AmeriCorps*State and National Fact Sheet

AmeriCorps*State and National Fact Sheet [109KB]

General Background

AmeriCorps*State and National is the largest AmeriCorps program, through which more than 65,000 members serve each year with hundreds of nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and faith-based organizations nationwide–from small community groups to nationally known organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Members tutor and mentor youth, build affordable housing, teach computer skills, clean parks and streams, run after-school programs, help communities respond to disasters, and manage community volunteers, among many other activities. Roughly three-quarters of all AmeriCorps*State and National grant dollars go through and are administered by Governor–appointed state service commissions.

AmeriCorps*State / National Statistics for 2005

  • Number of Members – 66,830
  • Hours Served by Members – 49.2 million
  • Community Volunteers Recruited/Managed – 843,754
  • Members Serving Youth – 40,435
  • Grant/Program Budget – $287.68 million
  • AmeriCorps Education Award Budget – $142.84 million
  • Fiscal Year 2005 Budget – $430.52 million (Grants + Education Awards)
  • Fiscal Year 2006 Budget – $403.42 million (Grants + Education Awards)

Other Facts

  • 43.3 percent of AmeriCorps*State and National program/project resources are provided by non-Corporation sources.
  • 92 percent of AmeriCorps*State and National sponsoring organizations say members helped them increase the number of persons the groups served to a large or moderate extent.
  • 89 percent of AmeriCorps*State and National members complete their term of service.
  • 91 percent of AmeriCorps*State and National members say their service experience was excellent or good.
  • 90 percent of AmeriCorps*State and National sponsoring organizations say the members helped the groups increase their involvement with other organizations to a large or moderate extent.
  • 72 percent of AmeriCorps*State and National members continue to volunteer in their communities after their term of service ends.
  • 89 percent of former AmeriCorps*State and National members accepted public service employment (including governmental and nonprofit work) within three years after completing their AmeriCorps service.
  • 86 percent of former AmeriCorps*State and National members indicated that their service experience and training helped to a large or moderate extent in their job, educational pursuits, or community service activities.

Grant Competitions

AmeriCorps grants are made in two general categories: grants to organizations nominated or selected by Governor-appointed state service commissions, and grants made directly to organizations from the Corporation. The categories are:

  • AmeriCorps State Formula grants, which are made to Governor-appointed state service commissions based on the size of the population of the state.
  • AmeriCorps State Competitive grants, which are awarded by the Corporation on a competitive basis to organizations nominated by the Governor–appointed state service commissions nationwide.
  • AmeriCorps National Direct grants, which are awarded to organizations that operate in more than one state, and include such well-known national organizations as Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and the American Red Cross.
  • AmeriCorps National Direct/Education Award Program grants, through which organizations receive only a small administrative grant of about $400 for each full-time member and use their own or other resources to cover AmeriCorps members' living allowance and other program costs.
  • AmeriCorps Tribes grants, through which 1 percent of AmeriCorps grant funding is set aside each year to support programs operated by Native American Tribes.

Eligibility and Benefits

AmeriCorps membership is open to U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents age 17 and older. Members serve full or part time over a 10- to 12-month period. Upon successful completion of their service, members receive an AmeriCorps Education Award of up to $4,725 to pay for college or graduate school or to pay back qualified student loans. During their service, members receive health coverage, training, and student loan suspension. About half the members also receive a modest annual living allowance. Members who serve part time receive a partial AmeriCorps Education Award.

Corporation for National and Community Service

AmeriCorps*State and National is part of AmeriCorps, a network of programs that each year supports the engagement of nearly 75,000 Americans in service to meet critical needs in education, the environment, public safety, homeland security, and other areas. AmeriCorps is administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service, which also administers Senior Corps and Learn and Serve America. The mission of the Corporation is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering. Together with USA Freedom Corps, the Corporation is working to foster a culture of citizenship, service, and responsibility in America. For more information, visit

More Information

To learn more about AmeriCorps, visit or call 800-942-2677 or TTY 800-833-3722.