Policy Approach

DoIT operates within a policy framework that establishes guidelines and operational requirements.   Services and products are provided and supported while adhering to standards that facilitate risk awareness, a security based focus and operational consistency while leveraging a wide range of information technology resources. 

The IT Policies included herein document a best practice based approach to conducting the business of state government that relies on information technology based resources in supporting and promoting the missions of various agencies and associated activities related to an effective state government operation. 

DoIT intends to follow, and expects its customers and partners who utilize DoIT provided solutions and associated resources to also adhere to, the policies that support our collective missions in a consistent and secure manner.

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Enterprise Information Security Policies

NameEffective DateRevised Date
​Audit and Accountability Policy​10.08.2018
​Awareness and Training Policy10.08.2018​
​CJIS Security Supplemental Policy​10.08.2018
​Contingency Planning Policy​10.08.2018
​FTI Supplemental Policy​10.08.2018
​Identification and Authentication Policy​10.08.2018
​Information Security Incident Management Policy​10.08.2018
Media Protection Policy10.08.2018​
PCI Data Security Policy​10.08.2018
​Physical and Environmental Protection Policy​10.08.2018
​Program Management Policy10.08.2018​
​Risk Assessment Policy​10.08.2018
​Security Assessment and Authorization Policy​10.08.2018
​Security Planning Policy​10.08.2018
​System and Communication Protection Policy​10.08.2018
​System and Information Integrity Policy​10.08.2018
​System and Services Acquisition Policy​10.08.2018
​System and Maintenance Policy​10.08.2018
Accountability, Audit, and Risk Management Privacy Policy​10.08.2018
​Data Minimization and Retention Privacy Policy​10.08.2018
Data Quality and Integrity Privacy Policy​10.08.2018
Individual Participation and Redress Privacy Policy​10.08.2018
Transparency, Authority, and Purpose Privacy Policy​10.08.2018
Use Limitation Privacy Policy​​10.08.2018

Supporting Definitions

NameEffective DateRevised Date
​DoIT Enterprise Information Security Policy Terminology Glossary​10.24.2018
DoIT Terminology Glossary 11.01.2008 10.27.2016 

General Policies

NameEffective DateRevised Date
​Backup Retention Policy​03.15.2011
Change Management Policy12.15.2008 01.03.2012
Data Breach Notification Policy12.01.2007 01.01.2010
Data Breach Support Document08.31.2007  
Data Classification and Protection Policy​12.15.2008​01.03.2012
Enterprise Desktop/Laptop Policy​12.15.2008​01.03.2012
ESI Retention Policy02.15.2009  
​General Security for Statewide IT Resources Policy​12.15.2008​01.01.2010
General Security for Statewide Network Resources Policy​12.15.2008​01.01.2010
​Identity Protection Policy​06.01.2011
IT Governance Policy12.15.2008 01.03.2012
​IT Resources Access Policy​12.01.2007
​IT (Information Technology) Recovery Policy​10.01.2009
​Laptop Data Encryption Policy​12.01.2007​01.01.2010

Mobile Device Security Policy        

       BYOD Mobile Device Video:

09.08.2015 11.10.2016
Recovery Methodology​01.01.2010
​Statewide CMS/BCCS Facility Access Policy​12.15.2008​01.01.2010
Wireless Communication Device Policy12.15.2008 01.01.2010