Freedom of Information (FOIA) Requests

​The Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) Request Form is provided to you as a courtesy. The Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) does not require that a FOIA request be submitted on a standard form. 5 ILCS 140/3(c). However, the use of this form will be helpful in processing and timely responding to your request.

Please be advised the DoIT FOIA Officer only provides public records. DoIT cannot answer questions or provide legal advice.

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​By clicking Submit FOIA, you acknowledge that you are submitting a FOIA request to the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology.

You may also mail a FOIA request to:
FOIA Officer, Department of Innovation and Technology
Attn: Legal Department
120 W. Jefferson St.
Springfield, Illinois 62702

You may also email a FOIA request to