Guidelines for Public Participation at Board Meetings - effective 1/16/2019

Date: 1/16/2019

The Open Meetings Act requires that "any person shall be permitted an opportunity to address public officials under the rules established and recorded by the public body." In an effort to balance the rights of individuals who would like to address the Board with the Board’s need to maintain meeting decorum and efficiencies, the following guidelines have been developed:

1. Each speaker will be allotted a maximum of TWO MINUTES to provide their comments.

2. All comments must relate to Board matters.

3. Anyone requesting an opportunity to provide comments at a Board meeting, should PRE-REGISTER at least twenty-four hours (24) hours prior to the scheduled Board meeting.

 Public Participation Pre-Registration Form

must be returned to Courtney Avery at or 217-785-4111 (fax) or 525 West Jefferson Street, 2nd Floor; Springfield, Illinois 62761. Please note there will be an opportunity to complete the form at the Board meeting.

4. Comments should not be disruptive, interfere with efficiencies of the Board’s proceedings or otherwise interfere with the decorum of a Board meeting.

5. Speakers may not read testimony on behalf of someone who is not present at the Board meeting.

6. The order in which speakers may provide comment will be determined on a first-come first serve basis and as listed on the current day’s agenda. Board Staff will announce when speakers may begin their comments. The use of visual aids or handouts is prohibited during the public participation portion of a Board meeting.

7. You must conclude your comments when signaled by the Board Chair or Board Staff. The Board Chair may allow for a reasonable extension of time for public participation to ensure that all viewpoints are heard.

Speakers who do not comply with these guidelines will not be allowed to provide comments at the Board’s open meetings.
If there are any questions regarding these guidelines please contact the Board Administrator via email at or by telephone at 217-782-3516.

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Effective Date: January 16, 2019