Elevator Maintenance Authorization

Registration of Conveyance (30 days)


Except as permitted herein, or by the Division of Elevator Safety, no Contractor, Mechanic or Inspector may work on or inspect a conveyance that has not registered with the State of Illinois.

If a situation occurs where a licensee has been contacted to remove a trapped or injured person from a conveyance or render the conveyance out of service for reasons of safety, the licensee may perform such work, but must notify the Division of Elevator Safety within 24 hours of the action.

For other situations that do not impose an immediate threat of harm, approval from the Division of Elevator Safety should be received in advance of such work.

If you have not registered your conveyance or are in the process of registering you must complete the Elevator Maintenance Authorization Form online. Notification of approval/denial will be given within 24 hours of submission to the Location Contact Email address.

Elevator Maintenance Authorization Form.