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Effective January 1, 2019 Arb. Nowak will be reassigned to Zone 1 to cover docket previously assigned to Arb. Lindsay.

Effective February 1, 2019 Arb. McCarthy will be reassigned to Zone 2 to cover docket previously assigned to Arb. Nowak.

Effective Immediately Arb. Seal will be replacing Arb. McCarthy in Zone 3.

Until further notice Arb. Watts will be covering the TBA docket in Chicago

March 8th Tyrrell Geneva Review Cancelled

April 10th Orals and Review Cancelled

Effective in March 2019 Arbitrators Flores and McCarthy are new Commissioners.  Their dockets will be replaced by TBA1 and TBA2 respectively.  Arbitrator Watts will replace the Chicago TBA

Commissioner Flores April 9th 9:30 Chicago Review Call Cancelled

July 12th Rockford Review Call Cancelled

September 24th Springfield Orals Cancelled




Commissioners' Calendars and Call Sheets

Court Reporters' Calendars

Click or tap for a list of Weekly Call Sheets available in various formats.

Call sheets are posted weekly, approximately one month before the status call date. Chicago trial settings will be posted roughly one hour after the status call ends.

The Accident Location Table (last changed 11/13/14) is available online. It lists every town in Illinois and its hearing site. Cases are assigned to the hearing site closest to the site of the accident. If the accident occurred outside of Illinois, the case is assigned to the site closest to the petitioner's home. If the petitioner lives outside of Illinois, the case is set at the site most convenient to the parties.

Commission rules provide that cases that were filed three years ago or more must proceed to arbitration unless the parties show they have good reason to wait. Please note the timetable for these red-line cases:

Red-Line Cases

All 15 WC cases and older
16 WC 10000 and older
16 WC 20000 and older
16 WC 30000 and older
All 16 WC cases and older

revised  10/21/2019