Leadership Giving Circle


Leadership in Giving

The Leadership Giving Circle recognizes individuals contributing $250 or more to one or more charities in the Illinois State and University Employees Combined Appeal (SECA). Individuals giving at the Leadership level serve as strong examples to others and share the desire to help meet critical needs in their community


Joining the Leadership Giving Circle is strictly voluntary. Contributions to SECA charities at any level are greatly appreciated and help make a difference in the lives of people who really need help. Knowing we can rise above the problems facing our community, our state, and the world, we can accept the challenge to keep pace with ever-growing needs by accelerating growth in our campaign.


To become a member of the Leadership Giving Circle, make your SECA contribution at the desired giving level. Be sure to check the appropriate box on the pledge form under Leadership Giving to be recognized or anonymous. Leadership Givers choosing YES will be recognized by their chosen charity(ies), receive a Leadership Gift and have their name listed on the SECA website. Leadership Givers choosing to be anonymous, will not be recognized by their chosen charity(ies), receive a Leadership Gift or have their name listed on the SECA website.

Leadership Giving Levels

Bronze - Membership is achieved by an annual gift of $250 to $499
Silver - Membership is achieved by an annual gift of $500 to $999
Gold - Membership is achieved by an annual gift $1,000 to $2,499
Diamond - Membership is achieved by an annual gift of $2,500 and over




Participation in the State and University Employees Combined Appeal is important. Any gift is greatly appreciated and helps make a difference. Support of the SECA campaign demonstrates a willingness to help a single need or many needs within the community. Thank you for your gift and understanding the impact and significance of a personal commitment through SECA.

Leadership Giving Donors

Below are the names of the individuals who made contributions at the Diamond, Gold, Silver, or Bronze Leadership Giving Levels during the 2015 SECA campaign. They authorized the listing of their names on the website on the SECA pledge form. Diamond-level contributors gave $2,500 or more; Gold-level contributors gave $1,000 - $2,499; Silver $500-$999; and Bronze $250-$499. If you would like to be recognized in next year's campaign, be sure to check the authorization box on your pledge form.


($2500 or more)

Brewer, Reginald - Corrections, Department of
Dirksen, Michelle - Human Rights Commission
Gasunas, Anthony - Transportation, Department of
Gladden, Stephen - Housing Development Authority
Godek, Virginia - Insurance, Department of
Hall, Jason - Education, Board of
Haney, Ed - Human Services, Department of
Hauser, James - Employment Security, Department of
Leacock, Sharisse - Revenue, Department of
Maggio, Joseph - Healthcare and Family Services
McDevitt, Paul - University of Illinois Springfield
Price, Kevin - Transportation, Department of
Skaggs, H. Edwin - Transportation, Department of Ratliff, Wade - Juvenile Justice, Department of


($1,000 - $2,499)

Adams, Timothy - Western Illinois University
Arneson, Jon - Corrections, Department of
Baldwin, John - Corrections, Department of
Barnett, Edward - Revenue, Department of
Bennett, Bruce - Higher Education, Board of
Bettis, Alice - University of Illinois Springfield
Bianco, Amy - Education, Board of
Blau, Harvey - Northern Illinois University
Bock, Melissa Renee - Human Services, Department of
Bolander, Philip - Revenue, Department of
Boehle, Kathryn - Corrections, Department of
Brannon, Sean - State Police, Illinois
Briday II, Richard - Commerce Commission, Illinois
Brown, James - Corrections, Department of
Cagle, James - Teachers Retirement System
Carlson, Douglas - School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University
Caselton, Paul - University of Illinois Springfield
Chase, Emily - Higher Education, Board of
Caudill, Angela - Corrections, Department of
Clark, Jane - Auditor General
Crockrell, Tracie - Children and Family Services, Department of
Curry, Robert Wesley - State University Civil Service Merit Board
Dalton, Jacob - Corrections, Department of
Dannenberger, Ernest - Secretary of State
Doolin, Angela - School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University
Duesterhaus,Mary - Innovation and Technology, Department of
Egizi, Andrew - University of Illinois Springfield
Erickson, Ryan - Corrections, Department of
Everson, Chris - Transportation, Department of
Farney, Kathleen - Teachers Retirement System
Fruchtl, Martin - Human Services, Department of
Fullerton, Michael - Corrections, Department of
Gary, Thomas - Treasurer, Office of
Helland, Karen - Higher Education, Board of
Henry, Carla - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Hines-Shah, Jayesh - Commerce Commission, Illinois
Hoch, Jeffrey - Corrections, Department of
Hoff, Douglas - Appellate Defender, Office of
Holt, Leviah - Employment Security, Department of
House, Jamie - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Huck, Robert - Corrections, Department of
Huckstep, Donald - Healthcare and Family Services
Jackson, Michelle - Children and Family Services, Department of
Johnson, Jeffrey - Employment Security, Department of
Kapp, Lynnae - Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
Kean, Robert - Corrections, Department of
Keck, Julie - Corrections, Department of
Kelley, Chris - Corrections, Department of
Kempf, Stacey - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Kener, Kenneth - Corrections, Department of
Kirgan, Kenneth - Emergency Management Agency
Knopp, Jennifer - Employment Security, Department of
Koch, Susan - University of Illinois Springfield
Lapington, Kyle - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Lariviere, Joann - Revenue, Department of
Lashbrook, Andrea - Corrections, Department of
Levy McCanna, Karen - State Police, Illinois
McDonald, Paul - Healthcare and Family Services
McEven, Amy - University of Illinois Springfield
Miller, Mary - Healthcare and Family Services
Mooney, Chris - University of Illinois Springfield
Moose, Helen - School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University
Paoni, Michael - Auditor General
Papini, Dennis - University of Illinois Springfield
Pelker, Melissa Jean - Corrections, Department of
Phipps, Elaine - Children and Family Services, Department of
Quinn, Tiffany - Revenue, Department of
Reichart, Michael - Secretary of State
Ryan, Joanne - Housing Development Authority
Sanchez, Patricia - University of Illinois Springfield
Schroeder, Raymond - University of Illinois Springfield
Thetford, Christy - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Thetford, Shannon - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Thielen, Rebecca - Corrections, Department of
Tipsord, Marie - Pollution Control Board
Trumbo, Wanda - Capital Development Board
Wargel, Victoria - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Wiereme, Anastasie - Corrections, Department of
Windisch, Brian - Legislative Information System
Wolfberg, Brian - Revenue, Department of
Zimmer, Michelle - Human Services, Department of Zulaica, Amy - Human Rights Commission


($500 - $999)

Aguirre-Rogers, Joyce - Corrections, Department of
Andrick, Terrence - Human Services, Department of
Angus, Alton - Corrections, Department of
Atkinson, Marvin - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Balster, Susan - Healthcare and Family Services
Bankhead, Kathleen - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Black, Babette - Revenue, Department of
Blackwell, Victor - Education Labor Relations, Board of
Bone, David - School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University
Borders, Purnell - Aging, Department on
Brackney, Douglas - University of Illinois Springfield
Brady, Robert - Corrections, Department of
Brickey, Janene - Healthcare and Family Services
Bryan, Heather - Human Services, Department of
Bunch, Beverly - University of Illinois Springfield
Burke, Daniel - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Burnett, Nicholas - Labor Relations Board
Butcher, Donald - Auditor General
Butler-Winters, Tyneer - Corrections, Department of
Calloway, Victor - Transportation, Department of
Cass, Barbara - University of Illinois Springfield
Chandler, Brandon - Transportation, Department of
Christopherson, Troy - Corrections, Department of
Clark, David - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Clark, Toni - Employment Security, Department of
Clayton, William - Corrections, Department of
Comerford, Ann - University of Illinois Springfield
Copp, Victoria - Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
Corlas, Michael - Military Affairs, Department of
Davenport, Michelle - Corrections, Department of
Dede, Thomas - Healthcare and Family Services
Demien, John - Executive Ethics Commission
Denne, Michael - Transportation, Department of
Denny, Dawn - Commerce Commission, Illinois
Deterding, Brandon - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Dillow, Leslie - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Dunavan, Michael - Corrections, Department of
Duzinski, Margaret - Healthcare and Family Services
Ebersole, Chad - Corrections, Department of
Edson, Billie - Higher Education, Board of
Elders, Bryan - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Elrod, Louis E. - Innovation and Technology, Department of
Faul, Jesse - Corrections, Department of
Fehrenbacher, Angela - Secretary of State
Gaston, Jerry - Revenue, Department of
Gebhardt, Jeff - Comptroller, Office of the
Gill, Robini - Revenue, Department of
Gorantla, Durga - Aging, Department on
Grandara, Christopher - Corrections, Department of
Green, Michelle - University of Illinois Springfield
Hampton, Bryce - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Hardin, Debra - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Hatcher, Acacia - State Police, Illinois
Hathaway, Lisa - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Helton, Kara - Healthcare and Family Services
Hendrix, Barbara - Housing Development Authority
Hernandez, Jose - Corrections, Department of
Hinton, Jonathan - Corrections, Department of
Holm, Kelly - Corrections, Department of
Hutchinson-Gross, Dorothy - Healthcare and Family Services
Jackson, Todd - Corrections, Department of
Jacob, Kelly - Healthcare and Family Services
James, Edward D. - Capital Development Board
Jaworski, Jennifer - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Jimenez, Mario - Healthcare and Family Services
Johnson, Barbara - Human Services, Department of
Johnson, Christopher - Corrections, Department of
Johnson, Steven - Revenue, Department of
Jorn, Caroline - Children and Family Services, Department of
Joseph, Gerard - University of Illinois Springfield
Juliano, Steven - Illinois State University
Keener, Valerie - Natural Resources, Department of
Kelly, Gregory - Natural Resources, Department of
Ketter, Kent - Veterans' Affairs, Department of
Kirkman, Stacey Jo. - Innovation and Technology, Department of
Klein, James - Transportation, Department of
Kris, Kenneth - University of Illinois Springfield
Ladd, James - Secretary of State
Lawson II, Bill - Corrections, Department of
Lind, Nancy S. - Illinois State University
Lindberg, Deborah - Illinois State University
Loftus, Sandra - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Ludwig, Linda - Corrections, Department of
Maberry, Andre - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Maheia, Gaston - Human Services, Department of
Martin, Daniel - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Mason, Natalie - Corrections, Department of
Mathes, Eugene - Western Illinois University
Mathews, Larry - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Matthews, Kylie - Corrections, Department of
Maxson, Nakida - Human Services, Department of
McAbee, Theodore - Corrections, Department of
McCaby, Paul - Corrections, Department of
McLauchlan, Craig - Illinois State University
McMillen, Christopher - Corrections, Department of
Mendoza, Margarita - Corrections, Department of
Miller, David - Legislative Research Unit
Miller, Donna J. - Agriculture, Department of
Morgan, James - Environmental Protection Agency
Myerscough-Mueller, Lauren - University of Illinois Springfield
Nieves, Alba - Corrections, Department of
Ocana, Melissa - Juvenile Justice, Department of
O'Sullivan, Joseph - Transportation, Department of
Parker, Jr., William - Transportation, Department of
Patel, Vinodchandra - Natural Resources, Department of
Pennington, Lori - Environmental Protection Agency
Perlman, Judith - Human Services, Department of
Phegley, Linda - Healthcare and Family Services
Pluchino, Jessica - Revenue, Department of
Pluta, William - Housing Development Authority
Potter, Catherine - School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University
Prefountain, Daniel - Corrections, Department of
Price, Elizabeth M. - Employment Security, Department of
Price, Robby - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Quigley, Anthony - Transportation, Department of
Renkosik, Keith - Corrections, Department of
Robinson, Nyle - Higher Education, Board of
Royyl, Deanne - Corrections, Department of
Ruffin, Terri - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Schisler, Lori - Healthcare and Family Services
Schnittker, Doug - Illinois State University
Schoeben, Kevin - Comptroller, Office of the
Schuetze, Andrew - Transportation, Department of
Seaton, Alice - University of Illinois Springfield
Sharpe, Kathleen - Agriculture, Department of
Shreve, Joseph - Corrections, Department of
Siciliano, A. Karen - Central Management Services, Department of
Silver, Michelle - Natural Resources, Department of
Simms-Maheia, Arlene - Revenue, Department of
Smith, Elizabeth - Housing Development Authority
Snyder, Catrina - Revenue, Department of
Sorenson, Laura - Innovation and Technology, Department of
Spann, Carolyn - Children and Family Services, Department of
Stoffel, Bruce - Illinois State University
Supramaniam-Liddell, Mary - Housing Development Authority
Thompson, Jason - Corrections, Department of
Tippey, Angela - School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University
Troyer, Jennifer Michael - Illinois State University
Tucker, Susa - State Retirement Systems
Vaughn, Wendell - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Vincent, Julia - Corrections, Department of
Wagner, Tricia - Auditor General
Waintroob, Andrea - Education Labor Relations, Board of
Wallace, Timothy - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Wang,Te-Wei - University of Illinois Springfield
Warden, Lisa - Auditor General
Watson, Cameron - Corrections, Department of
Watts, Mychel - Human Services, Department of
West, Gary - Corrections, Department of
Wheat, Jenny - Corrections, Department of
White, Todd - Corrections, Department of
Willis, Martin - Student Assistance Commission, Illinois
Wilson, Kathleen - Employment Security, Department of
Wilson, Phillip Barry - Emergency Management Agency
Winterbottom, Phillip - Revenue, Department of
Winters, Michael - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Wortham, Tracy - Housing Development Authority
Wright, Walter  Reul- Human Services, Department of
Yoder, Marcel - University of Illinois Springfield Zelasko, Neal T. - Agriculture, Department of


($250 - $499)

Andrews, Stephanie - Corrections, Department of
Arroyo, Orlando - Children and Family Services, Department of
Ashmore-Watson, Kate - Aging, Department on
Bailey, Chris - Corrections, Department of
Baldin, Denice - Insurance, Department of
Barnett, Nicholas - Transportation, Department of
Bauer, Deborah - Transportation, Department of
Beck, Jill - Western Illinois University
Beeler, Vicky - School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University
Belt, Brian - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Benhart, Sandra - Teachers Retirement System
Berkey, Scott - Housing Development Authority
Bevis, Scott - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Blinn Jr., William - Veterans' Affairs, Department of
Bohnhoff, Jean - Aging, Department on
Bowden, Charles - Higher Education, Board of
Bowers Sharpe, Krista - Western Illinois University
Boykin, Vanessa - Housing Development Authority
Bradley, Kyra - Revenue, Department of
Brown, Christine - Corrections, Department of
Brown, Rose - Housing Development Authority
Browne, Heidi - Corrections, Department of
Brunke, Edmund - Housing Development Authority
Bryan, Billie - Corrections, Department of
Buchanan, Michelle - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Buck, Nancy - Emergency Management Agency
Bullard, Jacqueline - Appellate Defender, Office of
Burgdorf, James - University of Illinois Springfield
Burton, Kimberly E. - Executive Ethics Commission
Butler, Marla - Human Rights Commission
Butler, Michael - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Byerline, Angela - Natural Resources, Department of
Cannon, Thomas - Corrections, Department of
Carrington, Amber - Corrections, Department of
Clark, Brian - Western Illinois University
Clark, Elaine - Corrections, Department of
Connelly, Daniel - Agriculture, Department of
Connolly, April - Human Services, Department of
Constable, Kristen - Corrections, Department of
Cook, Vickie - University of Illinois Springfield
Copeland, Charlene - Attorney General
Cox, Kimberley - Healthcare and Family Services
Crocker, Adriana - University of Illinois Springfield
Culp, Carol - Corrections, Department of
Curd, Ann - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Dahlquist, James - Auditor General
Davis, Andy - Corrections, Department of
Deadmond, Adam - Corrections, Department of
Derka, Sheila - Transportation, Department of
Devitt, Kathleen - Auditor General
DeWitt-Hall, Ronetta - Secretary of State
Dietz, Larry - Illinois State University
Dill, John - Comptroller, Office of the
Dillabough, Cara - Corrections, Department of
Dix, Benjamin - Corrections, Department of
do los Reyes,Alfredo - Human Rights Commission
Duckett, Theodore - Employment Security, Department of
Dunigan, Anita - Human Services, Department of
Dunn, Brenda - Teachers Retirement System
Dura, Michael - Environmental Protection Agency
Easton, Karl - State Retirement Systems
Elzinga, Sherrie - University of Illinois Springfield
Emmert, Stan - Corrections, Department of
Erickson, David - Healthcare and Family Services
Enrietto, Natalie - Executive Ethics Commission
Fangard, Carl-School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University
Fann, Nathan - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Fay, Donald - University of Illinois Springfield
Featherlin, Sara - University of Illinois Springfield
Feldmann, Christina - Healthcare and Family Services
Fernandez, Jean - Human Services, Department of
Fernandez, Victor - Human Services, Department of
Fink, Dena - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Forbes, Christopher - Corrections, Department of
Foster, Petrice - Corrections, Department of
Fouts, Dacia - Corrections, Department of
Frank, Jerrad - University of Illinois Springfield
Frapp, Angela - Corrections, Department of
Frost, Hilary - University of Illinois Springfield
Garber, Laurel - Capital Development Board
Gatrell, Jay - Eastern Illinois University
Gaynor, Neal W. - Employment Security, Department of
Gehlbach, Stephen - Revenue, Department of
Gehlhausen, Sophia - Higher Education, Board of
Gillespie, Sam - Children and Family Services, Department of
Gillock , Jacquelyn - University of Illinois Springfield
Gisondi, Joseph - Eastern Illinois University
Goetten, Mary - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Graham, Janet - Human Services, Department of
Greiner, Julia - Human Services, Department of
Grisham, John - Corrections, Department of
Grote, Jonathan - Corrections, Department of
Habhoran, Chad - Corrections, Department of
Hadley-Ives, Eric - University of Illinois Springfield
Haile, Abel - Environmental Protection Agency
Haley Perrin, Jennifer - Central Management Services, Department of
Hall, Jason W. - Corrections, Department of
Hammers, Justin - Corrections, Department of
Hankins, Jenna - Corrections, Department of
Hanlin, Tammy - Corrections, Department of
Hannah, Nancy - Illinois State University
Hardrick, Tammie - Housing Development Authority
Harnel-Caspary, Melanie - Emergency Management Agency
Harney, Darlene - Healthcare and Family Services
Harting, Carol - Human Services, Department of
Hathaway, Darin - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Hecht, Laura - University of Illinois Springfield
Heckenkamp, Stephanie - Revenue, Department of
Heninger, Michelle - Education, Board of
Higgins, Bill - Corrections, Department of
Higgins, Carla M. - Transportation, Department of
Hoffman, Joy - University of Illinois Springfield
Hoppe, Jessica - University of Illinois Springfield
Houston, Julie - Corrections, Department of
Hudson, Mark - Eastern Illinois University
Hughes, Titus -Human Services, Department of
Ilsley, Crystal - Central Management Services, Department of
Jamison, Juanita - Corrections, Department of
Jepsen, Tina - Corrections, Department of
Johnson, Bridget - Healthcare and Family Services
Johnson, Daniel - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Johnson, Kelley - Corrections, Department of
Jones, Dianna - Legislative Research Unit
Jones, Glenda - Secretary of State
Jones, Marjorie Ann - Illinois State University
Jorgensen, Peter - Western Illinois University
Jung, Corinne - Comptroller, Office of the
khalilallah, Judi - Illinois State University
Kirkbride, Kevin - Corrections, Department of
Klassen, Shari - Corrections, Department of
Konapka, Mark - Corrections, Department of
Krieg, Lisa - Western Illinois University
Lambert, Abbigail - Corrections, Department of
Landerback, Schuyler - Corrections, Department of
Lane, Gary - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Larson,Scott - Revenue, Department of
Lee,Eun Young - Human Rights Commission
LeRette, Jeffrey - Corrections, Department of
LeSeure, Kay - Comptroller, Office of the
Locke, Angela - Corrections, Department of
Longstaff, Victoria - Innovation and Technology, Department of
Lu, Steven - Comptroller, Office of the
Lutz, Cynthia - Corrections, Department of
Maher, SueEllen - Children and Family Services, Department of
Manko, Marianne - Commerce Commission, Illinois
Mansfield, Aimee - Comptroller, Office of the
Martin Neisen, Robin - Employment Security, Department of
Masouridis, Susan - Transportation, Department of
Massey, Andrew - Revenue, Department of
Matton, Tassi - Education, Board of
Maurer, Riley - Transportation, Department of
McCurry, James R. - Human Services, Department of
Miller, Andrew - Innovation and Technology, Department of
Miller, Jane - Revenue, Department of
Mlynski, Melissa - University of Illinois Springfield
Morgan, Michael - Corrections, Department of
Morrison, Gregory - Corrections, Department of
Moseley, Melissa - Higher Education, Board of
Mosley, Marion - Corrections, Department of
Mullen, Carol - Higher Education, Board of
Murray, Tiffany - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Nicdao-Cuyugan, Antonia - Commerce Commission, Illinois
Noble, Christine - Corrections, Department of
Nolen, Julie - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Okulinski, Jeanette - Employment Security, Department of
Ostberg, Kristin - Housing Development Authority
Owens, Ruby - Housing Development Authority
Oyer, Chad - Military Affairs, Department of
Pardieck, Shawn - Corrections, Department of
Patterson, Jamie - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Paz, Rebecca - Human Services, Department of
Phaiboun, Philayouth - Transportation, Department of
Pierce, Joann - Children and Family Services, Department of
Ponder, Evan - Housing Development Authority
Potash, Edward - Revenue, Department of
Price, Debra - Revenue, Department of
Price, Ronald - Transportation, Department of
Primm, Hollly - Transportation, Department of
Pultman, Elaine - Human Services, Department of
Questella, Bryan - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Ray, Jaimee - Higher Education, Board of
Ray, Jess - Illinois State University
Redman, Kasey - Corrections, Department of
Riffey, Darin - Corrections, Department of
Rockrohr, Greg - Commerce Commission, Illinois
Rodark, Troy - Corrections, Department of
Rose, Janis - University of Illinois Springfield
Ross-Burleson, Eraina - Children and Family Services, Department of
Rucker, Melissa - Corrections, Department of
Ruebling, Shantel Marie - Healthcare and Family Services
Rusciolelli, Leslie - Healthcare and Family Services
Salela, Pamela - University of Illinois Springfield
Sanner, Dawn A. - Illinois State University
Scanlan, Jennifer - Corrections, Department of
Scanloon, Joshua - Legislative Research Unit
Schaub, John - Community College Board, Illinois
Schneider, Linda - University of Illinois Springfield
Schrage, Jodi - State Fire Marshal
Schreiner, John - Revenue, Department of
Schweizer, Timothy - Natural Resources, Department of
Scudder, Laurie - Revenue, Department of
Settles, Bruce - Corrections, Department of
Shadid, Gary - Comptroller, Office of the
Sibert, Christine - State Retirement Systems
Silvern, Sherry - Appellate Defender, Office of
Simmons, Dana - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Simpson, Daniel - Corrections, Department of
Smith, Melissa M. - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Smith, Michele - Employment Security, Department of
Smith, Ryan - Illinois State University
Smudde, Peter - Illinois State University
Sneed, Carol - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Spring, David - Higher Education, Board of
Squires, Maureen - Aging, Department on
Stanford, Mary - Housing Development Authority
Stearns, Amie - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Stein, Cally - Corrections, Department of
Stewart, Aaron - University of Illinois Springfield
Stewart, Fred - Central Management Services, Department of
Stock, David - Corrections, Department of
Stout, Linda - Healthcare and Family Services
Strickland, Gregory - Human Services, Department of
Strickler, Susan - University of Illinois Springfield
Strock, Jennifer - Corrections, Department of
Strubbe, Kathy - Natural Resources, Department of
Stultenberg, Patricia - Corrections, Department of
Sturm, Alexis - Corrections, Department of
Sullivan, Arthea - Corrections, Department of
Thompson, Thomas - Corrections, Department of
Tiahrt, Sandy - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Trello, Amy - Corrections, Department of
Tulley, Janet A.- Illinois State University
Turner, LeAnn - Corrections, Department of
Tyler, Lolita - Innovation and Technology, Department of
Ulrey, Troy - Corrections, Department of
Van Zant, Eric - Juvenile Justice, Department of
VonDeBur, Joe - Commerce Commission, Illinois
Walda, Gary - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Walters, Michael - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Walton, Rickey - Revenue, Department of
Ward, Lori - Corrections, Department of
Watkins, Jeannette - Human Services, Department of
Watts, Nicole - Student Assistance Commission, Illinois
Weber, Jamie - University of Illinois Springfield
Wehkiing, Rodney - Guardianship and Advocacy Commission
Weiser, Jennifer -Corrections, Department of
West, David - Guardianship and Advocacy Commission
Wheat, James - Human Services, Department of
Wichern, Megan - Corrections, Department of
Wildermuth, Steven - Corrections, Department of
Wilds, Jennifer - Juvenile Justice, Department of
Williams, Katie - University of Illinois Springfield
Willoughby, Shane - Teachers Retirement System
Wilson, Regina - Employment Security, Department of
Wilson, Teriko - Human Rights Commission
Wilson, William - University of Illinois Springfield
Wollan, Melody - Eastern Illinois University
Wright, Mark -Corrections, Department of
Yepsen, Lisa - Corrections, Department of Zickert, Andrew - Corrections, Department of