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    Ms. Crigler was appointed in October 2011. She has been employed in variety of human service positions in Chicago for over 40 years. She holds a BA in Political Science and a Para Legal Certificate from Roosevelt University and a MA Degree in Administration and Social Policy from the University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration. She is a nationally certified Balance and Restorative Justice Trainer, and was an Adjunct Professor in the Criminal Justice Department at Chicago State University. She is also a social work field instructor at the University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration and Chicago State University Social Work Department.

    Ms. Crigler was one of the first advocates in Chicago's Domestic Violence court and has a long history of working on behalf of victims of domestic violence and other individuals who have been marginalized. Her special interest is and has been in the area of rights and protection of women and children. She has designed and conducted workshops for human service and law enforcement professionals focused on the myriad of issues germane to poverty. She has served as a para legal and policy specialist for Metropolitan Chicago and the rest of the State of Illinois. She has a strong expertise in translating bureaucratic language into user friendly language for advocates.

    Ms. Crigler was the first and only Director of the African American Caucus for the Family Resource Coalition of America (FRCA). At FRCA, she coordinated, supervised and directed all projects focused on African American family issues, which included publications, policy analysis, consulting and training.

    Ms. Crigler was appointed in 2010 by the Governor to the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission and served as a commissioner.


    Mr. Bohland was appointed in May 2021.  He comes with years of experience working in the social service/social justice field.  Mr. Bohland graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BBA from Belmont University in Nashville, TN.  After spending some years working in the music industry, he and his wife moved back to Illinois to focus on community work.  Mr. Bohland's work history includes years of experience as a counselor for teens in residential treatment at Kemmerer Village, a case manager for homeless individuals with Homeward Bound, a public housing specialist with the Decatur Housing Authority, and several years as the client services coordinator and a contracted domestic violence certification trainer for Dove, Inc. Domestic Violence Program.

    Mr. Bohland has been an active member of the Macon County Continuum of Care Homeless Advisory Council, the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Set Free Movement – Macon County, and the Central IL Human Trafficking Task Force.  He is a 1st Cohort Graduate of the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence Leadership Academy.  He also served as Co-Chair of the ICADV Leadership Development Committee from 2017 until 2021 after accepting his appointment to the Prisoner Review Board.  He is a Certified Domestic Violence Professional in the state of Illinois since October 2016, with over 200 hours of continued education.  In 2020, Mr. Bohland was nominated and selected to the Herald and Review's 20 under 40 Professionals in the Community.  He is also the founder of Man Up Men's Ministry which has operated in multiple capacities including within churches and as an online ministry since 2012.


    Ms. Daniels was appointed in July 2018.  Ms. Daniels holds both a BA in Sociology from Chicago State University and Bachelor of Biblical Studies from Dominion College of Theology and has been employed, through various positions, in the areas of both human and civil service for approximately 15 years. Additionally, as a result of the loss of her youngest son to street violence, Ms. Daniels has become trained in the field of Restorative Justice as a Circle Facilitator and is founder of a behavioral health services organization, dedicated to assisting families who have lost a loved one to gun violence or incarceration.

    Ms. Daniels, a strong believer that no one is the sum total of the worst thing they've ever done or experienced, brings a unique perspective to the board and is an advocate for accountability through a connection to care and help.


    (Biography to come at a later date)


    Mrs. Miller was appointed in September 2021.  She comes with 35 years of Educational experience.  Mrs. Miller has over 20 years working in the Illinois Department of Corrections/School District 428.  She worked as an Educator, Assistant Principal, Principal, Associate Superintendent of the Southern Region and Superintendent of the School District.  Mrs. Miller has worked in every Correctional facility in the State of Illinois.

    Mrs. Miller graduated with a BS in Education and a MS in Educational Administration from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.  Her work experience has mostly been with the Department of Corrections/School District 428, but has several years working as a Principal in the public schools.


    Mr. Shelton was appointed in September 2012. He retired from the Champaign Police Department after 23 years of service, the last 14 years at the rank of Patrol Sergeant. Mr. Shelton is credited with starting the agency's Crime Scene Unit. He taught a Basic Investigative Photography course for many downstate police departments, as well as a digital photography class as an adjunct faculty member of the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy (College of DuPage). At the Champaign Police Department he held various assignments in the Investigations Division, as a Field Training Officer and on a street crimes unit.


    (Biography to come at a later date)


    (Biography to come at a later date)


    Mr. Tupy was appointed in May 2021.  Mr. Tupy graduated from the University of Illinois in 1979 with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. He graduated from John Marshall Law School in 1982 and was a Staff Editor for Law Review.  Mr. Tupy became a Sangamon County Assistant State's Attorney and was the Chief of the Felony Division until 1995.  He worked in private practice and was the Republican Attorney for the Illinois House Criminal Law Committee.  He was also the attorney for the Prison Reform Committee; the Truth in Sentencing Committee and the Juvenile Reform Committee.  He became the Chief Legal Counsel for the Illinois Prisoner Review Board in 1998 until 2016 when he accepted the appointment as a Board Member for the Prisoner Review Board and retired in 2020.