Generations Serving Generations - History and Action

Noteworthy Events

Intergenerational Summit on Why News Matters (2013)
Members of five generations joined forces to spread the word about Why News Matters, a journalism initiative of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation that will help all ages judge the accuracy of information. News literacy is a daunting communication challenge, but one much more attainable when generations are working together by building on civic and personal history.
What is News Literacy? News literacy is the ability to use critical thinking skills to judge the reliability and credibility of news reports and information sources. It enables citizens to become smarter consumers and creators of fact-based information. It helps them develop informed perspectives and the navigational skills to become effective citizens in a digitally connected society. News literacy programs also emphasize the importance of news and information, the value of reliable sources and appreciation of First Amendment freedoms. (Continuance: Summer/Fall 2013).

Preparing for An Aging World (2013)
The rapid growth and changing demographics of our aging population are all too often associated with the rising and unsustainable cost and burden of care. However a far greater cost will come if we fail to welcome the diversity talents, experience wisdom, spirit, resilience, and energy of the growing numbers of older persons and harness they potential to strengthen our communities, in true partnerships across the ages. Irene Frye, executive director, Retirement Research Foundation. Read More

UNESCO Features Generations Serving Generations (2012)
"We're in this together: Generations Serving Generations," was an article published by UNESCO Thailand, which featured intergenerational efforts in an aging world.

Survey Gathers Views about Civic Engagement (2012)
In response to the World Economic Forum report on aging, a statewide survey prepared baseline information on the involvement of older adults. Those age 50 and older shared their views and opinions about community involvement as a way of staying active and independent.
The survey found that 77.8 percent of Illinoisans are interested in helping solve local problems; 88 percent agree or strongly agree: "My talents, skills, and enthusiasm could make a difference in my community; “ the greatest barrier reported is lack of access to service opportunities and 80 percent said they are more likely to get involved if someone asks them.
About the Survey The survey, online from May 1 to July 31, 2012, was developed by the Serve Illinois Commission and Generations Serving Generations in cooperation with the Illinois Dept. on Aging. Responses were received by 1,620 of those 50 and older who reside in 81 of 102 Illinois counties.

Intergenerational Summit Targets Reading (2011)
The Second Summit on Aging and Education was convened on September 26, 2011 by Michael Gelder, Senior Advisor to Governor Pat Quinn; George Reid, Executive Director, Illinois Board of Higher Education; and David Fields, ISBE board member. Represented Dr. Chris Koch, State Superintendent of Education. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen communication between education, aging and service organizations through the civic engagement of all ages. Susie Morrison, Deputy Superintendent ISBE, led a session on the importance of reading to student success.

Senate Forum Highlights Intergenerational Leadership (2011)
Delegates representing four generations gathered in the Senate Chamber to discuss the similarities and differences of four generations and the ways they could support one education goal—reading. A proclamation supporting the Summit was passed by the Senate on June 22, 2011. Delegates made commitments on what they could do to support reading in their community.

Report on the Year of the Engaged Older Adult: The Interdependence of Generations (2010)
Continuance Magazine reported on the year of the engaged older adult, including the efforts of 20 community college presidents, over 800 Illinoisans who participated in the year's events, and contributions of the General Assembly.

Year of the Engaged Older Adult; Summit on Aging and Education (2010)
The First Illinois Summit on Aging and Education was convened on September 20, 2010 by the CEOs of education and aging. The Summit established new and creative dialogue regarding the role of older adults in addressing education and health goals.

Presidents Sponsor Local Discussions (2010)
In November and December 2010, 20 community college presidents joined local education and aging organizations to sponsor local discussions on how generations are working together to increase graduation rates and promote healthy lifestyles. Their actions were described in a summary of the 21 local discussions which was included in the final report to the Governor and General Assembly.

Year of the Engaged Older Adult (2010)
On December 10, 2009, Governor Pat Quinn launched the Year of the Engaged Older Adult with the theme Generations Serving Generations. The Illinois Senate called for stronger connections between education and aging through the Interdependence of Generations Resolution.

An Intergenerational Gathering in the Capitol (2009)
Generations Serving Generations sponsored a gathering in the Illinois Senate, which was attended by Senate President John J. Cullerton and Minority Leader Christine R​adogno. More than 200 citizens of all ages made commitments on how they would promote the civic engagement of older adults.. On April 22, 2010, the Illinois Senate passed a resolution on the Interdependence of Generations.​

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