Proclamation Requests

A proclamation is an official document issued by Governor JB Pritzker to designate a specific time period (day, week, or month) for the purpose of raising awareness or celebrating historic milestones. Proclamation requests must meet the following guidelines: 

  • Requests must be from a non-profit group or organization, and contain a message of statewide significance to a broad group of Illinoisans
  • Requests must be submitted using the electronic form below – phone, fax, email, or mail requests will not be honored.
  • Requests must be made to the Governor’s Office four weeks in advance of date needed.
  • The Governor's Office only fulfills requests from in-state organizations. If a national organization wishes to request a proclamation, please find an affiliate or sponsor located within Illinois.
  • Please include 4-6 WHEREAS clauses and 1 THEREFORE clause to be used for proclamation; however, the Governor’s office reserves the right to modify any proposed language.

Please note, proclamations are typically not provided for the following:

  • Anniversaries of individuals or businesses;
  • Specific individual achievements (note: individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to Illinois or the United States will be given special consideration);
  • To honor private businesses, conferences, grand openings, fundraisers, or to act as a letter of support or endorsement of individual people, products, or services.

 Request Form