Illinois Volunteer Management Network

The Illinois Volunteer Management Network seeks to cultivate an extensive resource network of voluntary agencies and associations, small and large, across Illinois. The purpose of the network is to help address the primary concerns of these agencies' hardworking volunteer managers and administrators, including recruitment and retention of volunteers, local organizational capacity-building efforts, and ongoing training and professional development opportunities for volunteer managers - in their own backyard.

A key facet of the Volunteer Management Network is its grassroots nature. The Commission believes a regional model - a local network of public, private and nonprofit entities in 5 or more regions of the state - in partnership with the largest state agency, the Illinois Department of Human Services, will provide an element of innate sustainability and a pragmatic problem-solving approach. The Commission, while providing stability and an overall operating framework for the statewide network, will solicit local volunteerism leaders and agencies to help identify and address the primary needs of that region. The Commission will also utilize a series of regional network meetings as a regular feedback loop to the Commission and staff, emphasizing both national service and "traditional" volunteerism needs.

Meetings are being held in your area. Please visit the list of Events to find future Volunteer Management Network Meetings. Contact us for more information.

Please stay tuned to this website to learn more about the development of the Illinois Volunteer Management Network.

Illinois Volunteer Management Network 

Diagram of the regionally-based, statewide Volunteer Management Network in Illinois


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