CompFile Implementation

The IWCC is excited to announce CompFile, the future e-filing system for managing workers' compensation cases.  The IWCC contracted with Microsoft to implement the CompFile system and kicked off the project in Summer 2019. 

CompFile will include the following features:

  • Online accounts for attorneys
  • Electronic filing of applications and other litigation documents
  • Electronic submission of settlements
  • Electronic delivery of notices and decisions
  • Secure, online access to case information and documents

The CompFile Project Team will roll out the system in 3 phases.  The first phase scheduled for early 2020 will involve attorney and firm registration.  The project will be completed in late 2020.   

Some key benefits of CompFile include reduced usage of paper, real-time access to court filings and documents, immediate verification of successful filing, and electronic service of documents on counsel.


Stay tuned for details about training.  There will be numerous opportunities for in-person and virtual training on CompFile throughout the project.  There will also be a dedicated CompFile support team for users.

The IWCC will regularly update our website to share additional information on this project.  You can also send any questions regarding the implementation to our dedicated CompFile e-mail address,