Update on November 2, 2016

​​SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has approved applications for approximately 12,000 qualifying patients (i​ncluding 94 persons under 18 years of age), since it began accepting applications for the Medical Cannabis Registry Program on September 2, 2014. Approximately 14,600 individuals have submitted a complete application to IDPH (complete application means the qualifying patient has submitted an application and fee to the Department).

Retail sales of medical cannabis for September totaled $4,106,549, including $2,347,986 in dry flower sales and $1,758,563 concentrates/infused-products. Licensed medical cannabis dispensaries served almost 6,829 unique patients, who purchased 193,204 grams of dry cannabis.

Overall Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Data, as of 10/31/2016:

Number of Licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensaries -- 46
2016 Total Retail Sales by Licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensaries -- $26,383,002.71
Total Retail Sales since 11/2015 by Licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensaries -- $28,094,974.98
2016 Total Wholesale Sales by Cultivation Centers -- $16,627,274.72
Total Wholesale Sales since 11/2015 by Cultivation Centers -- $​​​​18,115,252.40​​​​​​