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    Who do I contact to enroll in BYOD?

    Contact your agency telecom coordinator to be allowed to enroll in BYOD.  They will initiate the process with DoIT.  Each Agency may have their own process and approvals needed for BYOD users.

    Who is responsible for covering the cost for a broken/damaged personal device if this occurs at work?

    If someone is using their personal device for work purposes and they break it at work, it is still their responsibility to take care of the replacement.  The State is unable to provide any device replacements or troubleshoot problems with the carrier on personal devices.

    What can I do when I get a new device?

    Contact your telecom coordinator for the submittal of a replacement device.  It is also your responsibility to ensure the State data has been removed from your current device prior to removing your telecom service.  DoIT.MobileEmailSupport can assist with the removal of State data.

    What does the State have access to on my BYOD device?

    We have access to control your State email on the device.  We can see what Apps you have loaded on your device.  We can review some of your settings to ensure security.  We cannot view any text messages, call logs, pictures or other files.  We can see file/picture names.

    What versions of devices are acceptable for BYOD?

    Minimum versions of OS are - iOS 8, Windows 8.1 and Android 4.0  Blackberries are not allowed.

    Where can I find the Mobile Device Policy and Video?

    The Policy and Video can be found on the Service Catalog under Policy near the bottom of the page:

    What is the cost for Mobile Device Management Service pertaining to personal or State-owned devices?

    Currently, this cost is part of the Enterprise email monthly charge.  There could be an additional charge in the future for mobile device service.

    Why can I not have both a State-issued and a personal smart phone on the system at the same time?

    Two devices take up two licenses in our current license agreement.  The point of BYOD is to reduce costs by relinquishing your State device and not incur additional costs.

    Why can I not use the Microsoft OWA Apple app or the Microsoft Outlook App?

    This app poses a security risk to State email data.  The app leaves email data on the device when the app is not in use.

    Can users still access email on personal devices using and/or Citrix?

    Yes.  These are still allowed unless your Agency has a restriction on their usage.

    Why do I have to have a passcode set on my mobile device?

    This is one of our ways of securing the State data on mobile devices.

    What are the requeirments for a passcode?

    State mobile device passcodes are mandatory and are required to be changed every 60 days.  The same password cannot be used for  4 times.  You will be prompted on your device when it is time to change your passcode.  Please follow the instructions.  A BYOD passcode is required but it does not expire.

    What about Location services and why do I need to turn that on?

    DoIT does not track all the locations the device has traveled to. We can only view the last location of the device.  This i only used in case of a lost or stolen device.  This is only required for State-issued devices.  The use of personal devices is up to the user if they want it turned on.  If it is on, we can help locate the device.