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Although this website's objective is simply to promote the art of poetry, its special focus is the rich bounty of work created by our state's poets past and present. Through features on the work of Illinois poets, the site will highlight the poetic legacy of Illinois and showcase the bevy of fine poets currently writing within the state.

Biographical Note

Martha Vertreace-DoodyMartha Vertreace-Doody

A National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, Martha Modena Vertreace-Doody is Distinguished Professor of English and Poet-In-Residence at Kennedy-King College, Chicago, IL. Her several books include Second House from the Corner, Under a Cat's-Moon, Oracle Bones, Cinnabar, Smokeless Flame, Kelly in the Mirror, Maafa: When Night Becomes a Lion, and Dragon Lady: Tsukimi. Light Caught Bending and Second Mourning, published by Diehard Publishers, Edinburgh, won Scottish Arts Council Grants. Glacier Fire won the Word Press Poetry Prize. In This Glad Hour, her most recent book, focuses on the life of Elizabeth Caldwell Duncan, wife of the sixth governor of Illinois.

Martha Vertreace-Doody's Poems

Beginning of a New World - HTML
Beginning of a New World - Audio

"Beginning of a New World"

Winter Harvest, 1847 - HTML
Winter Harvest, 1847 - Audio

"Winter Harvest, 1847"

York, 1858- HTML
York, 1858 - Audio

"York, 1858"

Village Apothecary Shop, 1859 - HTML
Village Apothecary Shop, 1859 - Audio

"Village Apothecary Shop, 1859"

Postscript, 1866 - HTML
Postscript, 1866 - Audio

"Postscript, 1866"

In This Glad Hour,1876 - HTML
In This Glad Hour,1876 - Audio

"In This Glad Hour, 1876"