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ILogin is the new State of Illinois sign-in site that allows you to securely access state services using a single ILogin account. This means you can sign in once on the ILogin page to access the state programs you use.

Get Started

Create an Account

Visit the ILogin Portal. Select the Sign up link at the bottom. Enter your email, a password, and your first and last name. Click Register. The ILogin system sends you an email.

Confirm Your Email

Open your email. Open the email from State of Illinois or In the email, select the Activate ILogin Account button. The Set up multifactor authentication page appears.

Add MFA Security

Multifactor authentication (MFA) adds security to your ILogin account. You must complete this final step. For more details, go to the How To Guides page.

Existing Users

Sign in with your user name. If you already use the unemployment, HFS, IMPACT, or Vax Verify programs, your existing user name—the email address you entered for those programs—is already in ILogin. Please do not create a new ILogin account. Duplicate email accounts are not allowed. Instead: Select the ILogin Portal link in the main menu. Sign in with your existing user name and password.

State of Illinois Agencies

Offer your customers a more secure and improved user experience with ILogin.