HCBS Settings Rules Implementation Technical Assistance Project

Category: Formal/Informal Community Supports

  • Investment Partner: Council on Quality and Leadership
  • Investment Location: Towson, MD

HCBS Settings Rules Implementation Technical Assistance Project


  1. Provider Transformation Grants
    1. Review applications for potential pilot project organizations
    2. Select cohort of 20 organizations to participate in pilot program
    3. Develop assessment tool to identify support needs to come into compliance with HCBS Settings Rule
    4. Assign organizations to one of 8 technical assistance leads
      1. Provide 1:1 mentoring (up to 3 days of targeted TA) to providers who have applied to receive technical assistance from the transformation team
      2. Hold bi-weekly meetings with technical assistance leads to discuss issues, problem solve, identify trends, and create list of best practices
    5. Establish cohorts of ~7-10 organizations
      1. Host meetings with cohorts
    6. Survey organizations on what worked well with TA and what could be improved
      1. Conduct time study of each pilot project organization's technical assistance needs
  2. DDD Validation Meetings
    1. Participate in meetings
    2. Communicate this information to technical assistance leads
    3. Communicate this information to transformation grant organizations

Phase 2:

Based on learning from Phase 1, CQL, ICDD, and DHS team will collaborate on design of Phase 2  technical assistance which could include but is not limited to:

  1. Reintroduction of individual provider transformation grants
  2. Creation and dissemination of webinars and other materials
  3. Ongoing meetings with DDD Validation team
  4. Ongoing cohort engagement 



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