Report Problems

When should I use Report a Problem?

The Report A Problem form is used to report issues with EXISTING equipment or services that are no longer working or are degraded in quality. In other words, something was working and is now broken.

This form should NOT be used to request new hardware/software or services. Reference our how to ask DoIT for assistance document regarding new services or equipment.

Report Problems by Phone

Customer Service Center (CSC)
  • Springfield: 217-524-DoIT (217-524-3648)
  • Chicago: 312-814-DoIT (312-814-3648)
Standard Support Service Hours
Mon–Fri: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Report a Problem Form

Use the form below to enter your helpdesk request.​

Requestor Information

Location of Problem

Problem Details

Are multiple users affected?
Can you browse to
Can you browse to
Re-occuring problem?Is the problem being reported a re-occurring problem?
Recent service requests?Have there been any recent service requests which may have caused the problem?
Customer abuse?Is the problem being reported caused by customer abuse?
Can the circuit be interrupted for testing?
New User Instructions?Does the tutorial instructions need to be prompted for a new user configuration?