Bust the Balloon on a Pole

Two riders ride down, break the balloon on a pole, ride back. Winners are the ones who break the balloon and ride back with the fastest time.

Green Light, Red Light

The announcer calls for a green light, the riders move around in the arena.  When the announcer calls for a red light, riders must stop.  The last rider to stop is out.  Winner is the last rider in the arena. 

Carry a Cup of Water

Riders carry a full cup of water down to the other end of the arena and back. Winner is the rider with the fullest cup with the fastest time.

Ribbon Race

Pick your partner.  Each rider holds an end of the ribbon. Riders must ride around in the arena without breaking the ribbon. Winners are the last rider left in the arena.

Ride a Buck

A dollar is placed under the exhibitor’s leg below the knee.
The winner is the last exhibitor that is still holding the dollar in place. Winner wins the dollars.

Key Hole

Rider must ride down to the circle.  Must make three complete turns and ride back.  This is a timed event. Winner is the rider who completes the circles with the fastest time.

Horse Change

Pick your partner.  Two riders race down to the other end of the arena, dismount, get on the partner’s horse, and ride back.  This is a timed event. Winners have the fastest time.

Egg and Spoon

Egg Toss