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    What is the purpose of IT Governance?

    IT Governance is the process used to ensure conformance with the State's enterprise architecture

    To which agencies does IT Governance apply?


    What templates should I use for IT Governance?

    Always download the current templates from this site.

    Why do I need a charter if DoIT is not doing the hosting?

    The IT Governance process relates to all IT projects irrespective of the outcome of a hosting decision. Ideally, the hosting decision will be an outcome of the Governance process.

    What is a Project Approach?

    The Project Approach is the Agency's method(s) of solving the business problem.
    • The Project Approach should include such items as investigating what other agencies or states are doing relative to meeting this business need or weighing various alternatives to solving the business problem.
    • The Project Approach may include the method of obtaining the solution. Obtaining the solution could be in-house development, an RFP, RFI, IFB, etc.
    • The Project Approach should describe the resources needed to develop and maintain the solution such as, internal resources, external resources (consultants), etc.

    What is not a Project Approach?

    The Project Approach does not include such items as:
    • Project Plan
    • Project management reports
    • Project status reports
    • Anything related to maintaining a project



    Storage is the amount of anticipated disk space represented in gigabytes needed to store data at implementation of the solution. Also indicate the amount of estimated disk space growth anticipated and the anticipated frequency (daily, monthly, quarterly, etc.) of that growth.

    Performance Requirements

    A Performance Requirement is the average amount of time you expect the End User to wait for a response from the system during your application’s peak (busiest times) and non-peak times.
    • Peak hour would be characterized by the highest average # of users (estimated or measured) and/or the highest average volume of business transactions
    • Average response time is determined by measuring a normal amount of time as an average over a one hour period


    What is a Deployment Scope?

    The Deployment Scope is represented as a list of deliverables that expresses the services and products supplied to the business organization.

    What is a Deliverable?

    Deliverables are items that supply or support the solutions specific to this project effort, the tangible or intangible results of the project, such as
    • A case management system or a training package
    • Something that represents the solution being acquired