collapse Distance to Fairgrounds :  ‎(5)
Du Quoin1010 S Jefferson Ave618-542-4335
MidWest Inn
Du Quoin423 W. Main St.618-542-2108
Du Quoin104 South Line Street618-542-6686
Country Settings Bed & Breakfast
Du Quoin8747 Private Road 38618-542-5670
Fairgrounds Inn
Du Quoin520 S Washington St618-542-5000
collapse Distance to Fairgrounds : 12 Miles ‎(2)
Pinckneyville5700 IL-154618-357-5600
Oxbow Bed & Breakfast
Pinckneyville3967 State Route 13/127618-357-9839
collapse Distance to Fairgrounds : 15 Miles ‎(5)
Econo Lodge
Benton711 W Main St & I-57618-438-8205
Hard Days Night B & B
Benton113 McCann618-438-2328
Motel Benton
Benton407 North Main St.618-435-3105
Benton711 W Main St618-439-3183
Benton Gray Plaza Motel
Benton706 W Main St618-439-3113
collapse Distance to Fairgrounds : 20 Miles ‎(1)
Cutler2265 Pyatt-Cutler Road618-527-7206
collapse Distance to Fairgrounds : 21 Miles ‎(18)
Carbondale700 E Main St 618-457-5566
Carbondale2175 Reed Station Pkwy618-549-6900
Carbondale1180 E Main618-457-8822
Carbondale1415 E. Main St618-549-4244
Carbondale2300 Reed Station Pkwy618-549-2600
Carbondale1655 N Reed Station Rd618-457-7717
Carbondale801 N Giant City Rd618-351-6611
Carbondale801 E Main St.618-457-3347
Royal Plaza Inn
Carbondale2400 W Main St618-529-2424
Unicity Inn & Suites
Carbondale1345 E Main St618-529-4801
Carbondale406 E Stoker St618-549-1717
Carbondale1209 W Main St618-457-4142
Carbondale83 Kite Hill Rd618-684-5072
Carbondale2400 Reed Station Parkway618-965-8404
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Murphyboro120 Muddy Monster Rd618-684-2110
Murphysboro128 E Walnut St618-687-2244
Midland Inn
Murphysboro7570 Old Hwy 13618-529-9133
Murphysboro1396 S Mudline Rd618-967-2678
collapse Distance to Fairgrounds : 28 Miles ‎(3)
Whittington11712 East Windy Lane618-629-2211
Whittington13277 Freeway Lane618-200-4116
Whittington12575 Golf Course Dr618-629-2600
collapse Distance to Fairgrounds : 29 Miles ‎(1)
Makanda855 Old Lower Cobden618-697-7929
collapse Distance to Fairgrounds : 30 Miles ‎(6)
Pin Oak Motel
CartervilleRoute 13618-985-4834
Nashville11640 IL-127618-478-5341
Derrick Motel & Apartments
Nashville188 W St Louis St618-327-3021
Mill Creek Inn
Nashville560 N. Mill618-327-8424
Buckeye Hotel
Nashville144 E Saint Louis St618-327-8909
Nashville Motel
Nashville346 E Saint Louis St618-327-4472
collapse Distance to Fairgrounds : 40 Miles ‎(14)
Anna Plaza Motel
Anna150 E. Vienna St.618-833-5215
Anna1585 Campground Church Rd.618-833-6256
Marion2706 W Deyoung St618-997-9600
Marion2609 Blue Heron Dr618-993-5602
Marion400 Comfort Dr618-998-1220
Marion2600 W Main St618-993-6221
Marion1400 Champion Dr618-993-3011
Marion2710 W Deyoung St618-998-9900
Marion2608 W Main St618-997-9133
Marion1306 Halfway Rd618-997-2444
Marion2601 Vernell Rd618-993-5577
Marion1806 Bittle Pl618-993-1644
Marion Motel & Campground
Marion2100 W Main St618-993-2101
Best Inns of America
MarionRt. 13 & I-57 (exit 54B)618-997-9421
collapse Distance to Fairgrounds : 44 Miles ‎(1)
Chester2150 State St618-826-3034
collapse Distance to Fairgrounds : 45 Miles ‎(3)
Centralia200 E Noleman St618-533-1300
Midtown Motel
Centralia402 N Elm St618-918-3900
Home Motel
Centralia326 W Noleman St618-532-5633
collapse Distance to Fairgrounds : 46 Miles ‎(12)
Mt. Vernon220 S 44th St618-242-1200
Mt. Vernon404 S 44th St618-244-2700
Mt. Vernon221 Potomac Blvd618-244-2323
Mt. Vernon145 N 44th St618-246-5201
Mt. Vernon217 Potomac Blvd618-244-2300
Mt. Vernon401 S 44th St618-242-8800
Mt. Vernon222 Potomac Blvd618-244-7100
Mt. Vernon205 Potomac Blvd618-244-9700
Mt. Vernon201 Potomac Blvd.618-242-7200
Mt. Vernon750 S 10th St618-244-3224
Mt. Vernon222 S 44th St618-244-4343
Economy Inn
Mt. Vernon1319 Salem Rd618-244-4000