COVID-19 PPE Donations

Thank you for your interest in helping the State of Illinois get much needed personal protective equipment and other supplies to our first responders during the COVID-19 outbreak. At the present time, we are collecting information from you as a potential donor.

We are looking for the following donations:

  • Masks:
    • N-95
    • Earloop
    • Surgical
  • Gowns:
    • Isolation
    • Non-Descript
  • Gloves:
    • Nitrile
    • Sterile
    • Surgical
  • Eye Protection:
    • Face Shields
    • Goggles
  • Infection Control Kits
  • Hand Sanitizer (any size)
  • Disinfectant Wipes (any size)
  • Thermometers (forehead only)

All items should be in the manufacturer's original packaging and unopened. Unfortunately, we cannot accept open product. We recommend you contact your local first responders (Police, Fire, EMS) to see if they can utilize your items.

At this time due to need and warehouse space, we are only accepting the items listed above. We recommend you contact your local hospital, or first responders, to see if they can utilize other items.

If you have a donation, please email us! Please include the quantities of each you have on hand to donate along with your address so we can determine best drop-off point. We will then be in touch about the next logistical steps.

Please note that if you have smaller quantities of these items, you may redirected to donate to your nearby police, fire, and ambulance services in order to minimize your travel and other logistical steps with your donation.

Email us your donation information.

We greatly appreciate your assistance and willingness to assist Illinois’ first responder community.

To find out other ways to help during COVID-19 response, please visit