JB Pritzker, Governor

On January 14, 2019, Illinois inaugurated Governor JB Pritzker and Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton to lead Illinois into a new century as we enter our 201st year. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor look forward to beginning the work to build our state’s future together. Learn more here.

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Governor Issues Disaster Proclamation

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JB Pritzker, Governor of the State of Illinois, in the interest of aiding the people of Illinois and the local governments responsible for ensuring public health and safety issues a Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation in response to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

This proclamation will assist Illinois agencies in coordinating State and Federal resources, including the Strategic National Stockpile of medicines and protective equipment, to support local governments in preparation for any action that may be necessary related to the potential impact of COVID-19 in the State of Illinois.

Chicago Protest

Following George Floyd’s death, large public protests emerged in communities across the United States, including Chicago and throughout Illinois. Thousands of people expressed their pain, fear and rage at the deaths of African Americans, caused by centuries of individual and systemic racism. After hours of peaceful protests, tensions heightened with aggressive action, including setting cars on fire, vandalizing buildings, and looting. The City of Chicago and several other communities requested assistance from the State of Illinois. These proclamations shall be effective immediately and remain in effect for 30 days from their issuance.

Bureau County Flooding

The City of DePue in Bureau County suffered significant and extensive damage due to thunderstorms on May 28, 2020. The area saw 3.00 inches of rain in 50 minutes, causing high impact flash flooding. As a result, its residents continue to struggle to repair the damages. Therefore, this proclamation declares Illinois a disaster area, specifically Bureau County. This proclamation shall be effective immediately and remain in effect for 30 days.

Executive Orders​

​Calendar Year 2020

  • Executive Order Number 55

    REISSUES EXECUTIVE ORDERS - Reissues most executive orders, extending a majority of the provisions through October 17, 2020.

    Executive Order 2020-55 (HTML)   (English)

  • Executive Order Number 54

    ADDITIONAL METRO EAST MITIGATIONS — The Metro East region’s positivity rate has continued to increase to over 10 percent, despite mitigation steps put in place through Executive Order 51. In response, additional public health restrictions and mitigations will be implemented for the Metro East region for restaurants and bars, meetings and social events, gaming and casinos, and for all workplaces, effective September 2, 2020. This Executive Order supplements the Community Revitalization Order, Executive Order 43.

    Executive Order 2020-54 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 53

    REGION 7 MITIGATIONS — Region 7 has reported three consecutive days of a test positivity rate of 8 percent or higher. In response, public health restrictions and mitigations are instituted for Region 7, comprised of Will and Kankakee Counties. This Executive Order supplements the Community Revitalization Order, Executive Order 43.

    Executive Order 2020-53 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 52

    REISSUES EXECUTIVE ORDERS - Reissues most executive orders, extending a majority of the provisions through September 19, 2020.

    Executive Order 2020-52 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 51

    METRO EAST MITIGATIONS — The Metro East region has reported three consecutive days of a test positivity rate of 8 percent or higher. In response, public health restrictions and mitigations are instituted for the Metro East region, comprised of Bond, Clinton, Madison, Monroe, Randolph, St. Clair, and Washington Counties for restaurants and bars, meetings and social events, and gaming and casinos. This Executive Order supplements the Community Revitalization Order, Executive Order 43.

    Executive Order 2020-51 (HTML)   (English)  (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 50

    RESUMES ADMISSIONS TO IDOC FROM COUNTY JAILS — The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) will resume accepting the transfer of individuals from Illinois county jails. Specific health and safety factors will be taken into account when determining the process for transfers to IDOC. Rescinds Executive Order 2020-13.

    Executive Order 2020-50 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 49

    ILLINOIS JOINT ANALYSIS CENTER — Establishes an Illinois Joint Analysis Center (IL-JAC) to help prevent and respond to threats facing Illinois citizens, by providing a multi-disciplinary, information sharing network. The IL-JAC is governed by an Oversight Board.

    Executive Order 2020-49 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 48

    REISSUES EXECUTIVE ORDERS — Reissues most executive orders, extending a majority of the provisions through August 22, 2020. Includes Executive Order 2020-30, which prohibits residential evictions.

    Executive Order 2020-48 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 47

    IN-PERSON LEARNING — All public and nonpublic schools in Illinois serving pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students may open for in-person learning after the regular 2019-2020 school term. All schools must follow IDPH and ISBE health guidelines, including using PPE, temperature checks, hygienic practices, social distancing, and limiting people to 50 or fewer in one space.

    Executive Order 2020-47 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 46

    CENSUS ADVISORY PANEL — The Census Advisory Panel shall continue to serve as an advisory board to help to ensure a complete and accurate Census count in Illinois through December 31, 2020.

    Executive Order 2020-46 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 45

    CANNABIS LICENSES - Suspends the requirement that by July 1, 2020, the Illinois Department of Agriculture must issue up to 40 Craft Grower Licenses, up to 40 Infuser Licenses, and issue Transporting Organization Licenses.

    Executive Order 2020-45 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 44

    REISSUES EXECUTIVE ORDERS — Reissues most executive orders, extending a majority of the provisions through July 26, 2020. Amends a few previous executive orders, such as EO-2020-07, in-person meeting requirements, and EO 2020-40, the resumption of limited in-person instruction at schools.

    Executive Order 2020-44 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 43

    PHASE FOUR REOPENING — The community revitalization phase safely resumes and expands activities that were paused or limited as COVID-19 cases rose exponentially. Outlines requirements for various businesses and industries. Individuals must continue to practice social distancing and wear a face covering in public places or when working. This supersedes EO 2020-38

    Executive Order 2020-43 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 42

    STATE FAIRS - Cancels the State Fairs in Springfield and DuQuoin scheduled for 2020, to protect the health and safety of fairgoers, entertainers, competitors, vendors, employees, and those living in the surrounding areas.

    Executive Order 2020-42 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 41

    SPORTS WAGERING - Suspends requiring an in-person creation of a sports wagering account, in order to participate in sports wagering offered over the internet or through a mobile application.

    Executive Order 2020-41 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 40

    LIMITED REOPENING OF SCHOOLS — All public and nonpublic schools in Illinois serving pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students may open for limited in-person educational purposes, such as summer school, after the regular 2019-2020 school term. Schools must follow IDPH guidance and all schools may continue to provide food and other non-educational services.

    Executive Order 2020-40 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 39

    REISSUES EXECUTIVE ORDERS — Reissues Executive Orders 2020-03 through 2020-37, extending most provisions through June 27, 2020.

    Executive Order 2020-39 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 38

    PHASE THREE REOPENING — Safely and conscientiously resumes activities that were paused due to COVID-19. Outlines public health requirements for individuals, businesses, retail stores, manufacturers, office buildings, restaurants and bars, gyms, personal service facilities, youth sports, and public amusement. Does not limit the free exercise of religion, and indoor services must not exceed more than 10 people. Individuals must continue to practice social distancing, maintaining at least a six-foot distance, and wear a face covering in public places or when working.

    Executive Order 2020-38 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Polish)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 37

    REVISES ELECTIVE SURGERIES — Defines and renders assistance in support of the State’s response to hospitals, health care facilities, health care professionals, and health care volunteers. Those that continue to cancel or postpone all elective surgeries or procedures, or begin elective surgeries on or after May 11th, in order to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak shall be immune from civil liability for any alleged injury or death relating to COVID-19.

    Executive Order 2020-37 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)   (Tagalog)

  • Executive Order Number 36

    MARRIAGE LICENSES — To obtain a marriage license, couples may appear before the county clerk and conduct a marriage ceremony using two-way audio-video communication technology, if certain conditions are met. Suspends the requirement that a fully executed marriage license must be submitted to the county clerk within 10 days. Suspends the requirement that a marriage license becomes effective one day after the date of issuance.

    Executive Order 2020-36 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 35

    SUSPENDS VARIOUS PROVISIONS — Suspends provisions in the Assisted Living and Shared Housing Act, the Nursing Home Care Act and the Community Care Act. For example, suspends IDPH conducting an on-site review at each facility annually. IDPH will continue to conduct on-site reviews to the extent feasible. Suspends provisions regarding pest control, milk production, mobile homes, body piercing and speech language pathology.

    Executive Order 2020-35 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 34

    CANNABIS REQUIREMENTS — Suspends the requirement that IDFPR issue up to 75 Conditional Adult Use Dispensing Organization Licenses before May 1, 2020. Suspends certain requirements, including the need for an adult use cannabis dispensing organization agent to obtain an agent identification card from IDFPR prior to beginning work at a dispensary and the need for a medical or adult use cannabis dispensing organization agent to keep an agent identification card visible at all times when in the dispensary.

    Executive Order 2020-34 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)    (Polish)    (Chinese)    (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 33

    REISSUES EXECUTIVE ORDERS — Reissues Executive Orders 2020-03 through 2020-31, extending most provisions through May 29, 2020.

    Executive Order 2020-33 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)    (Polish)    (Chinese)    (Spanish)    (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 32

    NEW STAY AT HOME ORDER— This new order allows Illinoisans to leave their home for essential activities, including for health and safety, for necessary supplies and services, for outdoor activity, for certain types of work, to take care of others, and to engage in the free exercise of religion, but otherwise requires them to stay at home or their place of residence to prevent spread of COVID-19. Individuals are required to wear a face covering in public places when they are unable to maintain a six-foot social distance, such as in stores. Defines essential businesses and operations. Non-essential retail stores may fulfill online and telephonic orders through pick-up outside the store or delivery.

    Executive Order 2020-32 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)    (Chinese)    (Spanish)   (Hindi)  

  • Executive Order Number 31

    AMENDS PROVISIONS IN THE ILLINOIS SCHOOL CODE — Suspends provisions in the teacher preparation programs. Suspends requiring internships for endorsements on professional educator licenses. Suspends requiring certain courses as a prerequisite to receiving a high school diploma for twelfth grade students who are unable to complete coursework as a result of the suspension of in-person instruction due to COVID-19.

    Executive Order 2020-31 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 30

    CLARIFIES CEASING EVICTIONS — Defines “State Agency.” Prohibits residential eviction actions and all law enforcement officers are instructed to cease enforcing evictions for non-residential premises, unless the tenant poses a threat. Permits service of pleadings to be conducted personally, by first-class mail, or by electronic mail.

    Executive Order 2020-30 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 29

    ILLINOIS INSURANCE CODE — Suspends certain provisions in the Illinois Insurance Code that require in-person education and/or exams within a certain time frame in order to maintain or obtain a professional insurance license.

    Executive Order 2020-29 (HTML)  (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 28

    RADIOLOGY CERTIFICATIONS — Suspends the provision in the Radiation Protection Act of 1990 that limits the validity of industrial radiography certifications to five years and industrial radiography trainee certifications to two years. Industrial radiography certifications and industrial radiography trainee certifications that have expired or will expire may be extended.

    Executive Order 2020-28 (HTML)  (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 27

    MEDICAL SCIENCE INSTITUTIONS — Suspends medical science institutions from holding indigent cadavers for 30 days after receipt from the State facility, for cadavers testing positive for COVID-19. Suspends requiring the director of any State facility in custody of an unclaimed cadaver to donate the cadaver to a qualified medical science institution for the advancement of medical science, for cadavers testing positive for COVID-19.

    Executive Order 2020-27 (HTML)  (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 26

    HOSPITAL CAPACITY — IDPH shall exercise discretion enforcing certain regulations. Suspends specific provisions in the Hospital Licensing Act, the Hospital Report Card Act, the Department of Public Health Powers and Duties Law, the Illinois Adverse Health Care Events Reporting Law of 2005, and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems Act. Hospitals licensed by IDPH or the State of Illinois may establish an ACF to provide room and board, nursing, and diagnosis or treatment to patients to increase regional hospital capacity.

    Executive Order 2020-26 (HTML)  (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 25

    CIVIL PROCEDURE — Suspends sections in the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure that permit the service of a garnishment summons, wage deduction summons, or a citation to discover assets on a consumer debtor or consumer garnishee. It shall not be construed to apply to domestic support obligations or relieving a debtor of any liability.

    Executive Order 2020-25 (HTML)  (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 24

    FORENSIC SERVICES — Suspends admissions to Illinois Department of Human Services Forensic Treatment Programs from Illinois county jails. Suspends certain provisions: 1) Employees that are being investigated for conduct that would not result in their termination or placement on the HCWR or 2) Employees who are the subject of an OIG investigation that is either complete or materially complete.

    Executive Order 2020-24 (HTML)  (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 23

    PROFESSIONAL REGULATION LAW — Suspends the Secretary of the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation from taking certain actions to increase the number of licensed professionals responding to the disaster, to the extent that it limits the Secretary’s authority to those working under the direction of IEMA and IDPH. Ensures any impacted licensed professionals are aiding in the response to the disaster.

    Executive Order 2020-23 (HTML)  (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 22

    VARIOUS PROVISIONS — Suspends the date of each township’s annual meeting for calendar year 2020. Suspends the provision that no license of a funeral director intern shall be renewed more than twice and suspends the requirement that the transportation of deceased human remains must be under the immediate direct supervision of a licensee. Under the Child Care Act of 1969, the definition of “child” is suspended to ensure those who are 18 years or older can remain in their placement. In the Health Care Worker Background Check Act, suspends the time period for designated students, applicants, and employees to have their fingerprints collected electronically.

    Executive Order 2020-22 (HTML)  (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 21

    ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS (IDOC) — Suspends the allowable time period for furloughs and the phrase “for a period of time not to exceed 14 days.” The phrase “to obtain medical, psychiatric or psychological services when adequate services are not otherwise available” shall be suspended and furloughs for medical, psychiatric or psychological purposes shall be allowed. The IDOC shall file emergency rules as needed.

    Executive Order 2020-21 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 20

    PUBLIC ASSISTANCE — Suspends the requirement that an applicant for public assistance must provide an audio recording of their verbal attestation during a telephone application for public assistance benefits. Instead, a verbal attestation documented by the State constitutes a valid signature. Unsigned applications for public assistance received by mail can be signed by a verbal attestation by telephone.

    Executive Order 2020-20 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 19

    HEALTH CARE FACILITIES, PROFESSIONALS, AND VOLUNTEERS — Defines healthcare facilities, health care professionals and health care volunteers. Calls for the postponement or cancelation of elective surgeries. Health care facilities, professionals, and volunteers are immune from civil liability for any injury or death alleged, unless caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct.

    Executive Order 2020-19 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 18

    STAY AT HOME ORDER EXTENSION — An extension of the state’s disaster proclamation, requiring individuals to stay at home or their place of residence for an additional 30 days. Individuals may leave their homes only for essential activities or for essential operations. Extends the suspension of on-site learning in K-12 schools, with schools transitioning from Act of God Days to Remote Learning Days. Provides the authority for the governor to sign additional executive orders to extend the Stay at Home order. This supersedes Executive Order 2020-10.

    Executive Order 2020-18 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 17

    EXTENDS CANNABIS APPLICATIONS — Further extends the deadline for cannabis craft grower, infuser and transporter license applications and directs applicants to mail completed applications. This supersedes Section 1 of Executive Order 2020-03*.

    Executive Order 2020-17 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 16

    SUSPENDS PROVISIONS IN THE ILLINOIS VEHICLE CODE — Suspends the repossession of vehicles; however, individuals must still comply with any obligation they may have to a loan agreement or otherwise. Suspends classroom training for private security and fingerprint vendors, as any training can be conducted online.

    Executive Order 2020-16 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 15

    SUSPENDS PROVISIONS IN THE ILLINOIS SCHOOL CODE — Suspends requirements on the administration of assessments, school terms, and the calculation of daily pupil attendance. Allows ISBE to implement rules regarding remote learning. Permits the use of early childhood block grant funding to provide child care for children of employees performing essential work. Any bids received by a school district for construction purposes may be communicated and accepted electronically.

    Executive Order 2020-15 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 14

    NOTARY AND WITNESS GUIDELINES - any act of notarization or witnessing required by Illinois law may be completed remotely by via two-way audio-video communication technology provided that the acts follows specific guidelines set forth in the Order and by the Secretary of State.

    Executive Order 2020-14 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 13

    SUSPENDS ADMISSIONS TO IDOC FROM COUNTY JAILS — Admissions to the Illinois Department of Corrections from all Illinois county jails are suspended, except at the discretion of the Director of the Illinois Department of Corrections for limited essential transfers.

    Executive Order 2020-13 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 12

    Health Care Workers — Individuals who are certified as a nurse assistant, but are currently inactive on the Health Care Worker Registry, may be hired under certain provisions, such as the inactive status being no more than five years and limiting conditional employment to three months pending the result of a more extensive background check.

    Executive Order 2020-12 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 11

    ESSENTIAL HUMAN SERVICES OPERATIONS — Individuals may leave their residence to work for or obtain any Human Services Operations, such as adoption agencies, long-term care facilities, residential settings for individuals with disabilities and day care centers for children of essential employees. Illinois school districts do not need approval by the school board for an e-learning curriculum.

    Executive Order 2020-11 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 10

    STAY AT HOME — All individuals must stay at home, with exceptions for essential activities, essential government functions, and essential businesses and operations. All non-essential business and operations must cease, aside from Minimum Basic Operations. Business can continue with employees working from home. Local government units across the state must halt all evictions, and gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited.

    Executive Order 2020-10 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 9

    TELEHEALTH — All health insurers regulated by the Department of Insurance are required to cover telehealth services and reimburse providers at the same rate as in-person visits and are prohibited from imposing any cost-sharing for in-network providers.

    Executive Order 2020-09 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 8

    SECRETARY OF STATE OPERATIONS — During the duration of the disaster proclamation and 30 days thereafter, the urgent need to address the expiration of vehicle registrations, driver's licenses, permits, parking decals, Illinois identification cards and hearings pursuant to the Illinois Vehicle Code is suspended, as are the filing of statements of economic interest.

    Executive Order 2020-08 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 7

    RESTAURANTS & BARS — Beginning March 16 at 9 p.m., bars and restaurants must suspend on-premises consumption, but are permitted to continue delivery service, drive-through and curbside pick-up. Gatherings of 50 or more people are prohibited, including fitness centers, private clubs, and theaters. 

    Executive Order 2020-07 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 6

    K-12 SCHOOLS CLARIFICATION — All public and private schools must close for educational purposes, but schools operated by the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice, the Illinois State Board of Education or the Illinois Department of Human Services may remain open.

    Executive Order 2020-06 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 5

    K-12 SCHOOLS — All public and private K-12 schools must close for educational purposes; however, this will not affect the availability of school buildings to supply food for students in need.

    Executive Order 2020-05 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 4

    LARGE GATHERINGS — Gatherings of 1,000 or more people are prohibited, including concerts, conferences and sporting events as well as closes the James R. Thompson Center to the public, except for necessary state business. 

    Executive Order 2020-04 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 3

    CANNABIS APPLICATIONS — The deadline for cannabis grower, infuser and transporter license applications is extended, and applicants are now allowed to mail completed applications, rather than submitting in person.

    Executive Order 2020-03 (HTML)   (English)   (Arabic)   (Polish)   (Chinese)   (Spanish)   (Hindi)

  • Executive Order Number 2

    Executive Order Number 20-02 (PDF, 153 KB)

  • Executive Order Number 1

    Executive Order Number 20-01 (PDF, 66 KB)

  • Complete list of Executive Orders


As Governor, JB Pritzker is thinking big for all of Illinois. Focusing on growing our economy and creating jobs, stabilizing state government and balancing our budget, expanding healthcare to all Illinoisans, and investing in cradle to career education. JB’s agenda serves every region of our state, so no one is left behind.

Elected by the largest margin in a generation, JB knows it’s time for a change in Illinois. That’s why he works hard every day to put state government back on the side of working families. JB is committed to raising wages, reducing healthcare costs, expanding child care assistance, and increasing college affordability because he believes it’s the job of state government to improve the standard of living for all our residents. He has worked for decades as a national leader in early childhood education and intends to make Illinois the leading state in the nation for our youngest children. JB is working to reform our criminal justice system, end the epidemic of gun violence, prioritize mental health and defend and expand the individual and civil rights of every Illinoisan.

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