Covid 19 DD Relief Fund

Category: Formal/Informal Community Supports

  • Investment Partner: The Arc of Illinois
  • Investment Location: Mokena, IL

​The Arc will communicate with stakeholders in the developmental disability community to keep everyone abreast of news and supports related to the COVID 19 pandemic through social media connecting, targeting the Spanish speaking community, and providing a weekly policy and information webinar. A second area is to work with ICDD to offer an opportunity for providers to apply for subgrants to meet the needs they identified of their clients in the pandemic. The Arc will implement this fund and gather reports of lessons learned and outcomes.

ICDD COVID-19 DD Relief Fund Presentation _ 11.6.2020 Version.pptx

ICDD COVID-19 DD Relief Fund OnePager (w project intent) 5-15-20.docx


Rebecca Schroeder

Margaret Harkness