Customized Employment Training Series

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Customized Employment Training Series

 MGA Customized Employment Training Series in Illinois 2021 Infographic.pdf

MGA Customized Employment Training Series in Illinois 2021 Infographic.pdf

The Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities (ICDD) in partnership with nationally known training experts from Marc Gold & Associates (MG&A) is happy to offer a Customized Employment Training Series. We're bringing customized training to Illinois in a three-part series. These trainings are FREE to those selected to participate.


Customized employment (CE) refers to competitive integrated employment, for an individual with a significant disability, that is based on an individualized determination of the strengths, needs, and interests of the individual with a significant disability, is designed to meet the specific abilities of the individual with a significant disability and the business needs of the employer, and is carried out through flexible strategies. The Essential Elements of CE dovetail with Supported Employment (SE) to assure the employer and employee with a disability work successfully together.


Training Series Overview


Each below training area is instrumental in providing quality services and best practices as they pertain to your job seekers. Participants must register for each training separately when registration opens. See the attached infographic for more information on training dates/times, etc.


1) Discovery will teach activities and techniques to help you get to know your job seeker. There will be a focus on identifying your job seekers Conditions, Interests, and Contributions, and translating life activities into business language. You'll see how translation is key in assisting your job seeker move forward in the business community.


2) Job Development Representation training is provided in four areas: a) negotiating techniques and considerations of using negotiation within CE, b) developing a Concept Portfolio for presenting CE to potential employers, c) implementing an Employer Needs and Benefits Analysis to determine the fit for the job seeker and the potential benefit for the employer and d) making employer contacts and presentations to secure a customized job. These techniques blend the best of human service values with the "science" of sales to result in successful outcomes for employment.


3) Systematic Instruction training connects the work of Marc Gold, who developed the Try Another Way Approach in the 1970s with Supported Employment and Customized Employment of the modern era. This training provides a naturally referenced approach to Systematic Instruction and job site support designed to maximize the employer's acceptance of support responsibilities while meeting the employee's needs for effective learning and quality performance of work tasks.


***IMPORTANT*** When attendees successfully participate in Discovery and Job Development trainings, they are eligible to receive the ACRE Certificate of Achievement in Employment Services with an Emphasis on Customized Employment. These trainings are FREE to those selected to participate thanks to funding provided by the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities. Eligible participants will receive a link from MG&A that gives access to an online form that will allow MG&A to generate the ACRE certificate. MG&A also offers Performance-Based Certifications for Service Provider Staff/State Agency Staff in Discovery and Customized Job Development for individuals who have attended these Gateway trainings. The per person cost for this certification is $850 per certification area.


What to Expect


Participants can expect quality training conducted by a subject matter expert from MG&A, a founding leader in Discovery and Customized Employment. Participants attending the training should be prepared to participate. Participation will involve asking and answering questions, as well as various project work within breakout sessions. Those participating should leave their camera on during the duration of the training if at all possible.


Attendance & Registration Information


Registration is limited to 25 participants. Should more than 25 people register, those above the 25-person cut off will receive a communication letting them know that they are either waitlisted or may not be able to attend this round of training.

It is imperative that the name on the registration matches the name you will be using on your ZOOM account to sign in. If the names do not match you will not be granted entrance. This is an ACRE requirement.


Attendees will need to complete both the 6 half-day training in Discovery and the 6 half-day training in Job Development in order to receive an ACRE Certificate of Achievement in Employment Services with an Emphasis on Customized Employment. Registration for Job Development Training will be offered after the completion of Discovery. Participants will receive an ACRE confirmation link via email from MGA and the ACRE Certificate will be generated once attendance at all days of both training sessions has been verified. The certificate will be sent to the address included on your registration. A certificate will not be issued for anyone who does not attend both training sessions.


Should anyone need to miss a portion of a training session (day), a recording of the training will be available for 24 hours. That person will need to ensure they request the link to the recording. They will then be required to watch the recording and complete any applicable homework assignment for that session. If there is not a homework assignment, they will need to watch the recording and email a brief synopsis of what they learned to the trainer.

Additional information is also available on the MG&A website,


Community of Practice


MG&A will provide a Community of Practice through which those who have attended the Gateway Training will be able to participate in regular 90-minute sessions to stay connected, continue building skills, and develop networks.

Examples of focused discussion/topical training options:


  • Essential Elements of CE
  • Using the BQC for CE
  • Conducting the Customized Plan for Employment Meeting
  • Person Centered Planning
  • Conducting the Employer Needs and Benefits Analysis
  • Discovery 2.0 – honing qualitative research skills
  • Discovery for Individuals with Mental Health Challenges
  • Developing Compelling Visual Resumes
  • Discovery for Individuals with a Criminal History
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Translation of Life Skills, Conditions to Ideal Characteristics of Work
  • Establishing Partnerships with Employers
  • Job Analysis
  • Customized Job Development for Individuals with a Criminal History
  • Rebalancing staff time from day programs to CE/CIE services




MG&A will also work with the Council to provide webinars to provide an overview of CE and to educate individuals with developmental disabilities and their families on the benefits and importance of the CE process. Participation will be limited to 85 attendees. 


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