driver’s license.

    Does my password ever expire?

    Your password will expire after 1 year.  You should be prompted to change your password when the expiration period arrives.

    Can I share my ID with others?  After all, it's just a userid.

    Your digital ID is not just another userid.  Your digital ID has legal signature authority, which means that someone using your digital ID can sign legal documents and leave you responsible.  You should never share your digital ID with anyone.

    What if my username and password don't seem to work?

    Several things can cause the username/password combination to fail.  If you get a message resembling “Authenticate User bad Input”, then the problem is probably with your password.  In this case, you can change your password as mentioned above.

    Is there any charge for the digital certificate?

    The digital certificates provided by the State of Illinois are free, as is the encryption/signing software.  If there are any questions regarding this policy or about obtaining the software, please call the number listed in the “Who do I call for help” FAQ above and inform the operator that you would like to speak to someone in the PKI section.