Better Communication Better Health Care Campaign

Category: Advocacy

  • Investment Partner: Ray Graham Association for People with Disabilities
  • Investment Location: DuPage and surrounding counties

​​The Better Communication Better Health Care Campaign will arm individuals with developmental and other types of intellectual disabilities and their caregivers/ families with durable, portable and adaptable tools to better self-advocate for the healthcare that they are entitled to receive across the health care system. The Healthcare providers will be educated in treating individuals with IDD across the many different types of faculties that provide treatment. The Health Resume is the tool to facilitate communication between the patent and provider. It is to be used throughout all phases of treatment and included in every person with IDD’s electronic medical record.

Fillable version of health resume

RGA Health Resume - FINAL.pdf

health resume presentation September 17 (8-20 draft).pptx


Mark Langan

Margaret Harkness