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Community Cares Project Funding Decision Overview

​Public Act 100-1129, effective 1/1/19, allows for a county, municipality, or township to create a local referendum paid through a real estate tax levy to fund local developmental disabilities services overseen by a Developmental Disabilities board, also knows as a 377 board.  This legislation allows for smaller governmental units, such as municipalities and townships, to create these referenda whereas before it was only available at the county level.  Should voters in these areas pass the referenda, the funding allows for local control and local resources to be invested in local programs for local community members. AID in collaboration with other community partners astutely identified that while this extra revenue stream for DD services could create access to many crucial services at the local level, it was clear exactly how to organize as a community to start the process of getting a referendum on a ballot was complicated and daunting.  For individuals and families to advocate for this at their local levels, education must be provided to give them the tools needed to successfully engage in this process.  

AID Project Deliverables:

  • Statewide approach targets all IL communities
  • Creation of website and collection of materials results in replicable opportunities after grant window
  • A tiered training protocol provides for ample opportunity for people to be educated on the topic then organize for further, in-depth training if desired
  • 12 geographically diverse town halls per region provides for ample opportunity for individuals and families to learn about the opportunity to ask for further trainings
  • All training materials will be accessible, as well as, translated into Spanish

This project meets the Council's Systems Change goal under the following objective:

By September 30, 2021, the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities will help 10 communities develop local resources and adapt to provide full access to municipal, civic, social, spiritual, and all other aspects of community life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.