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    The Council maintains a library of the following resource materials. To order a publication (free of charge), please contact the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities Springfield Office.

    In addition, the Council has developed a library of resources available in the field of developmental disabilities for you to check out. Click here to download this resource on best practices.

    The publications section is broken down into specific categories. Click on any category below to go directly to it.

    Community, Supports, & Inclusion

    DSP Toolkit

    The Initiative has created two versions (family and individual) of a toolkit designed to provide easy-to-use tips and strategies to help people to find, choose and keep high quality Direct Support Professionals. Anyone can download a copy of either or both versions of "Find, Choose, and Keep Great Direct Support Professionals FREE using the links below. To obtain a hard copy of either Toolkit, please click here.


    Employment 1st Summit Resources

    •  Executive Summary contains a summary of the recommendations developed as a result of the summit.

    • The Full Report contains much greater detail on these recommendations, along with extensive documentation of the proceedings, links to a wide variety of resources within the text, and an extensive series of resources in the appendix.



    • The Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000.

    • The ADA and Persons with Cognitive Disabilities - Participant Manual Cornell University 12/95

    • The ADA and Persons with Cognitive Disabilities - Trainer's Curriculum. Cornell University 12/95

    • Guidebook of Laws and Programs for People with Developmental Disabilities . Prairie State Legal Services, Inc. 2000. English and Spanish copies are available.

    • Helping Families Understand Options in Planning for Their Family Member with a Disability. Life's Plan, Inc. 1/02.

    • Las Familias Que Ayudan Entienden Opciones En Planear Para Su Miembro De La Familia Con Una Inhabilidad. Life's Plan. 1/02

    • Planning for an Individual with a Disability While Protecting Entitlements. Life's Plan, Inc. 2/02.


    • Analysis of Transportation Pilot Projects in Five Communities. Karlan & Associates. 2001

    • Improving Transportation Opportunities For People with Disabilities in Illinois. Karlan & Associates. 2001

    Life Like Any Other Project Resources

    Other Resources

    The following information provides links to various state and federal agencies as well as to service providers and other related links. These links are intended to be a resource; by providing these links, the Council is in no manner endorsing these organizations or guaranteeing the accuracy of the information provided via these links. If your organization is not currently listed and you would like to be considered to be added, please contact

    The publications section is broken down into specific categories. Click on any category below to go directly to it.

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    Specific Disabilities

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