Policy Project

Category: Other

  • Investment Partner: Phil Milsk Consulting
  • Investment Location: New Lenox

Policy Project Activities:


1.      Analyze state and federal legislation and design plain language communications to be made available to community partners.
 2.      Determine the benefits and drawbacks of existing state and federal policies and share those findings with ICDD staff and community partners to promote advocacy and awareness.

 3.      Identify legal flaws in state and federal policies and recommend amendments to the DD Network and community partners.

4.      Liaise with stakeholders to determine needs and goals of state and federal policies.

5.      Gather data and produce reports on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the impact of policies, legislation, laws, etc. impacting people with DD and families.

6.      Provide expertise and recommendations regarding state and federal policy topics/issues.

7.      Provide monitoring of state and federal policies, legislation, etc. and track impact to people with DD and families.

8.      Provide a policy webinar series made available to the DD network, families, and people with DD.


Phil Milsk

Mariel Hamer-Sinclair

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