​ATTENTION: You may be eligible for Rate Adjustment Fund benefits if you receive or have received workers' compensation benefits due to a death or permanent and total disability. Please contact Cole Garrett, Deputy Counsel, if you have questions.

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​News Articles

Zone 2: Update to Quincy's January 2019 Arbitration Calendar

Posted: 12/13/2018

Please note that the second day of Arbitrator Nowak’s January 2019 trial cycle in Quincy (Thursday, January 3rd) has been cancelled. The status call scheduled for Tuesday, January 2nd will be held as scheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Urbana Hearing Site Update

Posted: 12/12/2018

​The IWCC has secured a new location in Urbana where the Arbitration Status Call, Arbitration Hearings and Review Hearings will be held. The new location is at the Lincoln Square Mall just a few short blocks from the current location at the Urbana Civic Center. The new hearing site will become available for the January 2019 trial cycle and is located on the lower level of the Lincoln Square Mall. The mall address is 201 Lincoln Square, Urbana, IL 61801.

Click on the link below to bring up Google maps which will show you the exact location of the Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana.,+Urbana,+IL+61801/@40.1112932,-88.2093934,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x880cd77555fa0595:0x426581930010ca1c!8m2!3d40.1112891!4d-88.2072047

Recommended parking is available on the south side of the building off of Illinois Street. Entering the mall from this location will enable you to access an elevator on the main floor that will take down to the lower level where the hearings will be conducted. The elevator is located adjacent to the grocery store. The first status call is for Arbitrator Hemenway's docket and is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15th

Effective Immediately Arbitrator Frank Soto is Assigned to Zone VI

Posted: 11/20/2018

Effective immediately, Arbitrator Frank Soto will be assigned to Zone VI (Elgin, Geneva and Wheaton) to cover the dockets previously presided over by Arbitrator Ketki Steffen. Until further notice all correspondence for these dockets should be sent to Arbitrator Soto at the following address:

Arbitrator Frank Soto

100 W Randolph St Suite 8-200
Chicago, IL 60601


 For December 2018, Arbitrator Soto's Chicago Docket will be presided over by Arbitrator Charles Watts. Correspondence for the December Chicago docket should be sent to Arbitrator Watts at the following address:

Arbitrator Charles Watts

100 W Randolph St Suite 8-200
Chicago, IL 60601


Passing of Mark A. Braun

Posted: 11/9/2018

We regret to announce the passing of Mark A Braun.  Mr. Braun was a valued member of the Workers' Compensation community and a member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association.  The entire Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission extends our condolences to the Williams family. A private funeral mass will be held November 10th.

Passing of Ross Tyrrell

Posted: 11/7/2018

We regret to announce the passing of Ross Tyrrell.  The entire Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission extends our condolences to the Tyrrell family. 

Arrangements are as follows:


Thursday, November 8th 3:00PM-8:00PM

Drechsler, Brown & Williams Funeral Home

203 S. Marion Street

Oak Park, IL 60301

Funeral Service:

Friday, November 9th 10:30AM

St. Catherine/St. Lucy Catholic Church

38 N. Austin Bvld

Oak Park, Il 60301

Arbitrator Mason's Call Originally Set For Friday, October 5th

Posted: 10/9/2018

​In accordance with State of Illinois Police directives, the JRTC was closed at 1:45 PM on Friday, October 5th. Arbitrator Mason's call which was originally scheduled for 2:00 PM that day has been rescheduled to 1:00 PM today, Tuesday, October 9th. Arbitrator Ciecko's 2:00 PM call scheduled for this afternoon will be held as scheduled at 2:00 PM or immediately following Arbitrator Mason's call if her call extends past 2:00 PM.

Zone 2 Location Update

Posted: 10/2/2018

​As you may know, the Urbana Civic Center is closing at the end of 2018.  We thought we secured a seamless transition to another location in Urbana, but that location fell through.  As a result, while we continue our search for another Urbana location, as of January 1, 2019 all matters scheduled to be heard at the Urbana Civic Center will be heard at our Springfield location at the IWCC, 4500 S. Sixth St., Springfield, IL 62703. Dates and times will be posted shortly.

 We will continue to update you as to our facility search when updates become available.

Early Closing of New Lenox Hearing Site Friday, November 9th

Posted: 9/6/2018

​The Village of New Lenox has informed the IWCC that the Village Hall will be closing early on Friday, November 9th for an employee function. The Village has requested that the IWCC complete all judicial activities for that day no later than 11:00 AM. Please keep this in mind when completing your schedules.

Governor Rauner Announces Arbitrator Reappointments

Posted: 8/31/2018

​Governor Rauner reappointed the following Arbitrators for the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission: Maria S. Bocanegra, Paul V. Cellini, Stephen J. Friedman, Jessica A. Hegarty, Gerald A. Granada, Jeffrey B. Huebsch, Nancy H. Lindsay, Christine Marie Ory, Maureen H. Pulia, Melinda M. Rowe-Sullivan, and Douglas S. Steffenson. 

The Commission would like to thank George Andros for his many years of service to the people of Illinois and the Commission.  We wish him well.

2018 Waukegan Arbitration Hearing Location and Arbitration Calendar Updates

Posted: 8/29/2018

​Effective September 2018 , the Waukegan Status Calls will be held in the new Jury Assembly Room in the Criminal Courts Tower. The arbitration hearings will continue to be held in the Lake County Courthouse but will move from room D-300 on the third floor to room C-200 on the second floor.

Please note that the Waukegan hearing dates for October and December of 2018 have been revised.

The October trial cycle will begin with the Status Call on Friday, October 19th in the new Jury Assembly Room in the Criminal Courts Tower . Hearings will be held in room C-200 of the Lake County Courthouse on October 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 29th, 30th, and 31st.  

The December trial cycle will begin with the Status Call on Friday, December 14th in the new Jury Assembly Room in the Criminal Courts Tower. Hearing will be held in room C-200 of the Lake County Courthouse on December 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th.

The Status Call and trial dates for September and November have not changed.

Passing of Steven R. Williams

Posted: 7/3/2018

​We regret to announce the passing of Steven R. Williams.  Steve was a valued member of the Workers' Compensation community and a member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association.  The entire Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission extends our condolences to the Williams family. 

Arrangements are as follows:


Friday, July 6th 4:00PM-7:00PM

Saturday, July 7th 10:00AM-11:00AM

Wesley United Methodist Church

502 East Front St.

Bloomington, IL, US, 61701

Funeral Service:

Saturday, July 7th 11:00AM

Wesley United Methodist Church

502 East Front St.

Bloomington, IL, US, 61701

Passing of John T. Bowman, Jr.

Posted: 5/22/2018

​We regret to announce the sudden passing of John T. Bowman, Jr.  The Commission extends our condolences to the entire Bowman family.   The arrangements are to be determined.  

E-Notice Announcement

Posted: 5/14/2018

​Chairman Joann Fratianni is pleased to announce another step forward in the IWCC's modernization and technological upgrade of operations.  Pursuant to the IWCC's Rules, as found in Section 50 of the Illinois Administrative Code, parties will receive case activity notices electronically beginning on July 2, 2018.  The IWCC will no longer send case notices via U.S. Mail as of this date.*  All parties (law firms on behalf of clients and pro se litigants) will be required to maintain a designated electronic mail ("e-mail") address for receiving case notices, just as they are now required to maintain a physical address to receive them by U.S. Mail.  You only need to fill out the "E-Mail Registration Form" once (just like providing us your physical address), so that we can update our system.  PLEASE NOTE that it does not matter if you already have an e-mail on file or in use with us – we are populating the system with new and updated information.  So, please submit a law firm/pro se e-mail address to us again.


* The only exception to electronic notices is respondent parties at the time a case is initially filed, whom will be notified that a case has been filed against them by U.S. Mail at the address provided by the petitioner.  This is the current practice.


Attorneys – Our system links cases before the IWCC to the law firm, not the individual practitioner.  So, please provide us your firm's e-mail address for receipt of electronic notices.  If one of your attorneys "updates" your firm e-mail address with their own, all firm notices will go to the most updated address.


INSTRUCTIONS (for law firms and pro se litigants)


There are two ways to provide the IWCC an e-mail address: 

  1. Go on our website to: (our website, followed by "forms").

Fill out the "E-Mail Registration Form" and click "submit."

  1. Fill out the "E-Mail Registration Form" in person at the IWCC's Chicago office located at:

Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission

100 W. Randolph St.

Suite 8-200

Chicago, IL 60601

 You will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address provided in three to five business days.  If you are concerned that you failed to receive an e-mail from us, please contact Greg Ettling at (312) 814-6639. 


IWCC Holiday Closings

Posted: 2/5/2018

​Please be advised that the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission will be closed Monday, February 12, 2018 in observance of President Lincoln's Birthday.  The Commission will return to full functionality Tuesday, February 13, 2018.  The Commission will also be closed Monday, February 19, 2018 in observance of the President's Day holiday.  The Commission will return to full functionality Tuesday, February 20, 2018.

Arbitrator Evaluation Form

Posted: 2/1/2018

​The 2018 Arbitrator Evaluation Form is now available by following the link provided below.  The evaluation form is also available on the Forms Page of the IWCC website.  Instructions for completion and submission are detailed in the PDF.

Passing of Timothy P. Considine

Posted: 1/26/2018

​We regret to announce the passing of Timothy P. Considine.  The Commission extends our condolences to the entire Considine family. Information regarding the services is detailed below.

Mass of Christian Burial at 11 a.m. Saturday, January 27, in St. Rita Catholic Church, 6254 Valley Knoll Drive, Rockford, with visitation from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. Burial in Holy Cross Cemetery, Harmon.  Visitation from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday, January 26, in Delehanty Funeral Home, Ltd., 401 River Lane, Loves Park.

Arbitrator Downstate Docket Realignment Effective January 1, 2018

Posted: 10/13/2017

​Effective January 1, 2018 and in accordance with the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act, arbitrators outside of Cook County who have been at their current hearing sites for a period of two years will be reassigned to other hearing sites. Until the new assignments take effect on January 1st all settlement contracts, motions, RTC requests and any other case related correspondence should be sent to the arbitrator who was assigned to that case in 2017. Any case related documents received after January 1, 2018 will be forwarded to the newly assigned arbitrator who will be taking over that docket. Please be aware that the IWCC website will begin reflecting the name of the newly assigned arbitrator if the next status call for the case has been scheduled after January 1, 2018.

Liquidation Order Entered

Posted: 5/9/2017

​In the matter of CastlePoint National Insurance Company an order of liquidation has been entered. Please follow the Insurance tab on the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission's website to access the order.

IWCC Adopted Amendments to and New Parts for its Administrative Rules

Posted: 11/7/2016

On October 19, 2016, the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission voted unanimously to adopt amendments to and new parts for its Administrative Rules.  The final rules, as amended, as well as a document of the new rules with tracked changes may be found on IWCC’s Rules Page.

These proposed rules reflect an agreed effort, drafted by a Committee of 28 attorneys, representing all sides of the Workers’ Compensation bar in Illinois.  This Committee drafted, discussed, and amended these Rules to allow the IWCC to better serve its purpose, in a more efficient, effective, fair, and neutral manner.

The Committee consisted of 2 sitting Commissioners: Commissioner Michael J. Brennan and Commissioner Stephen Mathis; 4 sitting Arbitrators: Steve Friedman, Molly C. Mason, Doug McCarthy, and Maureen Pulia; 18 practicing attorneys: Matthew Belcher, Shawn Biery, Bruce A. Bonds, Frank Brady, Jack Cannon, James Clune, Richard D. Hannigan, Richard K. Johnson, Charles (Denne) Knell, William Lowry, David B. Menchetti, Elaine T. Newquist, Christine M. Ory, John F. Power, Arnold G. Rubin, Frank A. Sommario, Jean Swee, and Ken Werts; and 4 Commissioners’ Staff Attorneys: Mary Sweeney-Bach, Svetlana Kelmanson, Tim Melford, and Elaine Llerena. 

The IWCC wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the 28 attorneys who assisted in drafting and amending the rules.

Liquidation Order Entered

Posted: 6/1/2016

​In the matter of Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance an order of liquidation has been entered. Please follow the Insurance tab on the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission's website to access the order.

Video Evidence Submission to the Commission

Posted: 5/17/2016

​The Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission uses "VLC Media Player" for watching evidence that is submitted in "Video Format". Please submit video evidence in one of the following formats, MP4, WAV, WMV or AVI.

19 (p) List

Posted: 3/24/2016

Pursuant to §19(p), Chairman Fratianni has selected the following five Arbitrators from the list provided by the Advisory Board:

Carolyn Doherty
Stephen Friedman
Nancy Lindsay
Molly Mason
Douglas McCarthy

Hearing Room Reservations For Settlement Dates

Posted: 10/30/2015

​Hearing rooms are available for use on Settlement Days subject to availability. Rooms will be assigned on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in reserving a hearing room please contact Annette Roti by email at . To be sure that your requests are properly handled, please refrain from calling or leaving voicemail requests.

Attention all parties and counsel

Posted: 10/5/2015

Due to operating constraints, the Commission is suspending the mailings of Arbitrator and Commission decisions and requests your cooperation in facilitating communications.   We request you email the Arbitrator to whom your case is assigned if it is at Arbitration level, or the Administrative Assistant for the Commissioner to whom your case is assigned if it is at the Commission level, written waiver of service by mail, and acceptance of email service, for Commission decisions.   Parties may also request to pick up a copy of any decision at the Commission front desk at the James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph St., 8th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601.   Please include your case name and number on all email correspondence(s). Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

No gifts, please

Posted: 12/19/2014

As the holiday season is upon us, please remember that IWCC rules prohibit IWCC employees from accepting anything of value from 1) any petitioner or respondent with a workers' compensation case; or 2) any attorney representing a petitioner or respondent with a workers' compensation case in front of the IWCC. This includes cash, gifts, and gift cards, as well as minor expenses such as a free lunch or even a discount.

New process for requesting files

Posted: 8/12/2014

To improve services, the IWCC has created a dedicated email address for parties to request documents. 

Parties to a case
(petitioner, respondent, their attorneys, and petitioner's medical provider)

Email  Please allow one week for a response before re-sending the email.  If you are requesting a document on a case that was closed more than three months ago, allow two weeks for us to retrieve the document from a remote warehouse. 

In Chicago, parties may view the case file in person upon proof of identity (ARDC card and/or valid State ID). 


Email a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to FOIA Officer Dennie Michelle Mogensen or mail requests to

Ms. Cecelia Kasmierski, FOIA Officer
100 W. Randolph Ste 8-200
Chicago, IL 60601

Information falling under FOIA exemptions will be redacted.

The IWCC is dedicated to providing documents promptly and protecting the privacy of claimants.

Settlement tips

Posted: 7/15/2014

​When submitting settlement contracts, please keep the following points in mind:

  1. Make sure your settlements are legible! If the terms are long, please attach an additional page.  If the document isn't clear, it may be misrepresented in our computer system.  Once the contract is destroyed, the computer record will be all that remains.
  2. Send us one copy for every case number listed on the contract, plus one more copy, plus any copies you want returned to you.

    For example, if two cases are listed on a contract, the arbitrator will need to keep three copies. If you want us to send you one copy, send four copies (2 case numbers + 1 extra + 1 for you).

  3. If you enclose a cover letter, make sure you copy the opposing party. Otherwise, it could be an ex parte communication, and we may return the contracts to you.

  4. If an arbitration decision has been appealed, the arbitrator no longer has jurisdiction in the case. The settlement contract must be considered by the assigned commissioner.

  5. Send all correspondence to the appropriate address on the "Contact Information" web page. Do not send mail to a hearing site!

  6. If you want us to mail you copies of an approved contract, enclose an 8" x 11" self-addressed, stamped envelope with adequate postage

We will appreciate your attention to these details, which will keep the process moving smoothly.

Attorney code numbers now mandatory

Posted: 5/6/2014
The Commission now requires attorneys to enter their attorney code numbers on each document filed at the IWCC. The attorney code numbers prevent errors and reduce our data entry time considerably.

If you do not have an attorney code number, please download our form, fill it out, and email it to Yvonna Castronova (312/814-6564).

If you move, complete a Notice of Change of Address (IC26) for each case number, and direct it to James Gentry (312/814-6714) in Data Entry.

We appreciate your cooperation in this effort to facilitate the quick, accurate entry of information into our database.

Think "Safety First" at work and at home

Posted: 4/23/2014

Which would you guess is higher: the rate of accidental injury at home or at work?  Believe it or not, the National Safety Council says home is more dangerous. And while work-related injury rates are declining, off-the-job injuries have increased significantly. 

Nine out of ten deaths and three out of four injuries to workers in 2012 occurred off the job. We encourage everyone to cultivate safety awareness at all times.

Arbitration policies in effect

Posted: 2/14/2012

This is a reminder that the following arbitration trial policies are in effect:

  1. Parties present and ready for trial shall be given priority over parties either not ready or those requesting pre-trials.
  2. Parties will not be required by arbitrators to submit to pre-trials.
  3. Parties who request a pre-trial will be given an opportunity for a pre-trial after trials have concluded.
  4. All additional rules or requirements of arbitrators, as a condition to obtaining a trial, that are inconsistent with the mandate of Section 16 that procedures be simple and summary, shall be immediately discontinued.
  5. All arbitrators will grant trials pursuant to Section 19(b) of the Act on any case where the petitioner is claiming past or current benefits remain unpaid, regardless of the petitioner's current work status. This includes past or future medical, TTD, and maintenance. For example, if a petitioner has returned to work but TTD or medical remains unpaid, he or she has a right to a trial pursuant to Section 19(b).
  6. All arbitrators at all Downstate venues will begin conducting trials on each and every trial date listed on their schedule if requested to do so by the parties. Furthermore, the parties will not be required to wait through each day of the call until they are reached and may return for trial on the date they have chosen

Commission encourages more Settlement Days

Posted: 7/22/2008

As we all know, the Commission is a high-volume operation. Each arbitrator handles roughly 3,000 cases at any time, which makes it essential to make the best possible use of his or her time. We also know that opposing parties on a case often do not meet until the day of trial. Valuable trial time is then spent on perfunctory matters, easily-resolved discrepancies, and hallway negotiations.

In response, several years ago the Commission started encouraging groups to hold a "Settlement Day" at the Commission. The idea is to bring the two sides together informally to discuss the case and narrow the issues in dispute.

In a typical Settlement Day, an employer, insurance company, or law firm will invite opposing counsel on 25-100 cases to come to the Commission to see if the issues in dispute can be resolved.

No hearing officers or Commission staff are present at Settlement Day conferences. If the parties reach agreement, an arbitrator is available to review the settlement contracts that day.

Thousands of cases have been resolved through this process, and the Commission encourages groups to try it for themselves.

If you find files that are ready to go and you invite the opposing counsel to a Settlement Day, "your success rate should be over 50%," says Keith Brown, senior claims manager at Wausau Insurance, which has set up over a dozen Settlement Days.

"You can close more cases in a Settlement Day than you would ordinarily close in a day or even a week," he continues. "Everyone's in a frame of mind to settle the claims out. It brings down both parties' caseloads and gets the files out of the system."

For more information, or to schedule a Settlement Day, please contact Annette.Roti.

Send court orders to Commission


If you are involved in a case in which a court issues an order requiring the Commission to act, please send a copy of the order to Yvonna Castronova (312/814-6564), and ask the court to return the transcript to us. The courts do not always send us copies of their orders, and cases may fall into limbo if we are not informed. Thanks for your help in keeping the process running smoothly.

Need help bringing a worker back to light duty?


The federal Job Accommodation Network (800/526-7234) offers free information regarding workplace accommodations for disabled workers. This service may be particularly helpful to employers that are trying to bring injured workers back to light-duty work.

Given the functional requirements of a job and the individual's limitations, a consultant will provide advice on the appropriate workplace accommodations. Fortunately, most employees can be accommodated at a modest cost. Often, it is cheaper to pay for the accommodations than to continue to pay Temporary Total Disability benefits.