Language Interpretation


Category: Telecom

​The Language Interpretation service provides a means for customers to accept and respond to calls from non-English speaking clients or constituents via a three way call with a live operator. Following the activation of an interpretation account, the customer can contact the contracted interpretation service vendor to conference an interpreter into a call thereby allowing all parties to communicate effectively.

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) for sign language provides a means of communication with deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals utilizing an interpreter through a computer with a webcam, tablet or smartphone.  Following the account setup, a login and password are provided to access an interpreter.

These services are available to State of Illinois agencies, boards, commissions, universities, Offices of the Illinois House and Senate, and Constitutional Officers.

Product Features and Descriptions


  • ​A toll-free number for over-the-phone interpretation services, accessible 24/7/365
  • ​Connection to a live agent interpreter for specified language within minutes of placed call to the vendor
  • Over 150 languages for over-the-phone interpreting
  • A login and password for VRI with Sign Language interpretation services, accessible 24/7/365
  • ​Vendor-provided reference guides, multilingual phonetic tools and client-service guides


  • Word for word translations

Rates and Billing

​Shared Services ​Unit of Measure Service Rate​
​Interpreted Languages​Per Minute​$0.60
VRI with Sign Language ​Per Minute ​$2.08


Ordering and Provisioning

​Service can be procured, modified or cancelled by selecting the "Order Services" button near the top of the right pane.

DoIT Responsibilities

  • Service provisioning and implementation
  • Incident resolution
  • Routine maintenance
  • Provide integrated ordering, inventory, and billing in a shared database that's accessible to customer Telecom Coordinators.
  • Provide automated agency billing included in monthly call detail
  • Coordination of training in the efficient use of products and services

Agency Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement agency governance to ensure staff compliance with DoIT incident reporting and request requirements
  • Address questions from interpreters.  Interpreters may need to verify the exact meaning of slang, dialect, and regional inferences used by the caller.
  • Specify the language needed or they may request assistance in determining the specific language
  • Provide assigned access code when placing calls
  • Inform the interpreter about the nature of the call
  • Use short sentences, speak distinctly and avoid using a speakerphone
  • Pause at the end of each complete thought to allow for interpretation
  • Avoid compound questions by asking one question at a time
  • Speak in "first person"
  • Review billing for errors, underutilized service, special features and equipment
  • Provide a designated agency contact and related contact information
  • Perform an annual reconciliation to ensure accurate assignment

Service Levels and Metrics

Service Fulfillment/Provisioning
Staff will respond to service requests during the published business hours. DoIT targets to provision this service as follows:
  • Establishment of customer account within 7 business days
  • Engagement of Interpreter within 5 minutes
  • Service investigations within 2 days 
Incident Response and Resolution
All incidents reported to DoIT will be captured in the DoIT service management ticketing system and addressed according to the Incident Management Guidelines.
To report an incident, click here Report Problems Form or contact the DoIT Service Desk at 217-524-3648 (Springfield) or 312-814-3648 (Chicago). 
Service Availability
This service will be available 24/7 excluding planned outages, maintenance windows and unavoidable events.