Status Calls, Hearings, and Judicial Settlement Conferences

As part of the Human Rights Commissions ongoing efforts to provide additional flexibility to the litigants appearing before the Administrative Law Section, some matters are utilizing virtual proceedings via the WebEx platform instead of or in addition to in-person and telephonic proceedings.  Please see below for directions on how to participate in WebEx sessions.  It remains the individual responsibility of each party to a matter before the Human Rights Commission to become familiar with the schedules and processes used by the Administrative Law Judge assigned to their matter and to confirm they have the necessary information to participate in any required events.  Specific information pertaining to the proceedings of each Administrative Law Judge is included below for reference.

​Requests for Reasonable Accommodations: Services at the Illinois Human Rights Commission are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities in compliance with the Illinois Human Rights Act. A person with a disability needing an accommodation to participate in any Commission activities should contact the Commission Disability Access Coordinator at 312-814-6269 or (TTY) 866-832-2298 or at The Commission requires five (5) business days to review any reasonable accommodation.


Standing Order for Judicial Settlement Conferences

      Check List for Judicial Settlement Conferences

      Interim Procedures for Filing Motions Before ALJs

General Guidance for all Virtual Statuses or Hearings 

Schedule of Administrative Law Section Public Hearings

Biographical information on Administrative Law Judges

CALJ Brian Weinthal

         WebEx Access Information for CALJ Weinthal's Personal Meeting Room 

ALJ Azeema N. Akram

ALJ William J. Borah

ALJ Kathleen A. McGee

ALJ Michael R. Robinson