Incidental Take Authorizations - Issued and Pending

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ITAPlanPublic CloseApplicant(s)ProjectActionCountiesAuthorization (Date)Species
252Pending  Shawneetown Regional Port DistrictOld Shawneetown boat ramp and jetty constructionBoat Dock GallatinUnder Review Shawnee Rocksnail
251Pending  Lakeside Villas Associates, LPLakeside VillasDevelopment - Residential ClintonUnder Review Eastern Massasauga
250Pending  McLean County Highway DepartmentBaker BridgeBridge McLeanUnder Review Mudpuppy
249Pending  AmerenGreenville - McCord - S. Centralia Transmission Line UpgradeElectric Transmission Bond, ClintonUnder Review Eastern Massasauga
248Plan08/18/2022 Forest Preserve District of Kane CountyPingree Grove WetlandInvasives Control KaneUnder Review Blanding's Turtle
247Pending  Chicago Rockford International AirportRockford International Airport expansionDevelopment - Commercial WinnebagoUnder Review Franklin's Ground Squirrel, Redveined Prairie Leafhopper, Rusty Patched Bumble Bee
246Pending  Williamson County Highway DepartmentCanaville Road - Williamson CoBridge WilliamsonUnder Review Indiana Crayfish
245Plan07/04/2022 Illinois Department of TransportationI-80 BoringsGeotechnical Borings Rock IslandUnder Review Butterfly, Higgins Eye, Monkeyface
244Plan08/05/2022 Moraine Sands WindWind MasonUnder Review Illinois Chorus Frog
243Pending  Wolverine Pipe Line CompanyWolverine Pipeline RepairPipeline maintenance WillUnder Review Blanding's Turtle, Hine's Emerald Dragonfly
242Plan06/04/2022 Illinois Department of TransportationUS 20 GalenaRoad - Improvement JoDaviessUnder Review Pallid Shiner
241Plan04/24/2022 Hardin County Highway DepartmentIDOT- Iron Furnace Road BridgeBridge Hardin06/24/2022 Bigclaw Crayfish, Kentucky Crayfish, Spring Cavefish
240Plan07/09/2022 Cass County Solar Project, LLCCass County Solar ProjectSolar CassUnder Review Illinois Chorus Frog, Ornate Box Turtle, Plains Hog-nosed Snake, Regal Fritillary
239Pending  Exelon Generation Company, LLCExelon intakeWater Withdrawal Under Review 
238Plan01/02/2022 Natural Gas Pipeline of America, LLCNGPL Launcher Reciever InstallationPipeline maintenance Grundy02/15/2022 Ornate Box Turtle
237Plan06/19/2022 Illinois Department of TransportationCollins Run bridgeBridge GrundyUnder Review Rainbow
236Plan01/23/2022 Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesPond 6 Bridge DemoBridge Demolition Vermilion02/25/2022 Bigeye Chub, Eastern Sand Darter
235Pending  Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesTrail of Tears SF Timber HarvestTimber Harvest UnionUnder Review Timber Rattlesnake
234Plan08/06/2022 BP US Pipelines & LogisticsBP Mississippi RiverPipeline maintenance HancockUnder Review Butterfly, Higgins Eye, Monkeyface, Ohio Pigtoe, Sheepnose, Spectaclecase
233Plan07/16/2021 Radford's Run Wind FarmWind Macon09/13/2021 Black-billed Cuckoo
232Plan10/14/2021 ExxonMobil Pipeline CompanyKankakee River Crossing - Mustang PipelinePipeline maintenance Will03/28/2022 Monkeyface, Purple Wartyback, Sheepnose, Spike
231Plan03/23/2022 Douglas County Highway DepartmentBrushy ForkBridge Douglas05/09/2022 Purple Lilliput
230Pending  Village of Fox LakeFox Lake Water and Sewer interconnect - phase 2Water Line Extension Lake, McHenryUnder Review Blanding's Turtle
229Plan07/09/2021 Illinois Department of TransportationRea's BridgeBridge Macon11/23/2021 Kirtland's Snake
228Plan07/09/2022 Arenzville Rural Water CooperativeArenzville Phase 3 Water Distribution ExtensionWater Line Extension CassUnder Review Illinois Chorus Frog
227Plan07/26/2021 McLean County Highway DepartmentSugar Creek Bridge McLean CoBridge McLean10/19/2021 Monkeyface
226Plan02/06/2021 Iroquois County Highway DepartmentPike CreekBridge Iroquois04/30/2021 Spike
225Plan01/03/2021 AmerenAmeren - CoffeenElectric Transmission Montgomery03/24/2021 Ornate Box Turtle
224Plan03/09/2021 City of FreeportIDOT City of Freeport _Park Court Road over Yellow CreekBridge Stephenson04/08/2021 Spike
223Plan03/25/2021 Ingram Materials CompanyIngram Barge Fleeting Facility ProjectPiling Massac06/23/2021 Butterfly, Ebonyshell, Elephant-ear, Fat Pocketbook, Monkeyface, Ohio Pigtoe, Orange-foot Pimpleback, Pink Mucket, Purple Wartyback, Rabbitsfoot, Sheepnose, Spike
222Plan04/18/2021 California Ridge Wind Energy LLCCalifornia Ridge Wind FarmWind Champaign, Vermilion01/26/2022 Indiana Bat, Northern Long-eared Myotis
221Plan03/16/2022 Algonquin PowerSugar Creek Wind ProjectWind LoganUnder Review Indiana Bat, Northern Long-eared Myotis
220Plan08/23/2020 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT Eldamain Road over Fox RiverBridge Kendall10/19/2020 River Redhorse
219Plan08/02/2020 Prairie Crossing Homeowners AssociationLake Leopold Silt Recovery - Prairie CrossingDredge Lake09/02/2020 Blackchin Shiner, Blacknose Shiner, Iowa Darter, Pugnose Shiner, Starhead Topminnow, Western Banded Killifish
218Plan06/06/2020 ComEdComEd L15508Electric Transmission Lee, Whiteside08/14/2020 Blanding's Turtle, Ornate Box Turtle, Plains Hog-nosed Snake, Regal Fritillary
217Pending  Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT Webster Ave. Bascule BridgeBridge CookWithdrawn Western Banded Killifish
216Plan04/26/2020 LUNDAI-74 Bridge - Arch DeliveryBridge Rock Island08/12/2020 Higgins Eye
215Plan09/03/2020 ForesightHillsboro EnergyMine Montgomery10/30/2020 Ornate Box Turtle
214Plan01/10/2021 North Morgan Water CoopNorth Morgan Water Coop_Willow Creek PhaseWater Line Extension Cass, Morgan09/13/2021 Illinois Chorus Frog, Plains Hog-nosed Snake
213Plan08/15/2020 BP Pipelines (NA), Inc.BP No. 1 PipelinePipeline maintenance Will12/11/2020 Franklin's Ground Squirrel, Loggerhead Shrike, Rusty Patched Bumble Bee, Upland Sandpiper
212Plan03/17/2021 Godley Public Water DistrictKankakee River Water IntakeWater Withdrawal Will05/18/2021 Black Sandshell, Monkeyface, Mudpuppy, Pallid Shiner, Purple Wartyback, River Redhorse, Sheepnose, Spike, Weed Shiner, Western Sand Darter
211Plan01/15/2021 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT_I-74 over Salt Fork VermilionBridge Vermilion05/21/2020 Bigeye Chub, Bluebreast Darter, Monkeyface, Purple Wartyback, Rainbow, Wavy-rayed Lampmussel
210Plan06/28/2020 Illinois Department of TransportationNewton Park TrailHiking Trail Jasper11/16/2020 Eastern Sand Darter, Smooth Softshell
209Plan07/29/2020 Oil-Dri Corporation of AmericaOil-Dri_Tucker TractMine Pulaski10/30/2020 Spotted Dusky Salamander
208Plan07/22/2021 Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesCache River Dredge ProjectDredge Johnson, Pulaski08/18/2021 Bantam Sunfish, Taillight Shiner
207Pending  Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.Riverside Solar ProjectSolar MorganUnder Review Illinois Chorus Frog, Regal Fritillary
206Plan01/10/2020 Pivot Energy and Summit Ridge EnergyMorgan Solar_Pivot and Summit RidgeSolar Morgan03/05/2020 Illinois Chorus Frog, Regal Fritillary
205Pending  Ford County Highway DepartmentLoda Lake Rd_over Wall Town DitchBridge FordWithdrawn Little Spectaclecase
204Plan07/27/2019 Life TimeLife Time Commerical DevelopmentDevelopment - Commercial Lake08/19/2019 Western Banded Killifish
203Plan05/14/2020 Glacier Sands Wind Power, LLCGlacier Sands Wind ProjectWind Mason10/06/2020 Illinois Chorus Frog
202Pending  Jackson TownshipIDOT_Cherry Hill Rd over Jackson BranchBridge WillWithdrawn Slippershell
201Plan04/19/2020 Kane County Division of TransportationHarmony Rd_Over Harmony CreekBridge KaneWithdrawn Iowa Darter
200Plan08/13/2019 Big Sky Wind, LLCBig Sky RepowerWind Bureau, Lee08/05/2021 Blanding's Turtle, Ornate Box Turtle
199Plan01/03/2020 Friends of Catherine and Channel LakesCatherine/Channel Weed ManagementLake Management Lake04/23/2020 Blackchin Shiner, Iowa Darter, Starhead Topminnow
198Pending  Libertyville Township Road DistrictOak Springs Rd BridgeBridge LakeWithdrawn Iowa Darter
197Plan08/09/2019 DeKalb County Highway DepartmentMcNeal Bridge Over KishwaukeeBridge DeKalb11/05/2019 Gravel Chub
196Pending  Bishop Hill Energy III, LLCBishop Hill IIIWind HenryUnder Review Black-billed Cuckoo
195Plan07/11/2019 City of SpringfieldArcher Elevator Road - Wabash to GreenbriarRoad - Improvement Sangamon07/30/2019 Franklin's Ground Squirrel
194Plan07/01/2019 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT_IL 2 Over Rock River - RocktonBridge Winnebago09/24/2019 Black Sandshell, Gravel Chub, Spike
193Plan05/21/2019 Dynegy Midwest Generation, LLCVistra Dynegy - Middle Fork VermilionBank Stabilization VermilionUnder Review Bigeye Chub, Bluebreast Darter, Eastern Sand Darter, Northern Riffleshell, Wavy-rayed Lampmussel
192Plan08/29/2019 BP US Pipelines and Logistics, Inc.BP_Manhattan-Wilmington PipelinePipeline Will01/14/2020 Franklin's Ground Squirrel
191Pending  Thelen Sand and GravelThelen Sand and GravelMine McHenryUnder Review Blanding's Turtle
190Plan01/22/2019 Edgar County Highway DepartmentStaley Road_Edgar County Highway DepartmentBridge Edgar03/13/2019 
189Plan02/19/2019 Antioch Township Highway CommissionAntioch Township_Edwards Road Culvert ReplacementBridge Lake04/19/2019 Iowa Darter
188Plan11/09/2019 Union Pacific RailroadUnion Pacific Railroad_Clinton BridgeBridge Whiteside11/16/2020 Black Sandshell, Butterfly, Higgins Eye
187Plan09/16/2018 City of JacksonvilleCity of Jacksonville - Water Main Surge SuppressionWater Control Structure Scott12/07/2018 Illinois Chorus Frog
186Plan08/03/2018 Commonwealth Edison CompanyComEd Transmission LineElectric Transmission Whiteside09/11/2018 Ornate Box Turtle, Plains Hog-nosed Snake, Regal Fritillary
185Plan07/25/2018 Consolidated Grain & Barge Co.Consolidated Grain & Barge - GladstoneDolphin Installation Henderson08/01/2018 Black Sandshell, Butterfly, Ebonyshell, Higgins Eye, Purple Wartyback, Sheepnose, Spectaclecase, Spike
184Plan05/18/2018 Mason County Highway DepartmentMason County TR 234 Over Main DitchBridge Mason07/03/2018 Ironcolor Shiner
183Plan11/30/2019 Gilberts Development LLCThe ConservancyDevelopment - Residential Kane11/16/2020 Blanding's Turtle
182Plan10/10/2004 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT_IL Route 49 over Salt ForkBridge Champaign10/27/2004 Purple Wartyback, Wavy-rayed Lampmussel
181Plan10/17/2003 Gateway Regional Water CompanyGateway Water Intake - Carlyle LakeWater Control Structure Clinton02/11/2004 Eastern Massasauga
180Plan10/04/2018 Spire STL Pipeline LLCSpire STL PipelinePipeline Greene, Jersey, Scott12/12/2018 Indiana Bat, Northern Long-eared Myotis, Timber Rattlesnake
179Plan05/20/2018 MetraMetra Milwaukee West Fox River BridgeBridge Kane06/28/2018 Black Sandshell, Greater Redhorse, Purple Wartyback, Rainbow, River Redhorse, Slippershell, Spike, Starhead Topminnow
178Plan04/01/2018 Kendall County Forest PreserveMillbrook Bridge Over Fox River_Kendall COBridge Kendall08/23/2018 Greater Redhorse, River Redhorse
177Plan02/08/2018 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT_US 67 - Centennial BridgeBridge Rock Island05/16/2018 Black Sandshell, Butterfly
176Plan07/13/2020 Gateway Regional Water CompanyGateway - Farina Farm Water Main ExtensionWater Line Extension Fayette, Marion11/23/2020 Eryngium Stem Borer, Greater Prairie-Chicken, Loggerhead Shrike, Ornate Box Turtle, Upland Sandpiper
175Plan03/16/2018 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT_Peak Road over Spring Valley CreekBridge Saline05/10/2018 Indiana Crayfish
174Plan12/17/2017 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT_McHenry County Division of Transportation_Deerpass Road bridge over KishwaukeeBridge McHenry03/06/2018 American Brook Lamprey
173Plan04/09/2018 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT_Bassett School Road bridge over Hosick CreekBridge Hardin06/21/2018 Kentucky Crayfish
172Plan  Darren SmithDarren Smith_Kishwaukee River dredgeDredge McHenry12/07/2017 Blanding's Turtle, Iowa Darter
171Plan09/28/2017 Chevron Environmental Management CompanyEmbarras Bank Stabilization_former Indian RefineryBank Stabilization Lawrence10/17/2017 Eastern Ribbon Snake, Eastern Sand Darter, Smooth Softshell
170Plan10/19/2018 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT_IL Rt 7 across DesPlaines RiverBridge Will01/15/2019 Western Banded Killifish
169Plan08/24/2017 Nicor GasNicor Dubuque Replacement ProjectPipeline Kane09/15/2017 Blanding's Turtle, Common Moorhen, Slippershell, Yellow-headed Blackbird
168Plan07/15/2017 Illinois Department of TransportationKendall County Highway Department_Eldamain Road ProjectBridge Kendall08/22/2017 Slippershell
167Pending  Midwest Generation, LLCWaukegan Generating Station - Midwest GenerationCoal Power Plant LakeWithdrawn Longnose Sucker, Western Banded Killifish
166Plan09/10/2017 Level 3 CommunicationsLevel 3 Fiber Optic Cable InstallationFiber Optic Cable Sangamon10/03/2017 Franklin's Ground Squirrel
165Plan  Marathon Petroleum Company LLCMarathon Pipeline Maintenance - Muddy CreekPipeline maintenance Cumberland11/01/2017 Eastern Sand Darter
164Plan10/02/2017 CF Industries Sales, LLCCF Industries_Albany TerminalDolphin Installation Rock Island05/10/2018 Black Sandshell, Butterfly, Higgins Eye
163Pending  Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesUpper Sangamon River Land and Water Reserve Hiking TrailHiking Trail PiattUnder Review Kirtland's Snake
162Plan03/20/2017 DeKalb County Highway Department, Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT_DeKalb County Highway Dept._Somonauk Road over Somonauk CreekBridge DeKalb05/23/2017 Slippershell
161Plan10/17/2020 Fox Waterway AgencyFox Waterway Agency_Chain O' Lakes dredgeDredge Lake, McHenry02/11/2021 Blanding's Turtle
160Plan03/07/2017 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT_IL 1 over Embarras RiverBridge Lawrence06/07/2017 Eastern Sand Darter, Smooth Softshell
159Plan04/30/2017 BP US Pipelines & LogisticsBP Pipeline Kankakee RiverPipeline maintenance Will06/15/2017 American Brook Lamprey, American Eel, Black Sandshell, Blacknose Shiner, Greater Redhorse, Northern Brook Lamprey, Pallid Shiner, Purple Wartyback, River Redhorse, Sheepnose, Spike, Starhead Topminnow, Weed Shiner, Western Banded Killifish, Western Sand Darter
158Plan07/05/2020 LaFarge Cave In Rock QuarryLaFarge Cave-in-Rock Quarry DredgeDredge Hardin11/26/2018 Black Sandshell, Butterfly, Ebonyshell, Elephant-ear, Fat Pocketbook, Ohio Pigtoe, Purple Wartyback, Spike
158Plan07/05/2020 LaFarge Cave In Rock QuarryLaFarge Cave-in-Rock Quarry DredgeDredge Hardin09/14/2020 Black Sandshell, Butterfly, Ebonyshell, Elephant-ear, Fat Pocketbook, Ohio Pigtoe, Purple Wartyback, Spike
157Plan09/10/2016 City of Kankakee, Illinois Department of TransportationKankakee Riverfront Trail BridgeBridge Kankakee09/29/2016 Black Sandshell, Purple Wartyback, River Redhorse
156Pending  Property 21, LLCWabash Centre SubdivisionDevelopment - Residential SangamonUnder Review Franklin's Ground Squirrel
155Pending  US Army Corps of Engineers - Rock Island DistrictHager Slough Levee RepairLevee Repair CassWithdrawn Smooth Softshell
154Plan11/07/2016 Chicago Department of TransportationAlbany Park Stormwater Diversion TunnelWater Control Structure Cook01/05/2017 Western Banded Killifish
153Plan06/05/2016 Centennial Park Subdivision, LLCCentennial Park Subdivision 6th AdditionDevelopment - Residential Sangamon09/20/2016 Franklin's Ground Squirrel
152Plan09/10/2016 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT Sylvan Slough Pedestrian BridgeBridge Rock Island10/05/2016 Black Sandshell, Butterfly, Ebonyshell, Higgins Eye, Sheepnose, Spectaclecase
151Plan07/27/2018 Hoopeston Wind, LLCApex Hoopeston Wind FarmWind Vermilion06/19/2019 Indiana Bat, Northern Long-eared Myotis
150Plan07/15/2016 Sny Island Merchandising CompanySny Island Barge Loading FacilityBoat Dock Pike09/09/2016 Butterfly
149Plan10/22/2016 Chicago, Central and Pacific Railroad CompanyFreeport Railroad Bridge, Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad CoBridge Winnebago01/05/2017 Blanding's Turtle
148Plan03/09/2017 Illinois Department of Transportation, McHenry County Division of TransportationO'Brien Rd Bridge over Nippersink CreekBridge McHenry01/10/2018 Slippershell
147Plan11/11/2016 City of Belvidere, Illinois Department of TransportationNewburg Rd Bridge Improvements over Kishwaukee River, City of BelvidereBridge Boone05/23/2017 American Brook Lamprey, Black Sandshell
146Plan05/21/2016 Marine BankWabash Commercial ParkDevelopment - Commercial Sangamon07/26/2016 Franklin's Ground Squirrel
145Plan06/27/2016 AmerenMeredosia Plant Ash Pond ClosureCoal Ash Pond Closure Morgan09/08/2016 Illinois Chorus Frog, Regal Fritillary
144Plan05/07/2016 Beardstown Sanitary DistrictBeardstown Sanitary DistrictWater Treatment Cass08/09/2016 Illinois Chorus Frog
143Pending  Principia CollegePrincipia Voney Art Studio additionDevelopment - Commercial JerseyWithdrawn Timber Rattlesnake
142Pending  Illinois Department of Transportation, Kane County Division of TransportationKane County DOT, Longmeadow Parkway ProjectBridge KaneUnder Review Black Sandshell, Blanding's Turtle, Purple Wartyback, Slippershell, Spike
141Plan10/15/2015 Metropolitan Mass Transit DistrictMetroLINK Ferryboat TerminalBoat Dock Rock Island02/25/2016 Black Sandshell, Butterfly
140Plan10/09/2016 California Ridge Wind Energy LLCCalifornia Ridge Wind Energy ProjectWind Vermilion04/20/2017 Black-billed Cuckoo
139Plan10/09/2016 Bishop Hill Energy LLCBishop Hill Wind Energy Project (Phase I)Wind Henry04/20/2017 Black-billed Cuckoo
138Plan09/18/2015 Dakota Access, LLCDakota Access PipelinePipeline Morgan, Scott02/25/2016 Illinois Chorus Frog, Regal Fritillary
137Pending  Thompson Lake Drainage and Levee DistrictThompson Lake Drainage and Levee District Pump Station/Water Control StructureWater Control Structure FultonWithdrawn Starhead Topminnow
136Pending  West Shore Pipeline Company, Buckeye Partners, L.P.Lockport Spill Incident RemediationEnvironmental Remediation WillWithdrawn Blanding's Turtle, Hine's Emerald Dragonfly
135Pending  Sugar Camp Energy, LLCSugar Camp North Refuse Disposal Facility, Franklin CountyMine FranklinWithdrawn Indiana Bat, Rice Rat
134Plan05/29/2015 Pioneer Trail Wind Farm, LLC c/o E.ON Climate and RenewablesPioneer Trail Wind FarmWind Ford, Iroquois10/08/2015 Indiana Bat, Northern Long-eared Myotis
133Plan05/30/2015 Marathon Petroleum Company LLCMarathon Barge Dock, Mississippi RiverBoat Dock Madison11/16/2015 Black Sandshell
132Plan05/16/2015 Arenzville Rural Water CooperativeArenzville Water - Phase 2Water Line Extension Cass08/25/2015 Illinois Chorus Frog
131Plan04/18/2016 Tristar Companies LLCGateway CommerceDevelopment - Commercial Madison06/15/2016 Illinois Chorus Frog, Ornate Box Turtle
130Plan05/15/2015 Exelon Generation Company, LLCExelon Quad Cities Nuclear Power StationThermal Standard, Dredge, Pier Removal Rock Island11/20/2015 Black Sandshell, Butterfly, Higgins Eye, Sheepnose
129Plan07/12/2015 Fox Metro Water Reclamation DistrictFox Water Reclamation DistrictPipeline Kendall03/09/2016 Greater Redhorse, River Redhorse
128Plan03/26/2012 Southern Illinois Power Cooperative, Southern Illinois Power CooperativeSouthern Illinois Power CooperativeElectric Transmission Saline, WilliamsonWithdrawn Indiana Crayfish
127Plan05/23/2012 Mounds Production CompanyOil-DriMine Pulaski11/07/2012 Spotted Dusky Salamander
126Plan02/06/2015 Enbridge Pipelines (FSP) LLCEnbridge - Spearhead PipelinePipeline maintenance Mason02/24/2015 Illinois Chorus Frog, King Rail, Yellow-headed Blackbird
125Plan06/06/2015 Union Pacific RailroadUnion Pacific Railroad - High Speed RailHigh Speed Rail Will02/25/2016 Black Sandshell, Pallid Shiner, Purple Wartyback, River Redhorse, Sheepnose
124Plan05/06/2015 Ameren Transmission Company of IllinoisAmeren - Illinois Rivers ProjectElectric Transmission Cass, Morgan10/01/2015 Illinois Chorus Frog, Regal Fritillary
123Pending  Village of WaucondaBangs LakeInvasives Control LakeUnder Review Western Banded Killifish
122Pending  JSCK PropertiesCarlyle Lake CampgroundDevelopment - Recreation ClintonWithdrawn Eastern Massasauga
121Pending  USDA APHIS Wildlife ServicesUSDA Wildlife Services APHIS  Withdrawn Barn Owl, Black Tern, Black-crowned Night-Heron, Common Tern, Forster's Tern, Least Tern, Little Blue Heron, Mississippi Kite, Northern Harrier, Osprey, Short-eared Owl, Snowy Egret, Swainson's Hawk, Upland Sandpiper, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, Yellow-headed Blackbird
120Plan07/19/2014 Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesKidd Lake Marsh Levee RepairLevee Repair Monroe09/29/2014 Eastern Narrowmouth Toad, Great Plains Ratsnake, Timber Rattlesnake
119Plan06/28/2014 Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesIDNR - OWR - Danville Dam RemovalDam Removal Vermilion04/21/2015 Bigeye Chub, Black Sandshell, Bluebreast Darter, Eastern Sand Darter, River Redhorse, Wavy-rayed Lampmussel
118Plan06/21/2014 Frentress Lake Marine CenterFrentress Lake Marine CenterDredge JoDaviess09/22/2014 Black Sandshell, Butterfly
117Plan04/04/2021 Hanson Material Service - Lehigh HansonHanson Mining HCPMine Will03/17/2022 Blanding's Turtle, Hine's Emerald Dragonfly, Spotted Turtle
116Plan05/17/2014 AmerenAmeren - Sidney SW CampusElectric Transmission Champaign07/30/2014 Franklin's Ground Squirrel
115Plan05/17/2014 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT - IL133 over EmbarrasBridge Coles, Douglas08/26/2014 Kidneyshell, Snuffbox
114Plan05/23/2014 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT - IL34 over Spring Valley CreekBridge Saline07/14/2015 Indiana Crayfish
113Pending05/17/2014 Illinois Department of TransportationIDOT - (SB 1) Old Dam Road over VermilionBridge VermilionUnder Review Kidneyshell, Snuffbox
112Plan04/17/2014 Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Office of Mines and MineralsIDNR - OMM Franklin County Mine ReclamationMine Reclamation Franklin07/16/2014 Rice Rat
111Plan03/27/2014 Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesEllsworth Park Dam RemovalDam Removal Vermilion06/27/2014 Bigeye Chub, Black Sandshell, Bluebreast Darter, Eastern Sand Darter, River Redhorse, Wavy-rayed Lampmussel
110Plan03/25/2021 DresdenDresden Hydroelectric ProjectHydroelectric Dam Grundy06/10/2021 Blacknose Shiner, Greater Redhorse, Pallid Shiner, Purple Wartyback, River Redhorse
109Plan05/17/2014 Holcim (US) Inc.Holcim Barge ReceivingPiling Rock Island08/01/2014 Black Sandshell
108Plan04/11/2014 Allen Township, Illinois Department of TransportationAllen Township East 30th RRBridge LaSalle08/13/2014 Slippershell
107Plan02/28/2014 Illinois Department of TransportationHerrin to Johnston City Road (FAS 903) (FAU 9588)Road - Realignment Williamson06/27/2014 Rice Rat
106Plan04/04/2014 ComEdComEd transmission maintenanceElectric Transmission Cook, DuPage, Will09/29/2014 Black-billed Cuckoo, Blanding's Turtle, Hine's Emerald Dragonfly, Spotted Turtle
105Plan03/06/2014 FutureGen AllianceFuture GenCarbon Sequestration Morgan08/13/2014 Illinois Chorus Frog, Ornate Box Turtle, Plains Hog-nosed Snake, Regal Fritillary
104Plan01/03/2014 Peabody Arclar Mining, LLCRocky Branch Mine, Saline CountyMine Saline04/17/2014 Rice Rat
103Plan07/05/2013 Illinois Rural Electric CooperativePike County Wind Power ProjectWind Pike02/28/2014 Gray Bat, Indiana Bat
102Plan04/06/2013 Relight US Corp, d/b/a REMASON Wind LLCMason County Wind FarmWind Mason10/30/2013 Illinois Chorus Frog
101Plan04/15/2013 Grundy County Highway Department, Illinois Department of TransportationSherrill Road Bridge over Valley Run CreekBridge Grundy07/17/2013 Slippershell
100Plan04/26/2013 Illinois Department of Transportation, Village of TimberlaneOrth Road Bridge over Beaver CreekBridge Boone08/01/2013 Spike
99Plan02/23/2013 Enbridge Pipelines (FSP) LLCEnbridge Flanagan South Pipeline ProjectPipeline Mason07/29/2013 Illinois Chorus Frog, King Rail, Yellow-headed Blackbird
98Plan04/18/2021 Geronimo EnergyGreen River Wind FarmWind Lee, Whiteside03/25/2020 Black-billed Cuckoo, Blanding's Turtle, Indiana Bat, Northern Long-eared Myotis, Ornate Box Turtle, Plains Hog-nosed Snake, Regal Fritillary, Yellow Mud Turtle
97Plan05/26/2013 Illinois Department of Transportation, Kane County Division of TransportationLaFox Road over Mill Creek in Campton HillsBridge Kane02/13/2014 Blanding's Turtle
96Plan11/18/2012 Illinois State Toll Highway AuthorityI-90 Tollway over Kishwaukee RiverBridge Winnebago03/04/2013 Black Sandshell
95Plan02/03/2013 City of Rock IslandLanding at Schweibert PkBoat Dock Rock Island04/02/2013 Black Sandshell
94Plan09/30/2012 City of EdwardsvilleEdwardsville Water Transmission MainWater Line Extension Madison03/11/2013 Illinois Chorus Frog, Ornate Box Turtle
93Pending  Village of AlseyAlsey water linePipeline ScottWithdrawn Illinois Chorus Frog
92Plan08/26/2012 Illinois Department of TransportationIL 146 over Peters CreekBridge Hardin10/24/2012 Kentucky Crayfish
91Plan05/11/2012 Union Pacific RailroadHigh Speed Rail Union Pacific RailroadHigh Speed Rail Livingston10/29/2015 Eryngium Stem Borer
90Pending  US Army Corps of EngineersChevrons RM 245.0 - 242.0Riprap CalhounWithdrawn Black Sandshell, Butterfly
89Plan04/29/2012 Hardin County Highway Department, Illinois Department of TransportationTR 97 over Haney CkBridge Hardin08/24/2012 Indiana Crayfish
88Plan04/14/2012 Illinois Department of TransportationTR 603 over Brushy CkBridge Williamson08/01/2012 Indiana Crayfish
87Plan05/28/2012 Illinois Department of TransportationUS 20 over Rock RiverBridge Winnebago10/09/2012 Black Sandshell
86Plan02/11/2012 Village of WheelingDundee Rd bike pathBike Trail Cook06/04/2012 Eastern Massasauga
85Plan  AmerenBaldwin-Rush Island 345kV transmission lineElectric Transmission Monroe, Randolph08/14/2008 Bald Eagle, Barn Owl, Bellows Beak Sedge, Bigeye Shiner, Bradley's Spleenwort, Coachwhip, Common Moorhen, Crested Coralroot Orchid, Dwarf Bedstraw, Eastern Narrowmouth Toad, Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid, Fameflower, Flat-headed Snake, Gravel Chub, Gray Bat, Great Plains Ratsnake, Illinois Cave Amphipod, Illinois Chorus Frog, Indiana Bat, Least Tern, Loggerhead Shrike, Mississippi Kite, Missouri Orange Coneflower, Mock Bishop's Weed, Northern Harrier, Pallid Sturgeon, Prairie Bush Clover, Short-eared Owl, Shortleaf Pine, Slender Heliotrope, Small Whorled Pogonia, Spurge, Timber Rattlesnake, Western Sand Darter, Whitlow Grass, Wooly Buckthorn, Yellow Honeysuckle
84Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationInterstate 55 (FAI 55) at Arsenal Road (CH 17) Interchange, Job #P-91-035-02Bridge Will08/28/2008 Blanding's Turtle
83Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationTR 97 over Haney CreekBridge Hardin08/24/2012 Indiana Crayfish
82Plan  Williamson County Highway DepartmentTR 603 over Brushy CreekBridge Williamson08/01/2012 Indiana Crayfish
81Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationUS 20 Over the Rock RiverBridge Winnebago10/09/2012 Black Sandshell
80Pending  Walnut Ridge Wind, LLCWalnut Ridge Wind FarmWind BureauWithdrawn Ornate Box Turtle
79Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationTR 391 over Skillet Fork, Wayne City, ILBridge WayneWithdrawn Little Spectaclecase
78Plan05/27/2011 University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAllerton Bridge Replacement and Road ImprovementsBridge Piatt08/07/2011 Eastern Massasauga, Kirtland's Snake, Mudpuppy
77Plan03/27/2014 Northern Illinois Hydropower LLCDresden Island Hydroelectric ProjectHydroelectric Dam Grundy, WillWithdrawn Greater Redhorse, Pallid Shiner, River Redhorse
76Plan02/06/2011 Arenzville Rural Water CooperativeArenzville Rural Water Coop Phase 1, Orchard, Arenz, Airport & Arenzville RoadsPipeline Cass07/22/2011 Illinois Chorus Frog
75Pending  Vermilion County Soil and Water Conservation DistrictResource Conservation Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment ControlErosion Control VermilionUnder Review Purple Lilliput, Purple Wartyback, Rainbow, Wavy-rayed Lampmussel
74Pending  Marseilles Land and Water CompanyMarseilles Lock and Dam Project FERC #13351Hydroelectric Dam LaSalle05/31/2011 Greater Redhorse, River Redhorse
73Pending  Illinois Department of Transportation, McHenry County Division of TransportationBliven St Bridge Replacement over Nippersink Creek in Spring GroveBridge McHenry05/15/2011 Black Sandshell
72Plan  Illinois Department of Transportation, Winnebago County Highway DepartmentKishwaukee Rd. (CH 3) over the Kishwaukee RiverBridge Winnebago09/17/2010 Black Sandshell
71Plan  Illinois Department of Transportation, Kane County Division of TransportationBig Timber Rd. Bridge replacement over Tyler CreekBridge Kane03/18/2011 Slippershell
70Plan  Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Office of Land ManagementKickapoo Rail Trail (CSX RR); Smith Rd. in Urbana to Vermilion Co. FairgroundsBike Trail Champaign, Vermilion01/25/2011 Franklin's Ground Squirrel
69Plan  Illinois Department of Transportation, Monroe County Highway DepartmentWidening of Kaskaskia Rd (FAP 856)Road - Improvement Monroe03/10/2011 Eastern Narrowmouth Toad
68Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationIL Rt 23 over Coon CreekBridge McHenry09/24/2010 Iowa Darter, Spike
67Plan  Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Office of Land ManagementSangamon Valley Bike TrailBike Trail Sangamon09/01/2010 Franklin's Ground Squirrel
66Plan  Loon Lake Management AssociationEast and West Loon Lake Management ActivitiesLake Management Lake05/10/2012 Blackchin Shiner, Blacknose Shiner, Iowa Darter, Mudpuppy, Pugnose Shiner, Starhead Topminnow, Western Banded Killifish
65Plan  Adams Electric CooperativeAdams Electric Cooperative WindWind Adams, Brown08/11/2010 Gray Bat, Indiana Bat, Loggerhead Shrike, Northern Harrier, Short-eared Owl, Upland Sandpiper
64Pending  Scott County Rural Water Co-opScott County Rural Water Cooperative: Phase I ExtensionsPipeline Scott05/05/2010 Illinois Chorus Frog
63Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationIL Rt 173 over Nippersink FAP 303Bridge McHenry04/29/2010 Slippershell
62Pending  Gill Springfield I, LLCSocial Security Administration Building Development - Commercial Sangamon04/29/2010 Franklin's Ground Squirrel
61Pending  Vermilion County Highway DepartmentAnderson Hill BridgeBridge VermilionUnder Review Bigeye Chub, Bluebreast Darter, Purple Wartyback, River Redhorse, Wavy-rayed Lampmussel
60Pending  Illinois Department of Transportation, Vermilion County Highway DepartmentVermilion County Highway Dept. 14 Bridge over N. fork of Vermilion Riv.Bridge VermilionWithdrawn Purple Wartyback, Slippershell
59Plan  Acciona Wind Energy USA LLCEcoGrove/Wolf Creek Windpower ProjectWind JoDaviess, Stephenson08/11/2009 Upland Sandpiper
58Plan  Enbridge Energy Company, Inc.Enbridge PipelinePipeline Grundy, LaSalle, Will06/03/2009 Franklin's Ground Squirrel
57Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationFAP 312 (IL 146) Highway Project South of McClureRoad - Highway Alexander06/18/2009 Rice Rat
56Plan07/02/2016 Illinois Department of TransportationI-74 Bridge ReplacementBridge Rock Island07/20/2017 Black Sandshell, Butterfly, Ebonyshell, Higgins Eye, Purple Wartyback, Sheepnose, Spectaclecase, Spike
55Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationBrouilletts Creek Bridge Scour, U.S. Route 36/FAP 323Bridge Edgar08/13/2009 Little Spectaclecase
54Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationNorth Fork of Vermilion River Bridge FAP 323 (ILL 1)Bridge Vermilion08/11/2009 Purple Wartyback, Wavy-rayed Lampmussel
53Plan  Illinois Department of Transportation, McHenry County Division of TransportationKishwaukee Valley Rd. bridge over N. Kishwaukee Riv.Bridge McHenryWithdrawn Iowa Darter
52Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationBridge Replacement over Coon Creek, Star Road, ProphetstownBridge Whiteside08/31/2009 Blacknose Shiner, Weed Shiner
51Plan  McLean County Highway DepartmentBridge Replacement, tributary to Mackinaw Riv. SE of AnchorBridge McLean11/25/2009 Slippershell
50Plan  Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.Wal-Mart, JohnsburgDevelopment - Commercial McHenry12/11/2009 Blanding's Turtle, Sandhill Crane
49Plan  US Army Corps of Engineers - Rock Island DistrictOffshore Structure and Rip Rap Construction in Miss. Riv., Pool 18 KeithsburgRiprap MercerUnder Review Black Sandshell, Butterfly
48Plan  City of GraftonGrafton Water and Sanitary System ImprovementsWater Treatment Jersey10/19/2009 Great Plains Ratsnake, Timber Rattlesnake
47Plan  City of WinchesterWinchester Water Filtration Plant and WellWater Treatment ScottUnder Review Illinois Chorus Frog
46Plan  Exelon Generation Company, LLCExelon Braidwood Multiport Diffuser, Kankakee RiverDiffuser Installation Will12/17/2009 Black Sandshell, Pallid Shiner, Purple Wartyback, River Redhorse, Sheepnose, Spike, Western Sand Darter
45Plan  Illinois Department of Transportation, Vermilion County Highway DepartmentFayette Creek bridge removal and reconstruction, TR 427Bridge Vermilion12/14/2009 Little Spectaclecase, Slippershell
44Plan  Monroe County Highway DepartmentKaskaskia road widening and resurfacing, Monroe CountyRoad - Improvement Monroe03/10/2011 Eastern Narrowmouth Toad, Illinois Cave Amphipod
43Plan  Illinois State Toll Highway AuthorityI-94/294 reconstruction and bioswale constructionRoad - Improvement Cook, Lake09/22/2008 Eastern Massasauga
42Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationMt. Carmel Bridge Construction over Wabash River, IL 15/ IN 64 Bridge Wabash05/28/2008 Fat Pocketbook
41Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationBridge removal at Wolf Run Creek - 3 bridges removal and construction, FAS 1531, Wolf Run Creek, Cisco-Monticello RoadBridge Piatt01/21/2011 Eastern Massasauga
40Plan  City of McHenry - Parks and RecreationFox Ridge Ball fieldDevelopment - Recreation McHenry11/20/2007 Blanding's Turtle
39Plan  Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.Wal-Mart Supercenter, CarlyleDevelopment - Commercial Clinton02/26/2008 Eastern Massasauga, Kirtland's Snake
38Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationPiscasaw Creek Bridge removal/replacement and overflow structure replacement IL 173 (FAP 303) Chemung StreetBridge McHenry01/02/2008 Blanding's Turtle, Slippershell
37Plan  PAR Development, Inc.Hankin Parcel, Commercial Development, Lake in the Hills, # 05-03099Development - Commercial McHenry07/05/2007 Blanding's Turtle, Sandhill Crane
36Plan  AmerenPrairie South-Prairie West Power Interconnection ProjectElectric Transmission St Clair, Washington12/10/2007 Bald Eagle, Barn Owl, Black-crowned Night-Heron, Gray Bat, Green Trillium, Illinois Chorus Frog, Indiana Bat, Least Bittern, Little Blue Heron, Loggerhead Shrike, Mock Bishop's Weed, Northern Harrier, Short-eared Owl, Snowy Egret, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
35Plan  Ingram Materials CompanyCommercial Sand dredging - Ohio RiverDredge Hardin, Massac, Pope09/05/2007 Ebonyshell, Fat Pocketbook
34Plan  Illinois State Toll Highway AuthorityConstruction of Interstate 355, south of I-55 and I-80Road - Highway Cook, DuPage, Will06/06/2007 Blanding's Turtle
33Plan  City of Batavia, Illinois Department of TransportationReplacement of bridge over Wilson St - Donovan Bridge, City of BataviaBridge Kane09/19/2006 Greater Redhorse, River Redhorse
32Pending  Bentley Place Homeowner's AssociationBentley Place Homeowner's, Legacy Fine Custom Homes, IDNR# 0501931, Exner MarshDevelopment - Residential McHenryUnder Review Blanding's Turtle
31Plan  Illinois Department of Transportation, Union County Highway DepartmentRealignment of Cany Creek Demolition and construction of bridges, Filling portion of existing Cany Creek, Township Road 131Bridge Union09/12/2006 Bigeye Shiner
30Plan  Forest Preserve District of DuPage CountyMeandering of Spring Brook Creek, Spring Brook Prairie Forest Preserve, NapervilleCreek Meander DuPage08/09/2006 Slippershell
29Plan  Big Sky Wind, LLCBig Sky Wind PowerWind Bureau, Lee07/18/2007 Blanding's Turtle, Ornate Box Turtle, Plains Hog-nosed Snake, Regal Fritillary, Yellow Mud Turtle
28Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationConstruction/repair of IL 47 bridge, Sangamon River Crossing, FAP 326Bridge Champaign04/24/2006 Slippershell
27Plan  Illinois Department of Transportation, Kane County Division of TransportationCC&P/Stearns Road Corridor, Fox RiverBridge Kane05/02/2006 Slippershell
26Plan  Huntley Venture, LLC (Ryland Homes)Talamore residential, Huntley, #04-02028Development - Residential McHenry05/17/2006 Blanding's Turtle, Sandhill Crane
25Plan  Lennar Communities of ChicagoBridgeview Place, Lennar Communities of Chicago, residential/commercialDevelopment - Commercial Cook09/08/2005 Kirtland's Snake
24Plan  Exelon Generation Company, LLCDredging of Quad Cities Nuclear Power Station Intake Forebay, Mississippi RiverDredge Rock Island03/28/2005 Butterfly
23Plan  Neumann Homes, Inc.Neumann Homes Residential, Nuepoint Shores development, Meadows of West Bay, Wonder LakeDevelopment - Residential McHenry06/23/2006 Blanding's Turtle
22Plan  Forest Preserve District of Cook CountyShoreline Rehab on Powderhorn LakeLake Management Cook12/14/2005 Western Banded Killifish
21Plan  Illinois Department of Transportation, Vermilion County Highway DepartmentIDNR/Vermilion County Bridge Replacement, Township Road 38 Bridge over the Salt ForkBridge Vermilion04/28/2005 Purple Wartyback
20Plan01/30/2005 Illinois Department of TransportationReplacement of Peoria Avenue Bridge, Rock RiverBridge Lee02/02/2005 Black Sandshell
19Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationBridge Replacement, Bean Creek and US 136, Potomac, FAP 711Bridge Vermilion03/14/2005 Little Spectaclecase, Slippershell
18Plan  Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Office of Land ManagementSangchris Lake Boat Access Rehabilitation, #04-03003Boat Access Christian09/30/2004 Kirtland's Snake
17Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationPatching/resurfacing the pavement and adding new shoulders to highway, FAP 312 (IL 3) highway projectRoad - Improvement Alexander, Union10/22/2004 Rice Rat
16Plan  Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Office of Land Management, Illinois Department of TransportationImprovements to Sand Ridge SP Road West, Quiver Township Road - Improvement Mason05/19/2005 Cobweb Skipper, Illinois Chorus Frog, Ottoe Skipper, Plains Hog-nosed Snake, Regal Fritillary, Yellow Mud Turtle
15Plan  City of SterlingWastewater treatment plant outfall and multiport diffuserWater Treatment Whiteside11/24/2004 Black Sandshell, Spike
14Plan  ANR PipelineANR WestLeg Looping pipeline project, Nippersink CreekPipeline McHenry11/06/2003 Slippershell
13Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationUS Route 36/FAP 323 Bridge Replacement over Brouilletts CreekBridge Edgar04/28/2003 Little Spectaclecase
12Plan  Illinois Environmental Protection AgencyLewis Landfill Recap, BeardstownLandfill Cass02/13/2003 Hall's Bulrush, Illinois Chorus Frog, Plains Hog-nosed Snake, Regal Fritillary, Yellow Mud Turtle
11Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationMcKinley Bridge work over Mississippi RiverBridge Madison03/01/2003 Peregrine Falcon
10Pending  Cote Farms, Inc.Dredge Beaver CreekDredge Iroquois09/24/2003 Ironcolor Shiner
9Plan  Illinois Department of TransportationRealignment and reconstruction of US Route 67, Jacksonville and MacombRoad - Realignment Cass, McDonough, Morgan, Schuyler12/01/2003 Illinois Chorus Frog
8Plan  BP Pipelines (NA), Inc.Oil Pipeline Removal from Kankakee River BedPipeline Will07/29/2002 Black Sandshell, Purple Wartyback, Sheepnose, Spike
7Plan  PAR Development, Inc.Lakepointe commercial center, Lake in the Hills, Exner MarshDevelopment - Commercial McHenry04/14/2003 Blanding's Turtle
6Plan  Kane County Division of TransportationBig Timber over Tyler Creek (bridge replacement and channel realignment), ElginBridge Kane09/25/2002 Slippershell
5Plan  J.T. Cullen Company, Inc.Cullen's Barge Loading Facility, Mississippi River, Dredging Dredge Whiteside04/10/2002 Black Sandshell, Butterfly, Higgins Eye
4Plan  Illinois Department of Transportation, Morgan County Highway DepartmentMeredosia Truck Access RoadRoad - Access Morgan04/09/2002 Illinois Chorus Frog
3Plan  Guardian Pipeline, LLCGuardian Natural Gas PipelinePipeline DeKalb, Kendall, McHenry, Will04/23/2002 Slippershell, Spike
2Plan10/28/2001 City of MarionMarion Dam and reservoirDam Johnson, Williamson05/15/2003 Indiana Crayfish, Least Brook Lamprey
1Plan  US Army Corps of EngineersBeardstown Dredge CutDredge Cass10/11/2001 Illinois Chorus Frog