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    Mr. Findley was appointed in February, 2001. Mr. Findley was Chairman of the Board from January, 2003 to May, 2004 and appointed Chairman in March 2015. A writer and businessman, Mr. Findley owned and published three Illinois weekly newspapers and served as President of Craig Findley Associates, a consulting firm. He served as Deputy Director of the Illinois Department of Transportation, as an elected member of the Illinois House of Representatives and was a senior aide to Congressman Bob Michel. He has long been active e in organizations that advocate adoption and promote the best interests of children. Mr. Findley is a member and twice Chairman of the Lincoln Land Community College Board of Trustees, and member of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. He has served as President of the Jacksonville Public Library and as Chairman of the Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce. He is a graduate of Knox College.


    Ms. Crigler was appointed in October 2011. She has been employed in variety of human service positions in Chicago for over 40 years. She holds a BA in Political Science and a Para Legal Certificate from Roosevelt University and a MA Degree in Administration and Social Policy from the University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration. She is a nationally certified Balance and Restorative Justice Trainer, and was an Adjunct Professor in the Criminal Justice Department at Chicago State University. She is also a social work field instructor at the University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration and Chicago State University Social Work Department.

    Ms. Crigler was one of the first advocates in Chicago's Domestic Violence court and has a long history of working on behalf of victims of domestic violence and other individuals who have been marginalized. Her special interest is and has been in the area of rights and protection of women and children. She has designed and conducted workshops for human service and law enforcement professionals focused on the myriad of issues germane to poverty. She has served as a para legal and policy specialist for Metropolitan Chicago and the rest of the State of Illinois. She has a strong expertise in translating bureaucratic language into user friendly language for advocates.

    Ms. Crigler was the first and only Director of the African American Caucus for the Family Resource Coalition of America (FRCA). At FRCA, she coordinated, supervised and directed all projects focused on African American family issues, which included publications, policy analysis, consulting and training.

    Ms. Crigler was appointed in 2010 by the Governor to the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission and served as a commissioner.


    Ms. Daniels was appointed in July, 2018.  Ms. Daniels holds both a BA in Sociology from Chicago State University and Bachelor of Biblical Studies from Dominion College of Theology and has been employed, through various positions, in the areas of both human and civil service for approximately 15 years. Additionally, as a result of the loss of her youngest son to street violence, Ms. Daniels has become trained in the field of Restorative Justice as a Circle Facilitator and is founder of a behavioral health services organization, dedicated to assisting families who have lost a loved one to gun violence or incarceration.

    Ms. Daniels, a strong believer that no one is the sum total of the worst thing they've ever done or experienced, brings a unique perspective to the board and is an advocate for accountability through a connection to care and help.


    Mr. Diaz was appointed in July, 2005. Mr. Diaz has a community based panorama of experiences. A retired Chicago Police officer, Mr. Diaz also has experience as a Cook County Juvenile Probation Officer, IDCFS Child Abuse Investigator, IDCFS Social Worker, IDCFS Child Welfare Worker, City Colleges of Chicago Criminal Justice Instructor, Chicago Police Academy and Cook County Police Academy, and Recruit Training Instructor. His education history includes a Master's Degree in Counseling and is active on several community boards serving the public.


    Mr. Dunn received his appointment to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board in March 2015. Mr. Dunn received his B.S. degree in Social Studies in 1967, his M.S. in Guidance and Educational Psychology in 1970, and has done advanced graduate work in the field of Educational Administration and Supervision. All academic work was completed at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. In addition to the above, he has obtained additional training in computer technology, property appraisal, and insurance.

    After graduation in 1967, he taught in the rural schools for sometime, primarily dealing with the at risk students. Many of these were economically and culturally deprived. During one year he was a Neighborhood Youth Corp counselor that worked in the lower 5 counties to place high school dropouts back in some type of educational setting, whether it is academic or vocational.

    Since that time, he was employed as a Guidance Director for approximately 30 years as part of his responsibility. He also served the districts as a work study coordinator, and special education coordinator.

    In 2005, he was hired as the Mental Health Administrator at the Illinois Youth Center in Harrisburg, a position that he held for approximately ten years. This position involved the coordination of mental health services to the population, and required the supervision of a professional staff. He was also the contract monitor for the substance abuse staff, and coordination of the psychiatric services to the population at the facility.

    While living in Southern Illinois all his life has been very active as a community activist. Some of his involvement has included the Chairman of the Board for the Shawnee Development Council, treasurer of the Southern Seven Health Department, initiator of the nutrition program for the elderly in the 5 counties, known as Southern Pride, and currently on the advisory board for the Shawnee Alliance for seniors.


    Mr. Fisher was appointed in March 2015. Mr. Fisher retired from law enforcement after nearly 35 years of service in the Tazewell County area. His career began in 1980 with the East Peoria Police Department, retiring in 2009 at the rank of Deputy Chief. In 2010, Mr. Fisher was appointed as the Chief of Police with the Creve Coeur Police Department, retiring in 2015. He held many different ranks and positions throughout his career including Detective Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, Detective, Field Training Officer, and undercover narcotics agent. Mr. Fisher is a 2005 graduate of the FBI National Academy (session 222) in Quantico, Virginia.


    Ms. Harris was appointed in September 2013. Ms. Harris began her career as a social worker for Gateway Outpatient Health Clinic and a Crisis Hotline Intervention Specialist for Call For Help: providing assessments and interventions for the dually-diagnosed and alcohol and substance abusers. Ms. Harris later transitioned her career from social work to education targeting displaced families and at-risk youth. Ms. Harris has served as an Educational Counseling Specialist, Program Coordinator, and a Director: organizing specific programs to delineate the stigma of low-income, first-generation youth and the rate of recidivism amongst juveniles. She is an active board member for Call for Help, Inc., and a Planning Commissioner for the City of East St. Louis promoting community resources and job opportunities for a poverished community. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and a Masters in Education Administration from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri.


    Ms. Johnson was appointed in March 2017.  Ms. Johnson graduated from Elmhurst College in 1983 and continued to graduate school at Northern Illinois University the same year. In 1985, she graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Developmental Psychology and began teaching at the College of DuPage the same year, teaching a wide variety of undergraduate psychology courses. In 1987, Ms. Johnson went back to Northern Illinois University and completed a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. From 1989 to May 1990, she began an internship at Illinois Youth Center (IYC) St. Charles and was hired at IYC St. Charles as a full-time Psychologist in June 1990. In 1994, she returned to Northern Illinois University to begin the Doctor of Education program in Counseling Psychology. She completed the doctoral candidacy exams in 1999, continuing to teach at the College of DuPage and working at IYC St. Charles during this time. While working at IYC St. Charles, she became certified as an institutional and statewide trainer, along with completing data collection and statistical analysis. She transferred from IYC St. Charles to the Illinois Department of Correction parole unit in 2006 and worked as a parole agent with both youth and adults with re-entry in the community. Ms. Johnson retired from parole in 2015.

    Ms. Johnson served as co-chair for the Kane County Juvenile Justice Council and was a member of the Juvenile Officers Association. She has worked in private practice in Marriage and Family Therapy and as a research consultant on qualitative research projects. Ms. Johnson has presented at seminars and conferences on Education, and Marriage and Family Therapy.


    Ms. Martinez was appointed in March 2017.  Ms. Martinez is an attorney and has spent most of her career working in non-profit organizations and has been a strong advocate for Latinos, women, children and the poor.  Prior to being appointed to the PRB she was a nonprofit management consultant and collaborative leadership trainer.


    Mr. Norton was appointed in September 2012. Mr. Norton attended Southeast Missouri State University on a track and cross country scholarship and earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science in 1975. He attended law school at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and received his Juris Doctorate Degree in 1978. Mr. Norton served as an Assistant State's Attorney and has engaged in the general practice of law for thirty-five years. Mr. Norton also served by appointment, as a Circuit Judge for approximately two years. He is an Eagle Scout and has been a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America for fifty years. Mr. Norton and his wife, Cathy, have been married for thirty-nine years and reside in Sparta, Illinois. They have three adult sons and continue to be active and involved in various activities and organizations in their community.


    Mrs. Perkins was appointed in March 2015. She retired from Peoria Public School District 150 after 30 years of service. Her roles included being a classroom teacher, the principal of Harrison Primary School, and the last 4 years as the family liaison at Trewyn K-8 School. She was an adjunct faculty member at Bradley University. She currently serves on the Peoria Housing Authority Board and the Peoria Citizen’s Committee for Economic Opportunity (PCCEO) as a board member. Mrs. Perkins and her husband, Howard, have been married for sixty years and reside in Peoria, Illinois. They have four adults sons and three deceased children.  They continue to be actively involved in their church and in their community. Mrs. Perkins graduated Cum Laude with her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Bradley University in 1982. She also earned her Master’s Degree in Education from Bradley University in 1990.


    Mr. Ruggiero was appointed in September, 2018.  Mr. Ruggiero graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign in 1984 and Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago Kent College of Law in 1987.  He worked approximately 30 years as a prosecutor for the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office.  After serving five years as the Chief of the Criminal Bureau, Mr. Ruggiero became the First Assistant prior to accepting the position as a Board Member with the Prisoner Review Board.  He has prosecuted and tried several murderers and other high profile DuPage County cases.  He is the former President of the Illinois Prosecutors Bar Association and member of several other distinguished Boards including the Board of Directors for the Illinois Prosecutors Bar Association, the Executive Boards of the DuPage Police Chiefs Executive Board, and Major Crimes Task Force.  Mr. Ruggiero is the recipient of several law enforcement awards including the Prosecutorial Excellence Award from the Chicago Crime Commission.  


    Mr. Shelton was appointed in September, 2012. He retired from the Champaign Police Department after 23 years of service, the last 14 years at the rank of Patrol Sergeant. Mr. Shelton is credited with starting the agency's Crime Scene Unit. He taught a Basic Investigative Photography course for many downstate police departments, as well as a digital photography class as an adjunct faculty member of the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy (College of DuPage). At the Champaign Police Department he held various assignments in the Investigations Division, as a Field Training Officer and on a street crimes unit.


    (Biography to be posted at a later date)


    Mrs. Wilson was appointed in July, 2018.  She grew up in Southern Illinois and returned back in 1999 with her husband, residing there ever since.  She has been blessed with two wonderful sons who reside with their families in Tennessee.  Mrs. Wilson's educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master Degree in Rehabilitation Administration, both of which were earned at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.  Her professional experiences include 28 years combined in the Illinois Department of Mental Health, the Illinois Department of Corrections, Community Mental Health, Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse.