Kevin Stein's Poetry

Kevin Stein's Poetry

This page presents selections from my own poetry. Over time, I'll use this page to illustrate the various approaches poets can take to convey their experiences. Here, we'll look at a range of free and fixed poetic forms as well as the diversity of poetic modes ranging from narrative to meditative to lyrical. In short, I hope to show how a poem works to achieve its effect.

One intent of "In March, where the Kickapoo Bends" is largely narrative, to tell the story of three friends, walk after a period of trial and eventual good fortune. In some ways, it is a coming of age poem for three members of the Baby Boom generation. To tell that story, however, the poem relies on several lyric gestures such as anaphora, the repetition of key phrases. In addition, the poem's stanzaic form is meant to embody the act of walking, and its tight syllabic count per line emphasizes tension and its release. The poem also offers a lyrical response to our state's landscape, in this case, the terrain one encounters walking out my back door and through a neighbor's woods to the nearby creek.

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"In March, where the Kickapoo Bends"

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