CARES - 377 Referenda

Category: Formal/Informal Community Supports

  • Investment Partner: Association for Individual Development
  • Investment Location: Statewide

​​CARES will develop a toolkit and replicable, tiered training protocol to educate and empower communities to establish 377 Boards to provide sustainable, reliable, local funding to protect and expand services to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabili5ties who are waiting for Medicaid funded services in the state. Lead trainers in regions of the state will coordinate at least 38 trainings to community advocates interested in implementing a 377 referenda.

Visit the CARES website for information on how to form a 377 Board in your area and to access all the resources.

377 CARES Informational Webinar is available for viewing here: 377 Board Informational Webinar


Lore Baker

Margaret Harkness