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    Where can I find the Cisco Jabber icon?

    The Jabber icon can typically be found on your desktop and looks like this.


    Are Jabber messages retained?

    Yes.  The instant-messaging function of Jabber is restricted for work use only.  It is designed for use in situations in which communication via email or telephone is not effective or practical.  Users should be aware that these communications will be monitored and retained.  Communications through Jabber are subject to the same rules and regulations as communications via email or telephone.  Furthermore, instant-messaging, through Jabber or any other means, must not be used for the creation or transmission of official State documents or records.

    Can I use Jabber without a VoIP phone?

    Yes.  Instant Messaging (IM), Presence (other users' availability status), Voice Messaging and one-to-one Desktop Sharing are all available without a VoIP phone.  Note:  Jabber does not provide any phone control for non-VoIP phones.

    What operating systems are supported by the Cisco Jabber client?

    Windows and Mac.

    Is the Jabber client available for my mobile phone?

    Jabber for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are to be available in 2016.  Additional specifics TBD.

    How do I log in to the Cisco Jabber client?

    Your Active Directory User Name and Password.

    How do I add a contact in the Cisco Jabber client?

    To add a contact in the Cisco Jabber client, click on File < New < Contact.  Begin to type the name of the person you are looking for and the field will populate with the closest matches.  Once you find the person you are looking for, click on Add.  Note:  If you wish to add the person to a specific group (folder), click the drop-down next to Add to: and choose the appropriate group name.  If the group does not already exist, choose New Group and type the name of the new group to create it.

    I split my time between two office locations with separate computers.  Can I use Jabber at both?

    Yes.  You will need to make sure that Jabber is installed on both computers.

    Can I organize my Contacts in the Cisco Jabber client?

    You can organize your contacts into Groups.  To create new groups. click on File, New, Group and type the name of the new group you wish to add.  Click on Create to finish the process.  To move an existing contact into the group, right click on the contact and choose "Move to Group".  Next, choose the group into which you want to move the contact.

    What specific Presence information is available via the Cisco Jabber client?

    If you and the contact you seek are both Cisco Jabber users, Jabber will tell you when a contact is Available and Away similar to other Instant Messaging clients.  It will also tell you when the contact is on the phone or on a conference call.

    Can I change my Availability status manually?

    You can change your status between Available, Away and Do Not Disturb with the drop down menu at the top of the Cisco Jabber window under your name.  You may also type in your own custom status label.

    How do I start a chat session in the Cisco Jabber client?

    To start a chat session, double click on the name of the contact with whom you want to chat or right click on the contact name and choose Chat.

    Can I chat with more than one contact in the same conversation (group chat)?

    Yes.  To add someone to a conversation, click on the "Add participant" icon within the chat window.  Type the name of the person that you wish to add and click "Add".

    How do I call a contact from the Cisco Jabber client?

    Run your cursor over the contact and click on the phone icon on the right side of the contact line.  This will automatically call that contact.  To make a phone call to someone that is not in your contact list, type the phone number you wish to call in the "Search or enter number to call" box near the top of you Cisco Jabber client.

    How do I access my phone call logs in Jabber?

    You can access your phone call logs by clicking the "Calls" icon along the left side of your Cisco Jabber client window.  The "Calls" icon is the middle icon along the gray bar on the left side of the client.  This window shows both incoming and outgoing calls (designated by the icon on the right side of the line).  Missed calls will show in red.  Double clicking an entry in the call log will return the call.  Right clicking on a line will give you the option to call the person back, chat with them or delete the call from your log.

    Can I forward a voice mail message using the Cisco Jabber client?

    Voice mail messages cannot be forwarded from the Cisco Jabber client.

    Can I share files using the Cisco Jabber client?


    Jabber behavior when signed in on multiple computers.

    This situation will only apply if you are signed onto Jabber from more than one computer or other device at the same time.  New incoming chats will appear on all logged-in Jabber sessions.  Once you respond to a chat message, all incoming chat messages for that conversation will only appear on that computer.

    Do I need to install the Cisco Jabber client?

    For Windows computers:  No.  The software will be added to your PC when you connect to the State network.

    For Mac computers:  Yes.  To download the client, please work with your telecom coordinator.

    Are Chat Rooms and Persistent Chat functions available?

    No.  Those features are not included by default.  To enable those features, an external database needs to be created that is not part of the deployment scope.