Agency Info

Why ILogin?

ILogin can help your agency provide a more secure, private, login experience for users. Through streamlined validation and verification methods, ILogin makes it easier for new and existing users to login to your application with a single sign-on.

Agencies that implement ILogin save time and resources through operational efficiencies, repeatable frameworks, and built-in compliance with federal and state information security standards and regulations. 

Enterprise Standard

ILogin is the new State of Illinois enterprise digital customer identity management solution, that equips agencies to safeguard customer data and maintain compliance standards. These security controls are built into the ILogin Platform so that connected agency applications are automatically compliant. On-boarded applications can also leverage accounts stored in ILogin. Existing applications can move their users into ILogin to align with enterprise standards, increase customer security, and to provide a streamlined user experience.

ILogin Features

Single Sign-On

Users can access multiple applications by authenticating only once, providing a simplified experience for users.

Multifactor Authentication

Ensure a greater level of security and reduce support requests by allowing users to provide different means of authenticating their identity.

Self-Service Dashboard

Self-service capability for registration, ID, password, and profile management, providing the user with more control over their information.

Connecting your Application

If your agency needs to add an application to the ILogin Portal, submit an IT Service Request with details about your application.