Funding Opportunities


Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebates

DCEO is providing rebates toward the installation of Level II charging stations. Rebates cover 50% of installation costs (equipment and labor) up to a maximum of $3,500 for publicly accessible stations or a maximum or $3,000 for non-publicly accessible stations. Eligible applicants include public/commercial entities (e.g., units of local government, businesses, educational institutions, and non-profits) and property owners of single- or multi-unit residential buildings. Rebate applications will be processed on a rolling basis. The deadline for rebate applications is April 16, 2015.

Electric Vehicle Industry Development Grants

DCEO is providing grants toward projects that support electric vehicle and electric vehicle supply equipment production through the development or expansion of related businesses, including component manufacturers. Proposed projects are eligible for grants covering up to 50 percent of eligible project cost (see guidelines posted at the link below for details). The maximum grant award is $1,000,000.

Energy Efficiency Portfolio

EEPS is a part of Legislation signed into law that provides for incentives in the form of rebates and/or grants for Illinois electric and natural gas utility customers to encourage them to purchase and install high efficiency equipment and systems to reduce electricity and natural gas use.

State Energy Program

On August 14, 2009, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) approved the Illinois’ Energy Plan submitted as part of the Federal State Energy Program (SEP). DOE’s approval gives Illinois authority to move forward with implementing the plan, which is the most comprehensive effort to date to address the state’s energy production needs. Over $100 million in federal recovery funding will be available for grants to implement the plan.

Solar and Wind Energy Rebate Program

The focus of the Solar and Wind Energy Rebate Program, through the State's Renewable Energy Resources Program, is to encourage utilization of smaller-scale solar and wind energy systems in Illinois.

Alternative Fuel Rebates

The Illinois Alternate Fuels Rebate Program is available to any resident, business, local government or organization in Illinois. It offers rebates to anyone using E85 or biodiesel fuels (20% blend or higher), and for acquiring vehicles that run on alternate fuels.

IFA Loan Guarantees for Renewable Energy

The Illinois Finance Authority is authorized to provide up to $3 billion in "Additional Security" loan guarantees or bonds to help facilitate the development of Renewable Energy, Coal and Clean Coal projects in Illinois.

Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation

The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation invests in clean energy development and land preservation efforts. The Foundation supports programs and projects that will improve energy efficiency, develop renewable energy resources and preserve and enhance natural areas and wildlife habitats throughout the state. These programs include lighting upgrades and green building design grants, and other energy efficient investments.


DCEO Grants for Recycling and Waste Management

For traditional recycling grants, electronics recycling grans, recycling expansion and modernization programs, and the zero waste schools program.

Food Scrap Composting Revitalization & Advancement (F-SCRAP) Program

DCEO will be accepting applications for projects that will divert food scraps and other organic material, excluding yard waste, from Illinois landfills for composting, increasing the quantity of materials composted in Illinois. The Department anticipates that these projects will provide new jobs and other economic and environmental benefits to the State of Illinois as well as advance Illinois’ composting infrastructure. The Department encourages the submission of joint projects or applications that address regional or multi-jurisdictional composting approaches from any combination of two or more governmental, for-profit, or not-for-profit organizations. DCEO will accept applications under this program until funding for this initiative is exhausted.


Rain Garden Initiative

Since 2005, the Governor’s Office and the Department of Natural Resources has worked with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to award grants to 60 groups across the state, including elementary schools, and community organizations to build rain gardens. These community groups have designed rain gardens to solve a wide variety of problems, including erosion, poor drainage, habitat restoration and rehabilitation, water quality, and storm water runoff.

Environmental Education

Illinois Biodiversity Field Trip Grant application

Teachers may apply to receive funds for natural resources-related field trips with their students.

Schoolyard Habitat Action Grants

Schoolyard Habitat Action Grants (Schoolyard Action Grant Form) are available to schools, nature centers and youth groups.


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