Green IT Challenge

State of Illinois 2010 Green IT Challenge

Reducing Use of Imaging Devices to Save Energy, Trees, and Operational Costs

The Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council (GGCC), chaired by Governor Quinn and comprised of 14 state agencies, is challenging all state agencies and personnel to take action to substantially reduce the total number of imaging devices in operation. Imaging devices include printers, photocopiers, fax machines, and scanners. Your participation in this effort will help the State save money by reducing administrative and operational expenses.

Why Reduce Imaging Devices?

The GGCC estimates that the Green IT Challenge will save the State tens of millions of dollars in the following areas:

  • Energy consumption
  • Expenditures on consumables such as paper and ink cartridges,
  • Third party outsourced repair outlays,
  • Internal IT service calls and support, maintenance and leasing costs.

Every 10% reduction in the use of imaging devices translates to a 1% savings of annual agency expenditures. For example, an agency with an annual budget of $100 million could save up to $1 million over the course of one year. Additional benefits include lowering the State’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment through reduced use of energy, paper, toner ink, and cartridges.

Green IT Challenge Objectives

The Green IT Challenge includes:

  • Setting a reduction target – The GGCC target is a minimum statewide ten percent (10%) reduction in the use of currently operational imaging devices. Want to do more? Larger agencies can aim for a thirty percent (30%) reduction. Update the goals in your agency’s environmental sustainability plan, as appropriate.
  • Developing a plan to achieve the target – Between now and May 1, 2010, map out the strategies that agency personnel can take to reduce imaging devices, such as simply unplugging unused desktop devices, consolidating separate devices into a single multi-function device, and replacing desktop printers with networked printers. Break the strategies into specific action steps, make assignments to responsible staff, and set a schedule.
  • Put the plan into action! – From May 1 to December 31, 2010, carry out the strategies in the agency plan and work toward the reduction target of 10% or more. Report on successful efforts and seek recognition for outstanding accomplishments.

The imaging devices that should be targeted for reduction include:

  • Single-user desktop printers