Operations and Hearing Information

The Operations staff of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board is responsible for the preparation of cases to be reviewed by the Board. These cases include Indeterminate parole and Determinate violation hearings, Mandatory Supervised Release conditions, Statutory Parole conditions and Revocation and Restoration of time taken by the Illinois Department of Corrections according to Illinois Compiled statutes and policies and procedures set in place by the Chairman of the Board.

Institution liaisons prepare monthly hearing dockets for every IDOC facility. The dockets are governed by a cut-off and final docket date to allow time for file preparation. This staff is also responsible for answering questions regarding hearings set for the docket. They are the liaison between IDOC and anyone wishing to speak to the Board on behalf or in protest of a hearing on the facility's docket.


  • Monthly En Banc Dates​

  • En Banc has been scheduled for February 25th and 26th.  The hearing location is the Crowne Plaza, 3000 Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, IL 62703.     
  • The En Banc meetings will be limited to 50 attendees.  This will include the Board Members, IPRB staff and those in attendance. 
    • Speakers shall be restricted to two individuals who have completed the online registration on behalf or in protest of the case being presented.  
    • All additional categories of registered attendees shall be given seating for the meeting after the case parties have been set until the threshold of 50 attendees has been reached based on order of registration.     
    • Registration is now closed.  Registration is required to meet the requirements of no more that 50 attendees.  Registration will close for any case that reaches COVID attendance capacity and the name will be removed from registration.
    • When registering to attend these hearings, you will need to register for ALL cases you wish to attend.    
    • Once capacity has been reached for registration on a case, the case will be removed from the website.  Note: Attorneys, State's Attorneys, identified speakers and other State of Illinois employees will be provided the initial spots for attendance as described above.
    • A confirmation will be sent to you via email to confirm your attendance.  The confirmation letter will be sent by the Friday, before the week of En Banc.  You must bring a copy of the confirmation email with you to the hearing.   



    • Everyone in attendance will be required to bring and wear a face mask/mouth and nose covering during the hearings .  This is to create a safe environment for those individuals who may have underlying health problems.
    • Temperatures will be taken upon entry into the hearing area. Anyone with a temperature at or above 100.4 will not be allowed into the hearings in accordance with CDC Guidelines. 
    • Each speaking area will be cleaned between hearings and speakers.
    • Practice social distancing guidelines.  Gathering after the completion of the hearings inside the gymnasium will be prohibited.    


    For any additional questions, please email PRB.OPERATIONS@ILLINOIS.GOV or call our office at 217-782-7273. 

For a list of Indeterminate offenders that have been paroled by the Board, please use the following link:

Paroled Offender Registry



Parole Registry 09.24.20 



**Entry of Appearance forms are to be submitted to:

Illinois Prisoner Review Board
Attn: Indeterminate Case Liaison
319 E Madison Street, Suite A
Springfield, IL 62701
or faxed to:
Fax: 217-524-0012

A copy of the appe​arance form must also to be sent to the State's Attorney of the county in which the offense was committed.

*For Cook County send to the attention of:

Cook County State's Attorneys Office

2650 S. California Suite  11C50

Chicago, Illinois 60608

Attn: Jolie Miller



Attorneys whom have entered an Order of Appearance may review the Indeterminate case file either with the offender a month prior to their scheduled interview or make prior arrangements at least 3 days in advance to review the file in our Springfield office Monday - Friday. If the request is on the day of en banc, the review will occur after the scheduled en banc hearing.





Indeterminate Parole Hearings (C# inmates)

What are indeterminate parole hearings?
These are hearings for offenders who were sentenced prior to 1978. Their sentence is a span of time such as 10-30 years or 50-150 years. They come before the Board every one, two, three or five years.

Can I, as a victim or victim's family be notified of an Indeterminate or C# inmate parole hearing?
Yes. Victims and complaining witnesses can receive notice of a parole hearing by writing our office directly at:

Illinois Prisoner Review Board
319 E Madison Street, Suite A
Springfield, IL 62701

*This is the only way to receive notification of these hearings. Signing up with Victim's Services or other entities such as VINE currently does not mean you will receive notice of parole hearings. You must contact our office. You must also keep our office updated with your current contact information to ensure notification.

**Indeterminate cases are voted upon the month following the offender's scheduled interview date.  Please check the Current En Banc Schedule above to see what cases are scheduled to be voted upon by the Board at the next meeting.  This information is frequently updated. 

How many votes does an indeterminate or C# inmate need to have to be granted parole?
Parole is granted upon receiving a vote of the majority of PRB Members assigned to the Board at the time.



Mandatory Supervised Release Hearings (Determinate hearings):

What are MSR hearings?
These are hearings that are for offenders sentenced after 1978 to a sentence that has been determined by the court. * The IPRB only sets conditions of parole in these cases. The Board does not control when these offenders are released. They are released upon meeting the time required for their sentence by law.

Can I be notified of hearings for a determinate inmate?
No.  The Board does not have hearings to determine the offender's release. The offender will be released by law with conditions set by the Board.

How long does it take to get a hearing if an offender is arrested on a violation?
Once an offender comes back into IDOC for a MSR or Parole violation they are set up on the next available docket. These dockets are governed by an entry cutoff date to ensure there is time to compile the information and get the cases to the Members. If the offender admits into the Illinois Department of Correction's facility after the cut off date they will be scheduled for the next docket.

All Hearings:

How can I give the Board information or speak on behalf or in protest of an offender's release?

Witnesses with relevant information to the alleged violation or parole hearing can contact our office in writing or call our office to set up a time to come in person to ​protest or speak on behalf of an offender. Please note that if you would like to be on a list to be present at an Illinois Department of Correction's facility we must receive your call or request at least 5-10 business days in advance of the hearing date to find out if you are eligible to attend.

How does the Board determine an offenders conditions of their MSR/Parole?
The Board sets conditions according to Illinois Statue (730 ILCS 5/3-3-7 Section a). Conditions of Parole/MSR are set until such time as the Illinois Department of Correction's Parole Agent puts in a written request to remove or modify the condition and/or there is new information presented that was not available at the time of the hearing.

If you have further questions regarding a case, please email us at: prb.operations@illinois.gov
(DO NOT SEND F.O.I.A request to this mailbox.  Please use prb.foia@illinois.gov.)
(Please allow up to five business days for a response as this mailbox is not assigned.  If you need an immediate response, please call our office at 217-782-7273)