Trial Dates


Beginning with the February 2005 trial cycle, we will post the Chicago trial dates that are assigned at a status call to this Web page, approximately one hour after the status call ends.

The trial settings are listed in two different formats: by trial date; and in an Excel spreadsheet format.  Cases that received trial dates are listed in the document.

This list is the official list of Chicago trial dates assigned by the arbitrator at the status call. To change a trial date after the status call is held, both parties must agree and ask the arbitrator to whom the case is assigned. Any change will be at the arbitrator's sole discretion. At this point, we will not amend the trial schedule that is posted on this page when dates are changed.

Commission staff will now refer callers with questions about Chicago trial dates to this Web page.

If you have a problem opening a document below, please e-mail Charles Rawls or call him at 312-814-6699.

If you have any inquiries, regarding Trial Dates, please contact Bob Devereaux.


ArbitratorStatus Call DateSorted by Trial DateSpreadsheet
Bocanegra 02/06 Adobe PDF Excel
Carlson 02/05                Adobe PDF Excel
Fruth 02/15            Adobe PDF Excel
Mason 02/07                Adobe PDF Excel
Kay (Andros) 02/11 Adobe PDF Excel
Ciecko     01/18                                   Adobe PDF Excel
Huebsch 02/01 Adobe PDF Excel
TBA (Soto)  02/04                Adobe PDF Excel
Kane 02/14                Adobe PDF Excel
Cellini                02/08                                   Adobe PDF Excel
Cronin 02/13 Adobe PDF Excel
​Harris​02/19Adobe PDFExcel


Adobe PDF Excel