CompFile Implementation

Law firm and attorney registration for CompFile, the IWCC's new e-filing system for managing workers' compensation cases, has begun!  To register, visit the CompFile web portal:

Each law firm will designate one or more "Law Firm Administrators" who will manage that firm's overall account, and assist with registering the firm's attorneys. Solo practitioners will also designate an administrator, or can serve in that capacity themselves. Once the administrator sets up the firm, they will begin the process of getting attorney accounts set up. No special equipment or downloads are needed – CompFile is a cloud-based system, accessed via the internet. A current, updated version of Google Chrome will be a reliable way to access CompFile, but any modern web browser should work. Also, for maximum performance, ensure your computer's operating system is up to date.

How do I register for CompFile?
Please watch these instructional videos on the CompFile YouTube Channel to learn how to register for CompFile.
As a reminder, if you are an attorney who is not a Solo Practitioner or a Law Firm Administrator, your CompFile Law Firm Administrator will invite to register.

Resources and Guides

CompFile 101 – Learn CompFile's basics and benefits. 

CompFile FAQs - Have questions? you will find answers here.

CompFile User Manual - Detailed instructions for using CompFile

Training Opportunities

CompFile Law Firm Administrator Training Webinars:

Click here to watch the recorded CompFile Law Firm Administrator Webinar.

Announcing - Additional CompFile Law Firm Administrator Training!

The IWCC has scheduled two additional training webinars covering how to set up your law firm in CompFile:
  • Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 11:00 AM CT
  • Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 1:00 PM CT  
If you already attended a CompFile Law Firm Administrator training webinar earlier this month, please note that the upcoming webinars will cover the same content.
Both webinars will be live-streamed via the official CompFile YouTube channel. When the time comes, simply tune in via the link below or search YouTube for "IWCC CompFile" -- no need to register for training beforehand.


The CompFile Project Team will roll out the system in 3 releases.  The first release is scheduled for February 2020 and will involve attorney and firm registration.  The second release will take place in summer 2020, and the project will be completed in late 2020. Online settlement contracts are scheduled to be rolled out during the second release.  


The IWCC will regularly update our website to share additional information on this project.  You can also send any questions regarding the implementation to our dedicated CompFile e-mail address,

About Compfile

CompFile is the IWCC's new e-filing system for managing workers' compensation cases. The IWCC contracted with Microsoft to implement the CompFile system and kicked off the project in Summer 2019.  

CompFile will include the following features:

  • Online accounts for attorneys
  • Electronic filing of applications and other litigation documents
  • Electronic submission of settlements
  • Electronic delivery of notices and decisions
  • Secure, online access to case information and documents

Some key benefits of CompFile include reduced usage of paper, real-time access to court filings and documents, immediate verification of successful filing, and electronic service of documents on counsel.