Boards and Commissions



If you wish to be named to one of these Boards or Commissions please go to the Appointments Web Page for information on the function of each Board and to complete an application for nomination.

Elevator Safety Review Board

The Board regulates construction, operation, inspection, testing, maintenance, alternation and repair of elevators and other conveyances. The Board consists of 17 members: nine Board members shall constitute an quorum. A quorum is required for all Board decisions.

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Boiler And Pressure Vessel Rule Board

The board formulates and enforces rules and regulations for safe and proper construction, installation, repair, use, and operation of boilers and pressure vessels in the state.

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Fire Advisory Commission

The Commission Advises State Fire Marshal on fire protection, investigation, prevention and other duties required by law.

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State Certification Advisory Committees

The Commission Advises the State Fire Marshal on State certifications.

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Fire Fighting Medal of Honor Committee

The Committee is responsible for developing an annual award program to recognize fire fighters who were killed, seriously hurt, or displayed bravery or heroism in the line of duty; working with fire-fighting organizations in state to designing, develop, and procure a Fire Fighting Medal of Honor; selecting an appropriate date of occasion for presentation.

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