Vax For All Illinois with Disabilities

Category: Health

  • Investment Partner: InfiniTeach
  • Investment Location: Chicago

InfniTeach, autism technology developers, will partner with Best Buddies Illinois (BBIL) and Rush University Medical Center to create a scalable technology solution to address vaccine hesitancy among the IDD community. Utilizing peer coaching, expert-developed resources, and a responsive SMS platform, the project will educate, encourage, and support more than 7,750 individuals from the IDD community across Illinois.

InfniTeach develops technology to empower the IDD community to learn, discover, and fnd joy. Its award-winning technology is mission-driven and embedded with best practice strategies to teach and support the IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disability) community. The InfniTeach team combines personal and professional experience with the IDD community with proven technology development.

Over the past 6 years, more than 300,000 individuals, families, and professionals have downloaded InfiniTeach apps to make experiences more accessible for the IDD community. InfiniTeach is passionate about its work as allies and self-advocates advancing opportunities for the IDD community.                  Health for All

InfiniTeach's Vax For All IL with Disabilities Wraparound Vaccine project:

  • Partners with Best Buddies Illinois (BBIL) and Rush University Medical Center to create a scalable technology solution to address vaccine hesitancy among the IDD community
  • Enhances and scales, an existing prototype website geared towards reducing vaccine hesitancy among adults with IDD
  • Utilizes a Short Message System (SMS) texting platform to communicate and engage with users in a targeted manner
  • Researches and disseminates Covid vaccination related resources and educational pieces
  • Messaging in accessible formats for all device types and including Spanish translation, plain language, captioning, and packaged in short, visually engaging formats
  • Peer coaches supported by Best Buddies create content monthly and respond to specific inquiries submitted for local information if it is not already in the resource database


InfiniTeach's performance target is:

InfiniTeach will help increase COVID-19 vaccination rates among those with IDD and their personal and professional support networks by developing an interactive technology platform that directly addresses vaccine hesitancies specific to the IDD community.  InfiniTeach will partner with BBIL and Rush to develop a platform that utilizes SMS-based peer coaching, expert-developed resources, and connections to local services to educate individuals on the importance of the vaccine. Through our technology, we will track user-reported data to evaluate changes in vaccination status, increases in vaccine knowledge, and decreases in vaccine hesitancy. By August 31, 2022 InfiniTeach will have supported over 7,750 individuals from the IDD community across Illinois.


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