Supportive Housing Coordination Project Technical Assistance

Category: Housing

  • Investment Partner: High Ground Partners LLC
  • Investment Location: Chicago, IL

Technical assistance and oversight for a Supportive Housing Project will be provided in a multi-faceted approach that includes program development, coaching, multi-site coordination, cross-system collaboration, and access to relevant training opportunities. The technical assistance structure will evolve in tandem with the overall statewide initiative and will be responsive to the needs of ICDD, IDHS-DDD, and the grantees.

The project goals will be considered in three phases: 1) Planning, Award and On-Boarding, 2) Year 1- Ramp Up, 3) Years 2-5 - Scaling, Refinement and Sustainability.

Phase 1:
Planning (December 2021-March 2022)
● Provide direct input into the Call for Investment, including review and editing process
● Inform specific program-related details to ensure applicants have all needed information to apply
● Co-create and deliver one or more applicant webinars in collaboration with ICDD staff
● Initiate additional multi-site program guides for future awardees. Outline, research, and adapt policy and procedures building off the Missouri and California models
● Work with ICDD, DDD, and Illinois Housing Development Authority and/or other relevant state agencies that administer home modification funds. Help inform this component including the process to access the funds at the regional level and existing/future funding sources.
● Other program planning and development activities TBD as informed by the initiative

Award (February 2022-April 2022)
● Support ICDD with the launch of the Call for investment
● Serve on the review team in collaboration with ICDD staff
● Assist with Frequently Asked Questions and tracking applicant questions for public posting/sharing

● Develop a pre-implementation planning period with awardees to cover hiring, policies/procedures, provider relationships, and capacity building
● Encourage and support awardees with posting for new positions to secure staffing on or before July 1, 2022.
● Co-develop an on-boarding/training curriculum for awardee staff


Betsy Benito

Mariel Hamer-Sinclair

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